• Natal / Birth Chart

  • What is a natal or birth chart reading and what can it do?

    When someone asks an Astrologer for a reading, it is generally because they are at a crossroads in their life and would like some ideas as to how best proceed, or what direction to take. In other cases, you may want to give a Birth Chart as a gift for someone or, enable you to better understand your children and how you can best guide them through life.

    Astrology can help pinpoint areas of life where people have a natural talent that perhaps they are not using. A Natal reading can help with suggesting likely careers, or places where you will do well. The areas of life a Natal Reading can cover are many: Temperament, Health, Marriage, Children, Travel, Relatives, Education, Business, Careers, Friends, Societies and Spirituality to name just a few.

    You come to an astrologer for a reason and, just as you visit a Dr, if something is wrong with you, you don’t stand in front of the Dr. and say guess what is wrong with me – it may be a give away if you cut your arm off and are spouting blood! Just the same with astrology, we need to know what your reason is for the Consultation. Think about what you really want to know and be clear about what you want from the consultation.

     It may be helpful if this is your first time consulting an astrologer to think about the following:-

    Why choose astrology?

    What has driven you to consider a consultation now? A change in circumstances such as work or relationships?

    What do you expect from the Consultation? How do you think it may help you?

    Consider the cost! Astrology cannot solve problems, but it can give you a different perspective to enable you to solve the issues that may be bothering you.

    Just like any other professional person such as a Solicitor or Accountant, astrologers spend years studying and paying for courses, books, conferences and membership fees, So please understand we do need to charge a living wage for our work.

    If you decide to go ahead with a consultation, write down your questions to ensure you don’t forget them!


    Be realistic about what can be covered in the time frame. In astrology, the signs and planets can have many different meanings, so if you feel I have missed your point, tell me!


    I always welcome feedback, even negative feedback, as it is the only way I can improve my service to my clients.

    If you wish to have a Natal chart drawn up, I will need the time, date, place of birth and source of your information. Is the time written on the birth certificate or in a baby book, or did the mother tell you? This will help establish the accuracy of the natal chart. It will also help to have an idea as to what area of life it is you wish the reading to focus on, as different techniques are used for different questions.

    A natal chart, also known as a Horoscope or Nativity, shows the position of the planets and their relationship to one another on the day of birth. When the place and time of birth are known, the planets are then placed in “houses” or zones. It is this placement of the planets in the houses of the Chart that can indicate the type of conditions, patterns and people the individual may experience during their life. The mix of planets in the houses, along with other factors, also indicate the persons “Temperament or Humour” or, how they instinctively approach life and expected life patterns.

    The more accurate the birth time is, enables the astrologer to accurately calculate the degree and sign of the Zodiac Constellation rising in the East at the time and place of birth. (See What is Astrology page). We all know if we are born within a certain month, we will share the same “Sun sign” with many others across the world. However, one planet we may not share with everyone else in the same month, is the Moon sign.

    The Moon changes sign approximately every two and a half days, so in a month, the Moon would have moved through all 12 signs. This is one factor that sets the individual apart from the monthly collective. The planets also change signs or directions anytime during the year. If this happens on the day you are born, you will be “different” from those born the day before or indeed, later the same day. This is why it is helpful to know the time of birth so the reading can be personalised.

    When a birth time isn’t known accurately, some will say they were born at tea time, you need to define what time tea time is; for some tea time is around 3pm, for others, 6pm etc. If the time is “roughly in the afternoon”, the astrologer can still work with the chart and give you a good reading, it will be that timing events in the life, may not be as pertinent as they could be.

    The Natal Chart is essential if you wish to have a Horary Question answered or for Electional Astrology, as the Natal Chart will indicate the potential of the individual to achieve, and the time when. However in regard to astrology, certain questions can be answered without reference to the Natal Chart, but is more accurate to have your Natal chart investigated to see if the promise of your chart will be fulfilled.

    Please note: I am a Traditional or Classical Astrologer. I do not use the “Outer Planets” in natal work. My report is normally fairly succinct. I will look at the year ahead and pinpoint months that may be important for one reason or another. Although the Temperament is the Traditional form of modern day Psychological Astrology, (Jung used the four basic Temperaments in his work on the Archetypes and the Myers Briggs and other personality assessments are all based on the original four humours), you will not get a psychological profile covering pages.

    Consultations are either by zoom and recorded, or I provide a written report with chart(s). If there are any questions raised in the report, you can email me for further clarification. Please contact me for a list of charges.

    All fees are payable in advance and are non refundable. I do not take any responsibility for any actions taken after a consultation. An Astrological report is a useful tool for mapping out life opportunities, but it is not cast in stone. It can provide a different perspective on life situations or events, but it cannot change them! We are all masters of our own destiny.