• Welcome to my website, it will not offer weekly, or daily forecasts for your sun sign, neither will it offer you counselling, or magic formulae for improving your life. But a Consultation with me will help you navigate the waters of life in ways you may not have considered. Astrology can reveal personality traits, indicate your strengths and weaknesses. It can pinpoint times of plenty and opportunity, as well as times to sit tight and wait for a storm to pass.

    There are many different types of astrology and it can be hard to discern what may work for you. By starting with your natal chart (which is the foundation to using all the various techniques passed down since antiquity), we can make sense of the past, of your current stage of life and forecast future opportunities, as well as challenges.

    People come to astrologers for many different reasons, but mostly it boils down to when they are at a crossroads in their lives, and, just as when you visit a Dr. if something is wrong with you, you don’t stand in front of the Dr. and say guess what is wrong with me – it may be a give-away if you have cut your arm off and are spouting blood! Just the same with astrology, we need to know what your reason is for wanting a Consultation. Think about what you really want to know and be clear about what you want from the consultation.

    Some want ideas, and others want a different perspective on their situation from an outsider. I do not offer “self-improvement counselling” which is somewhat nebulous, but try to give you the tools to make you more aware of your own talents and shortcomings and how best to utilise your unique gifts in a productive, tangible way and at the optimum time. Ultimately of course, it is down to the individual what they do with the knowledge!

    It may be helpful if this is your first time consulting an astrologer to think about the following:-

    Why choose astrology?

    What has driven you to consider a consultation now? A change in circumstances such as work or relationships?

    What do you expect from the Consultation? How do you think it may help you?

    Consider the cost! Astrology cannot solve problems, but it can give you a different perspective to enable you to solve the issues that may be bothering you.

    Just like any other professional person such as a Solicitor or Accountant, astrologers spend years studying and paying for courses, books, conferences and membership fees. So please understand we do need to charge a living wage for our work.

    If you decide to go ahead with a consultation, write down your questions to ensure you don’t forget them!

    To provide an accurate analysis I will need your date, place and time of birth (the more accurate the better). If you don’t know your birth time there are methods we can use that will still be fairly accurate. I will also need to know why you have decided to have an astrological consultation in order I can focus more deeply on the reason you need some advice.

    Today, most Consultations are via zoom, but if you have another preference, I will try to accommodate you. I can provide a full written report which often runs to 30 pages and is not computer or AI generated! We then have a follow up on zoom, all of which is recorded. I also offer recorded zoom consultations with brief notes, but this is not so in-depth as a written report, but is considerably cheaper!

    Looking ahead: I consider months during the forthcoming year that may be important in one way or another. Classical Astrology has many tools in its tool box that can be used to investigate different areas of life, amongst the most commonly used are Solar Returns, Directions, Profections (Annual as well as monthly), lunations, Firdaria and Zodical Releasing.

    I offer regular sessions either bi, or three monthly if you wish to maintain a steady focus on grasping the right opportunities and how to approach matters to ensure you get the results you desire.

    I also work with Horary and Electional techniques.

     Horary astrology covers questions related to every single aspect of life and was the staple form of astrology through the Medieval and Renaissance periods. Horary related to the hour and uses a horoscope drawn up by the astrologer at the time they understand your question(s). Horary questions include such qeustions as; Will I get the Job, Where are my keys? Is my cat safe, where is she, when will she come home? Is the house a good buy? Where is my diamond ring, and so on. The permutations are endless!

    Electional astrology is used to determine the best time to begin a project, undertake a journey, get married, open a business, propose marriage, go to the Drs. Try for a baby. As with Horary, the permutations are vast.

    For Electional astrology to work well, it is better if it considered against the natal chart. There are many sites offering electional services, but they can be a bit hit and miss if there is not an in-depth analysis of the natal chart to see if the promise of the Elected event is there in the life. Electional astrology in most cases can involve in looking at more than a hundred charts and is therefore mostly used by businesses to work out the best time to launch a product or open their doors.

    I use Electional for conception times in order to have a baby and have had great success with those suffering from fertility issues.

    How I work and my charges.

    The Natal consultation is the first port of call for the majority of consultations.

    With regard to my charges, these vary according to what is required. For example, if you would like a computerised print out showing your Rising sign and Moon sign (if your birth time is known) and the placement of the planets with a brief computerised interpretation, this will cost £25. However, a proper personalised natal report with a focus on a particular area of life, pinpointing times of change, challenges and opportunity are considerably more. All consultations involve a zoom meeting, in addition to a written report. The length and depth of the written report varies according to individual requirements.

    My Natal charges start at £199 for a 90 minute recorded zoom consultation and includes a look at the year ahead, focusing on the area of life that is troubling you. This can also include a horary question.

    For a full written report, plus 90 minute follow up zoom consultation - £350 (it can take me 10 days to write the full report).

    Straightforward Horaries cost either £99* for a recorded zoom consultation of up to 30 minutes, or £135 to include a brief written summary.

    My charges for Business and Electional astrology is more expensive and varies according to the time involved in looking through possibly a hundred charts to find a moment that is right.

    *Please note: for first time clients, the fee is slightly more as I always include your natal chart in the initial consultation.

    Ongoing quarterly Consultations and Coaching via a 60 minute zoom call are £150 per session or £500 if paid upfront.

    During the Consultation:

    Be realistic about what can be covered in the time frame. In astrology, the signs and planets can have many different meanings, so if you feel I have missed your point, tell me!

    After the Consultation:

    I always welcome feedback, even negative feedback, as it is the only way I can improve my service to my clients.

    Please Note: I am a Classical Astrologer. I work only with the planets and points as used up until the 17th Century and I use various house systems at my discretion and according to the techniques used.

    All fees are payable in advance and are non refundable. I do not take any responsibility for any actions taken after a consultation. An Astrological report is a useful tool for mapping out life opportunities, but it is not cast in stone. It can provide a different perspective on life situations or events, but it cannot change them! We are all masters of our own destiny.

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