• This is one of the most ancient forms of astrology and deals with answering specific questions and providing specific answers. In the past, Horary was the most common form of astrology.  Few people possessed watches or knew their date and birth time with any accuracy. Horary negates the need for an accurate birth time, date or place. The basis of the chart is when the astrologer understands the question being asked. This forms the birth chart of the question being proposed.  The person who asks the question is known as the querent. 

    The horary chart can show the background leading up to the moment the question was asked and indicates a possible outcome. Note the use of the word possible.  If the chart indicates all is well, then the querent can relax. Should the chart indicate a potential problem or issue, you can choose to act to change the situation to give a different outcome.  It is up to each individual what they chose to do with the information presented. 

    Questions that can be answered through horary relate to most aspects of life such as marriage, work, wealth, children, travel, business, buying goods whether it is a car, a property or stocks and shares. Horary can be used to locate lost or missing items, animals or people, confirm or deny rumours, ascertain who will win or lose in games of chance or at court.  Even matters relating to medical, health or sickness can be answered using horary. 

    The Horary Question 

    When you decide to ask a horary question, you need to give careful thought to the information you are seeking. Do you want to know the outcome? You also need to give thought to the way you phrase the question and whether or not the question has relevance to you. It is vital that the querent is clear about what they want to know, and that the matter has some importance for them. Relevant background information is usually helpful, although not always necessary, enabling the astrologer to assess the current stage of the matter. For example, a person asks will they ever marry, when what they really want to ask is, will I marry X?   Likewise asking if you will obtain a specific job when you haven’t yet applied is fruitless. 

    Sometimes the astrologer will say the chart cannot be read or provide an answer. There is nothing to be feared when this happens. It could be that the situation you are asking about has not yet materialised or, that events have moved on too far for you to influence them in anyway.   Remember that the chart will answer you honestly if the question is important to you, it is then up to you what you do with the information. 

    Now we come onto Electional Astrology. The difference between this and Horary, is that with Horary, you are seeking an answer to a specific question, whereas with Electional, you are seeking the best time to act by setting up a “good” chart and choosing to be proactive