• Today (28/10/23) is the last eclipse of 2023. It is a Lunar Eclipse at 5° Taurus/Scorpio occurring at 20.24 GMT. This year, the eclipse cycles occur on the changeover between Aries/Libra and Taurus/Scorpio.

    We had a Solar Eclipse on 14th October at 210 Libra. This was a week after the outbreak of conflict between Israel and Hamas. As might be expected on social media, lots of astrologers correlated the Libra eclipse with these events. Although I have searched I could not find any astrologer who predicted this event beforehand.  (Hindsight is a wonderful gift).

    The other thing I noticed is that not one astrologer referenced these eclipses to either the conjunction charts for Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius, the conjunction charts of Mars/Saturn in Cancer, nor did they consider the Aries ingress of 2023. Only one person actually compared the eclipse with the chart of the Country.  There is a lot of talk about “letting go” but nothing I could really see that was relevant to mundane predictive astrology.

    For those of you unfamiliar with classical mundane astrology, we are taught to always reference Eclipse and Ingress charts against the chart set for the country, city or leader of the particular country under consideration. This comes from Ptolemy. He also tells us that eclipses falling in Fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius) will last for a long time.

    To do predictive mundane work is time consuming and in the main, unless you are approached by the Leader of a political party, or from big business, it is unpaid! So it is understandable very few astrologers undertake this sort of work for fun.

    With all the horror going on on the world stage, I thought I would simply look at this Lunar Eclipse set for the UK against the 2023 Aries Ingress chart, and see if anything is picked up that would enable us to make some sort of educated prediction as to what the conditions will be for the Country over the next few months. I did look at the chart for the Mars/Saturn conjunction 2004 in Cancer (11°), but none of the eclipses this year picked anything up in that chart.  Neither do we have a verified birth time for our current “Leader” (some would say puppet!) so I will just focus on the Aries Ingress chart.  We can of course use the chart of King Charles, but I want to save that for my next post!

    I will start with the Aries ingress chart for 20th March 2023. The Ascendant is at 40 Scorpio. Mars ruler of the Rising sign, is located in the 8th place of Gemini and cannot see to manage the affairs of the Rising sign. In mundane astrology, the Rising sign and the planet ruling that sign generally indicates the people.  (The Moon is also the general significator of the people of the country). Here Mars is in the house of the assets of our partners, indicating the resources of the country are tied up with the resources of others.

    The two Solar Eclipse charts of 20th April and 14th October 2023 do not pick up anything in the 2023 Aries ingress for the UK. I should also point out that Eclipse charts are really only potent in places where the people can see the Light of the afflicted luminary (Sun or Moon) being put out or dimmed. Otherwise, as I have said over many years, an “invisible eclipse” is just a New or Full Moon on steroids. (I have noticed some other astrologers now using this phrase!) When we come to the Lunar Eclipse of 28th October, this eclipse will be partially visible in the UK (weather permitting) and does resonate with the 2023 Aries Ingress chart set for the UK.

    This eclipse at 5° Taurus/Scorpio falls very close to the Aries Ingress chart Ascending, or Rising sign degree of 4.32° Scorpio. Venus in that chart is located at 4.45° Taurus in the 7th place of the Aries chart.

    The Eclipse chart: Cancer rises on the Ascendant. The Moon rules Cancer and can manage the affairs of the people from the 11th Place in the Lunar Eclipse chart. The 11th Place or house, relates to the supporters of the Government and their assets.  There could be issues arising to do with Law, or Legislations passed by Parliament, Jupiter is also co-present with the Moon, suggesting more resources from the people to support the government and its policies. This may either indicate more taxation in the forthcoming budget; alternatively it could indicate more money for the people and therefore indicate reductions in some taxes. We should also think about the nature of the sign where the Lunation falls. Taurus is the sign of cattle. It also relates to Ireland and Cyprus. Could this indicate issues to do with large cattle in these places?

    A very striking aspect is the opposition between Mars and Jupiter. An opposition is an aspect of stress, but stress over what? We need to see which houses or places of the chart these two planets rule. Jupiter is peregrine, out of Sect benefic and has no authority, If he tries to do anything, it is likely to backfire.

