• What is Electional Astrology?

  • Electional astrology is a traditional astrological discipline with various rules to try and ensure the most auspicious moment for undertaking any venture. Electional astrology was mainly used in the past to find the best moment to go to war against your enemy, be elected or crowned Monarch or ruler, (as in the case of Elizabeth 1st of England) to get married, to begin a business venture and even to pick the best time to cut your hair or commence building your home. 

    Using various rules, you try and pick a time to commence your venture when the planets are in favourable aspect to one another, paying particular attention to the Moon. The Moon changes signs approximately every two and a half days and it is hard to get her in good “aspect” to the majority of the planets.  When Electing times for ventures, there are usually some practical considerations to take into account.  For instance, you want to elect the best time to get married.  Most registry offices only open a few hours on a few days in the week.  Churches also have certain times when you can marry.  So there is a constraint on the days and the times that you have to work with. 

    When electing a time for a venture, you use certain “significators”. The idea is to make the significators as strong as possible. Supposing you are going to have open-heart surgery, you would want to fortify the Sun, as, in astrology, it is the natural significator of the heart and the vital life force. There are a host of rules that have to be taken into account before settling on a date and time.  Each election will focus on different houses and planets according to the type of election being considered. 

    Electional astrology is a complex process and can take many hours to come up with the relevant information as understood by the astrologer. Electional astrology has been used since early recorded history and is still used by some big businesses and corporations today.  President Ronald Reagan used an astrologer to elect the best time to sign State documents, even if it meant waiting until three in the morning! 

    By combining astrology and common sense, and being prepared to take responsibility for your own actions, just like the weathermen, you should be able to forecast times of tempest and times of calm and take advantage of both!