• I recently came across a couple of predictions I had made in the APAI (Association of Professional Astrologers International) Newsletter and thought I would publish them here for interest and as a matter of record.

    I had previously published my predictions regarding the Republicans holding the Crown in the November 2020 elections on Facebook early in 2018, including my techniques and reasons. Unfortunately someone removed all the threads with my name on it, so my predictions have been lost.  As a consequence, I will not publish my methods until after the election for the American President. Whether I am right or wrong, it will be interesting to see if I have correctly interpreted the traditional predictive methods.

    The following was published in the June 2018 APAI newsletter where I mentioned events pertaining to the following summer:-

    “Looking ahead to the summer eclipse of 2019 on the 2nd July, this falls at 10 Cancer conjunct the MC of the 1801 chart and opposite the Sun of the same. A rocky year ahead for the country, its people and the Government that could result in a change of Prime Minister and/or party“. On the 23rd July 2019 Boris Johnson became the new Prime Minister of the UK.

    In response to an article in the same newsletter, an American astrologer wrote to me about Trump’s chart, my response on the 12th July 2018 at 20.22BST via email was, “I predict The Republicans will win the next election”.  Time will show if I have followed the traditional methods to the letter!