• The first thing I notice is all planets are below the Horizon with the majority in fixed signs and in Earth signs. 4 of the 7 are in Earth, 2 in water and only 1 in fire. The Moon is increasing in light.  It is still the day of Jupiter and the hour of Saturn. 

    In the Capricorn ingress the United Kingdom sign of Scorpio rises, the same as at the Aries Ingress.

    Scorpio is a fixed, cold and wet sign. It is ruled by the planet Mars, who is located in the 2nd sign of Sagittarius. This is a hot dry sign adding to the qualities of Mars making him even hotter and drier. Mars has no dignity at this position in Sagittarius and is peregrine; that is to say without a place to lay his hat. The sign of Sagittarius relates to the assets of the people of the country over the coming quarter.

    As noted, Mars is peregrine and in aversion to the rising sign of Scorpio, but is in trine to his sign of Aries which equates to the 6th place in whatever house system you use.

    The 6th place relates to unions, the Armed Forces, small animals and our health service. This suggests matters related to the assets of the people will be tied up with those whom the Government employs. 

    We have already endured many strikes by those in the health and transport industry and this looks set to continue through to the Spring.

    We started the year at the Aries Ingress with Mars in the last few degrees of Gemini where he was also peregrine. That time he was in the 8th of the assets of others, now he has shifted over to burn up the people’s money!  Furthermore, Mars is isolated. He has no Ptolemaic aspect to the other traditional planets, in other words, he is feral. We do of course note that he is within orb of under the rays, but this a separating aspect and in a different sign.

    I doubt there will be revolution over the way the Government spends our money, as the “people” are not organised and have no support from the other planets, but you never know!

    Located in the sign of Scorpio is Venus.  She is in her exile or detriment, but does have some standing albeit damaged, as she is a triplicity ruler of water and is in her own face or decan.  She is strong by placement in the Ascendant. So unlike Mars who has nothing, she does at least have a small shack where she can put her handbag down.  

    The last time we had Scorpio rising at the Capricorn Ingress with Venus in Scorpio, was in 2015. Back then Tim Peake became the first British astronaut to go to the International Space station.  The UK’s last deep coal mine was closed. Npower (one of the country’s energy suppliers) was fined £26,000,000 over billing issues, (although I doubt many customers saw any of that money!) and more storm and flooding chaos in Scotland leading to power cuts/failures. (The IC point fell in Pisces in 2015, very wet). The WHO announced an outbreak of the Zika virus. Happy days!

    Venus rules the house of our “open enemies” and partners. This would suggest they are in our hands, but due to the aversion and weakness of Mars, there is nothing we can do to extract any benefit from our partners. 

    This quarter the Sun lights up our 3rd place of neighbours, short journeys, internal travel, communications of all forms, as well as being the place of sickness or travails for our Leaders.

    We note Mercury natural indicator of communications, mercantile affairs and the youth, is currently retrograding into the Sun and separating from the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn.

    Mercury has rulership of the 11th and 8th places. He is in aversion to the 8th but can see to manage the 11th from a trine relationship.  Although this positive movement doesn’t last for long as he moves back into Sagittarius his place of exile. The good news is he will then be able to manage the 8th house of the assets of others. 

    This suggests there will be political machinations behind the scenes involving our current Prime Minister from members of his cabinet as the 11th relates to the House of Commons and Legislations. This seems to indicate early January further issues may arise that could lead to calls for an early Election.  As I write, there is still the contentious issue of the Rwanda situation that has cost the country millions and still done nothing to deal with the asylum/immigration issue.

    There may be “trusted advisors” going behind the backs of senior Ministers.  Mercury is the Trickster and this should not be overlooked. His separating aspect from Saturn, ruler of the 3rd & 4th could indicate there is a parting of the ways regarding the land and land owners with the incumbent political party. After all, Saturn does represent agriculture, farmers and land owners amongst his other significations.  In other European countries there is a strong drive to stop farming and farmers, although this did lead to outright rebellion in the Netherlands with the result a completely new party is now in power.

    Saturn is ruled by Jupiter who is now located in the tropical sign of Taurus.  At the Aries Ingress Jupiter was still in Aries where he had some standing, although it was in the 6th place.

    Jupiter is still within moiety of the degree held by Venus at the Aries Ingress, but what does that represent? 

    At the Aries Ingress, Venus was strong in her own sign of Taurus and angular ,but was leaving the aspect with Saturn and did not “see” Sun, Mercury, Mars or Jupiter. So she was pretty isolated. There was a separating sextile from the Moon, but that was it.

    Now we have Jupiter conjoined with the Moon, (ruler of the 9th) just setting. Jupiter is now going to Station Direct, so is gathering his strength. He is aided by the exalted Moon who will translate the light of Mercury to Saturn and then to Jupiter. This suggests a gathering, or coming together of those seeking to conserve and preserve the laws and land of our country.

    In Mundane astrology there are so many factors to take into consideration before pronouncing any form of judgement, but as always, space dictates what can be said. However, I feel it worthwhile to comment on a few of the Lunations leading up to the Aries Ingress 2024.

    On the 27th December, there is a Full Moon at 4 Cancer, falling across the 9th/3rd axis.

    This could indicate something being finalised regarding the laws relating to perhaps the Rwanda Agreement and the draconian “Free Speech” bill that was passed without open consultation when Parliament was prorogued on the 26th October. This was just 2 days prior to the Eclipse at 5 Taurus that fell on the Venus of the Aries Ingress. [see bottom of article for this chart] (A few days later Suella Braverman is on record as saying Rwanda is a safe place to send refugees from the UK – 2nd April 23).  

    Now Jupiter is SD on this degree with the Full Moon sextiling this area of the chart.  It would appear this political hot potato still has some time to go in the oven until it is baked and burnt beyond use.

    On the 4th January Mars moves into Capricorn, triggering the Solar Ingress, trining the place of the Moon and sextile Saturn of the Capricorn Ingress.  Mars is not only a warrior, but also a protector. He may force matters to a head over the coming month, especially when Venus and Mercury join him there.

    The lunation on the 25th January at 5 Leo in the 10th, will certainly bring matters to a head.  Again, It may indicate a call for an Election if the Government lose both their head and more MP’s over the immigrant situation.

    The New Moon on the 9th February at 20 Aquarius is conjoined to the MC\IC axis highlighting matters to do with our Leaders and those in control, including those who make the Laws.  But I think the fun will start once Venus and Mars finally get it together at 6 Aquarius on the 22nd February.  Not only do they square the Asc\Descendant Axis of both the Aries and Capricorn Ingress charts, but also the position of Venus in the Aries Ingress and Jupiter of the Capricorn Ingress. What could this herald? If I am honest, I haven’t a clue!

    However, could it be some sort of rapprochement with our partners and those on strike?  Let us hope so.

    Wishing you all a great start to 2024 and may the stars shine brightly for all of us.