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  • I am Sharon Knight, a qualified, practising professional astrologer with over 30 years experience. I hold the Certificate and Intermediate Diploma from the Faculty of Astrology and the Horary Practitioners Diploma (QHP). I am Chair of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI) and am also a Fellow of the Association (FAPAI). I have written and edited their quarterly newsletter for the past 15 years. The APAI is the only professional body in Europe that represents qualified Astrologers. Members have to hold a Diploma from a recognised educational establishment to be accepted. I have an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University (2004) and a Diploma in Phytotherapy or, Herbalism (SAC Dip) as it is more popularly known. I am also a certified Life Coach.  In January 2016 I was awarded the title “Astrologer of the Year” at the 26th International Astrological Conference in India. 

    I first became interested in astrology around the age of 16, when I was given a copy of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. For many years, I thought that was what astrology was all about, the twelve sun signs. My ability to tell people their sun sign at parties was a great way to get free drinks!  Then in the best tradition of all good stories, I met a ‘proper’ astrologer who asked me for my birth data and proceeded to tell me certain things that had happened in my past. I couldn’t understand how she knew these things and it was from her that I learnt there was more to astrology than sun signs. I decided to investigate the matter further and became intrigued and then hooked. 

     Hooked on the history of astrology, which stretches back to the earliest written records that are extant today. I joined evening classes, attended the Astrological Lodge and started studying with the Faculty of Astrology where I was in the throes of completing my full Diploma but felt something was lacking.  Astrology no longer excited me.  It seemed to be so vague; everything appeared to centre around Jung, psychology and counselling. Any form of forecasting was frowned upon (forbidden!) and suddenly it all seemed rather pointless. After all, what is the point of astrology if you cannot warn people of an approaching storm and suggest it may be prudent to take an umbrella with them? Just as I was about to give up my studies I was put in touch with a wonderful lady the late Olivia Barclay, who had set up a course to teach Traditional astrology.  At last I had found the missing link. 

    I immediately began studying with Olivia for the Qualified Horary Practitioners Diploma (QHP the first traditional course in the UK) and passed some months later. I went on to become one of her course tutors and am currently the Course ConvenorFollowing on from Olivia, I was extremely lucky to met the wonderful late Rob Zoller who fired up my enthusiasm for the medieval viewpoint of astrology. I began studying with him in 1996 and gradually the pieces came together.   I then began teaching astrology at adult education classes in London and wrote articles for various astrological magazines.

     I joined a group of astrologers in London who were involved in translating ancient Latin texts, the ARHAT group. Through these very learned astrologers, I became more interested in the history and the older traditions of astrology and began to work solely as a Classical astrologer.  In 2004 I gained my Masters Degree at Bath Spa University in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology.  My dissertation was on the use of astrology in medicine during the 16th and 17th centuries.  This furthered my interest in the ancient art of astrology and medicine.  I then studied herbalism and gained my Diploma in Phytotherapy. (SAC. Dip. (Master Herbalist Phytotheraphy). 

     In my Astrological Practice I specialise in “Traditional, Classical” astrology. Traditional astrology has less psychological content than “modern” astrology. It is more succinct and to the point. Today there are many astrologers who include the word Traditional on their websites, but they are not strictly traditional in the sense they use the outer, invisible planets which were not part of the traditional corpus and use only a few simple techniques from the past.

    I do “chart” readings for people as well as for business’s. I also do question and answer astrology known as Horary. In addition to Horary, my work covers Electional, Natal, Transits, Business astrology, Sun sign astrology, Synastry, Vocational and medical astrology (but I do not diagnose as I am not a Doctor). For just over 11 years I had a regular slot on local radio talking about astrology and world events.

    As well as the UK, my client base covers the Middle East, Far East, America and Europe. In the past I wrote the astrology page for the weekly magazine Now as well as “ghost” writing for other astrologers on Women’s monthly magazines. I wrote special “one off” articles for the Daily Mirror. I still occasionally write for a few local magazines and enjoy writing sun sign astrology to try to help people understand, that ultimately they are responsible for their own lives. I have lectured and taught for various schools in Greece, India, South Africa, Taiwan and Turkey, as well as at many venues in the UK, including my favourite place, the Astrological Lodge in London. I have also given talks to various business and networking groups on the use of astrology in business and as a life coaching tool.

    I am the course Convenor and Tutor for the QHP, as well as having my own Traditional Natal Astrology course. I also teach for other bodies on the use of Horary and Electional astrology.

    As well as working as an Astrologer, I used to work in the property and construction business becoming Deputy Director of a very large Scandinavian property group. I have worked in the Diplomatic field and lived and worked in the Middle East and America. I have helped set up and run various businesses with varying degrees of success, so I have a good understanding of the business world and how it works, or not! In addition to working as an astrologer, I am also a qualified, non-medical herbalist and have successfully combined these two disciplines to help couples that were having difficulty conceiving.You can contact me by email astrologersharon@aol.com or telephone me on 01323 504358 during civil hours (9.00am-6.30pm).

    I am based in Sussex. Eastbourne, Brighton and Lewes are the nearest towns.

    With regard to my charges, please see my home page.

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