• This year we have news the King is about to undergo a procedure for prostate problems that will necessitate a stay in hospital.

    Around the time he is due to go in to hospital, the Full Moon on the 25th January 2024 will fall on his Rising degree.

    Here is his natal chart as a refresher:

    As you can see his rising degree is 5 Leo. It is ruled by the Sun who is located in the 4th sign and is itself ruled by Mars. In turn, Mars is ruled by an at home Jupiter in the 5th sign. The 5th is the house of sport, entertainment and the arts. King Charles was a great Polo player, rode in steeplechases, hunted and drove lovely cars. He is also a painter of some talent and has a love for classical music and the Arts.

    There are many techniques in the astrologers’ toolbox, but for now we will just consider some basic astrological cycles to see if we can see any outcomes from this approaching Full Moon cycle.

    As you may be aware, the Moon has a regular metonic cycle of around 19 years when she returns to the same degree of the zodiac. The last time the Full Moon fell at 50 Leo was on 25 January 2005. Prior to then 26th January 1986, and before that 26th January 1967.

    1986 was the year his marriage to Diana broke down, he rekindled his relationship with Camilla and Diana embarked on an affair with Hewitt.

    In 2005, the Moon hit the same degree of 5 Leo and on the 10th February it was formally announced that the then Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles would marry on 8 April. However, due to the death of the then Pope, they married on 9 April 2005.

    So what could we expect from this cycle of the moon on his rising degree?

    As always you can never judge one chart in isolation, it is helpful to look at the Solar Return in operation at the time of events, as well as at the Profected sign and house, we can also incorporate Firdaria, and another technique is to look at zodiacal releasing.

    He married Camilla in his 9th house profected year of Aries, the exaltation sign of the Sun (it also contains the MC degree at 13 Aries).  He changed his status by remarrying when the sign of Aries was the profected year and he married in the Leo months which highlighted his rising sign. (The above refers to his Natal chart)

    I will start by looking at the Solar Return in operation prior to that Full Moon and his marriage in 2005. The solar return is set for 14th of November 2004.   

    In the Solar Return for 2004, the Profected natal sign of Aries is now on the 4th of home and family. Mars rules the year as he is the Governor of Aries and Scorpio. We see Mars is strong in its own sign and is co-present with the Sun and the MC degree.  The two benefics, Venus and Jupiter are strong in the air sign of Libra and placed in the 10th sign of status.

    Although the Moon is on the degree of his natal ascendant January 2005, the other planets have moved.

    In this chart for the Full Moon January 2005, Mars is conjoined his natal Mars, Saturn trines his natal Sun and Jupiter is very close to his natal Venus.

    So this Full Moon sequence brought sadness at the end of his marriage to Diana, but happiness with his marriage to Camilla. Mars located in the 9th of religion, indicates “Religious issues”.  He could not have a Religious marriage as they were both divorced. Interestingly in the future, he would be the Defender of the Faith.    

    Now in 2024 we have the same Lunation highlighted. Going over the past 2 cycles that were focused on his personal relationsip, the question must be raised as to whether there will be issues around his personal relationships or will it simply be the focus is on his health and well-being.

    As before I will use his Solar Return chart 2023 to gage the Profections and the Lunation.

    The King is now 75 years old and has just moved into his 4th house profected sign which natally is Scorpio. So as 19 years earlier, he is in a Profected year with Mars as the Lord of the Year!

    In the Solar Return, the 3rd house of siblings is highlighted by the profection.  As in 2004, Mars is the Lord of the Year!

    Virgo is the rising sign, the MC degree falls in Gemini. Mercury rules both of these signs.

    Mercury is located in the 4th sign and was just visible as an evening star. Jupiter, dispositor of Mercury and the Moon and significator of the partner is located in the  9th place.

    There may issues around siblings for the native to contend with. Indeed the spectre of Prince Andrew and his friend “Epstein” has once again hit the news.

    As for the King’s health, we would consider the 6th place, its ruler and any planets that have an influence over the Lots of Fortuna and Spirit. However, as it is a Full Moon chart under consideration, we know the Lots will be in the 7th place, so there is a natural tie to relationships.

    Natally his 6th house is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is in the 2nd sign of Virgo natally. This is a cold dry sign and a cold, dry planet. According to Lilly, Virgo indicates illnesses related to the guts and “melancholy”. But we know his illness relates to the “privy members”. Lilly does say Saturn can give pain in the bladder.

    If we look at Lilly’s table on page 119 of Christian Astrology, we can look at Saturn in the signs; located in Virgo it gives part of the body under consideration and this includes; Thighs, secrets and feet.

    The King is now in his profected 3rd month (14th January – 13 February) from Scorpio. This brings us to Capricorn in his Natas. So we are looking at Saturnine issues. We end up with Capricorn even if we profect from Scorpio in his Solar Return.

    Currently Saturn is in Pisces and has a sextile to Jupiter by transit. He is said to have an enlarged prostate. Saturn causes a blockage, hence Saturn is blocking the free flow of urine.

    We don’t know the date as yet when he will enter hospital, but it is likely to be around the time of the Full Moon.

    Here is the chart for the Full Moon January 2024.

    In the chart above, we can take the Sun as the natural ruler of Kings, or Jupiter. The MC degree is ruled by Venus. Venus is in Capricorn, in the 6th sign, disposed by Saturn in the 8th. Saturn is in the exaltation sign of Venus and the 8th place, although associated with death, this is also known as the house of fear and the idle house. The reception between Venus and Saturn would stop Saturn harming Venus. The Sun is in aversion to Saturn and Mars, so he is not harmed.

    Jupiter is strong by position, aspects the Sun and importantly has a trine to Venus, his ruler.. He also has a square from the Moon on the Kings natal Ascendant. It is now a routine procedure and he should be home within a few days.

    We wish his Majesty good fortune and a swift recovery.