    In this eclipse chart we have a stellium of planets (Sun, Mercury and Mars) in the 5th place of Scorpio.   Mars ruler of Scorpio, is recognised as the planet of war, strife, cutting and also protection. It is the ultimate ruler of this chart. The 5th place is related to entertainment, pleasure, children and Ambassadors.  

    The Sun, Mercury and Mars in the 5th could point to problems in theatres or schools, or any place of entertainment.  There could be danger from flooding or fires in these types of places, or simply news regarding some Kings or Queens of Entertainment. The conjunction of Mercury with Mars, may also lead to some interesting news that may come out some months later relating to institutions, the media, communications and travel in the country (12th and 3rd/4th place ruler). We know we have had months of strikes on our public transport system and there is still no end in sight!

    Mars as already stated, rules the 5th and 10th signs. Jupiter rules the 9th and 6th place. The MC falls in the sign of Pisces under Jupiter. This suggests further problems may arise over matters related to religion, law and overseas matters. This may point to more immigration issues and problems associated with housing and supporting the thousands who come here by one means or another. On another note, it could also indicate much cold, wet and storms. Remember, Jupiter is the God of Lightening! The two in opposition can disturb the weather and the ground.

    Another point to consider in the lunar eclipse chart is the position of Venus at 180 Virgo which is directly opposite the placement of the Moon in the Aries ingress, she then being at 180 Pisces. Here is the bi-wheel:-

    It is interesting both female planets are in play. We can take the symbolism to represent females; there is some pull or issue related to women in power or in government.

    Venus in this eclipse chart is alone. She is the warrior goddess as she rises before the Sun. She is independent and due to being in fall, may not manage herself well.  By sign she can see the lights and the other 4 planets, but has passed them all.  This is not a good augury for the next six months.

    With the Moon’s light being put out, issues connected to the people (particularly women), foreign and legal matters may experience some setbacks in all 9th house related matters. (The 9th house in Mundane astrology is related with foreign affairs, long distance travel, law, religion and divinity). There may be issues over the supporters of the Government.

    A further date to note is when Jupiter stations direct on, yes you have guessed –50 Taurus! This is on the 31st December, New Years Eve! There are likely to be events happening we won’t forget in a hurry. This degree is further triggered on the 23rd April 2024 when the Full Moon at 4018 Scorpio will be the finale of events triggered from today. Everything goes in cycles!

    If we go back to the time to the first three astrological months of 2023 in the UK, we were affected by the number of American banks collapsing. Globally, various countries held elections, leading to a shift in outlooks. King Charles had his Coronation (the Nodes were at 4 Taurus/Scorpio[see above note regarding 23rd April 2024]) and there were various storms that managed to wreak the usual havoc in Scotland and the North of England, and of course, there were strikes in all public services.

    All Eclipses fall in cycles and if we go back to 24th April 2005, we find that Lunar Eclipse fell at 4 Taurus/Scorpio, but it occurred in the morning and was not visible in the UK.  

    As I said earlier, astrologers who have posted about these eclipses did not appear to consider the Aries Ingress or other Ingress charts. Some did use the chart of Israel, but most wrote about the effects on a personal level. 

    Here are a few examples:-

    Mars signifies violence, aggression, acts of passion and war, blades, guns, weapons, steel, cutting and heat – in the air sign of Libra – representing cutting words (I don’t understand what Libra has to do with Mars, as Mars was in Scorpio. This was posted on the 10th October)

    Posted 28th October: Taurus Lunar Eclipse today, so we can be in tune with our values, what we need for safety and security, and what makes us confident. We can benefit from grounding ourselves and being steady. Mars opposes Jupiter this afternoon and Mercury opposes Jupiter tonight, and this can make us extra optimistic, focused on the good, and maybe a little lazy.

    And another!

    Full Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus occurs at 1:24 PM PDT, conjunct expansive Jupiter, amplifying its effects in a positive way, by providing an opportunity to evolve beyond old limiting patterns.

    So there you are, the difference between modern personal and traditional mundane.

    Thank you for reading.