• On 13th November we will have a New Moon at 20° Scorpio 44.

    Mars rules the lunation as he does at the same time every year.  So let’s first consider the condition and place of Mars.

    In this chart, Mars is in the 12th place of secret enemies, spies and institutions. He is hidden by the Sun, but is able to direct operations from his “home”.  Mars through his rulership of the Sun and Moon has control of 4 signs or houses. These equate to the 5th, 8th, and 9th in addition to the 12th house.

    The 12th house is the place of institutions, including prisons, hospitals and big faceless corporations. The 8th house relates to mortality and the assets of any partners.  The 9th house relates to foreign affairs, law and religion. The 5th is connected with children, pleasure, entertainment, speculation and ambassadors.

    The sign that is rising is Sagittarius. Jupiter is the sign ruler of Sagittarius and therefore is also important as he has a share in indicating the people and the country. Unfortunately, Jupiter is in aversion to the Ascendant being in the 6th sign of Taurus where he has no dignity and is known as Peregrine. Jupiter is retrograde and continues moving back until the 31st December when he will station at 50 Taurus, on the place of the Venus in the Aries Ingress chart and on the Descending degree of the same chart. (see below for the Aries Ingress). This indicates a weak Jupiter. As Jupiter signifies the people and the country, it looks as though the following fortnight the people may be powerless, ineffectual and unable to help themselves.

    Is there any relief? Well the ray of light is the position of Venus. She is strong by sign and placement and controls most of the chart. She rises ahead of the Sun being clearly visible in the morning sky. In this position she is known as the warrior queen. She aspects the degree of the Ascendant which she also controls through being known as the bound ruler.

    It doesn’t stop there; as Venus controls Jupiter through his placement in Taurus she also has control over Mercury and Saturn, so Venus actually controls 8 of the 12 places. But, she can only see Mercury; she is turned away from all the other planets. Mercury is not so good in Sagittarius as he is in exile. Mercury relates to commerce, mercantile affairs and also communications. All he can add to the mix is perhaps some trickery related to these types of matters. This is a lonely Venus who has a not very reliable Scribe to help her out. Mars on the other hand can see Saturn and Jupiter and is co-present with the Sun and Moon.  

    If we just consider this a standalone chart, it would seem to indicate this month there may be a focus on matters relating to Corporations (this can include the NHS as a body), stock market, the unions, armed forces, women, health, servitude and even animals. There could be issues arising over speculative matters that may impact on the state of our partners and our own Government. Pretty standard really!

    One other aspect to consider is the weather for the period between New and Full Moon.

    When the Lights are together in the sky, there is a greater gravitational pull on the tides and the weather patterns. Of course this is Autumn and we expect rain, but it is helpful to look at the sign and the ruler of the IC point. The IC point falls in Aries. Aries is a fire sign, so indicates heat and dry, but Mars is in Scorpio, a cold wet sign, put these together and is suggests steam or fog! In other words, as Keats wrote, a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Fog is wet and it seems we will have a wet fortnight.

    Of course just looking at one chart doesn’t give all the information. It’s helpful to consider any chart against a root chart such as in this case, the 1066 or the 1801 UK charts. But it doesn’t stop there; we also need to consider this chart against the Aries ingress chart set for London.

    For now we will just look at this chart in comparison with the Aries Ingress.

    The Aries Ingress lasts for the whole year as a Fixed sign rises.  The Ingress chart is on the inside and the lunation chart is on the outside of the following bi-wheel.

    In my previous blog I looked at the October Eclipse that fell across the Taurus/Scorpio axis. The 11th and 5th houses were the focus of the eclipse chart. The 11th house relates to the Privy Council and the Government Supporters. 

    On the 26th October, Parliament was prorogued and various bills were given Royal Assent which means they become Law even though the people of the country had not voted for these bills! So we are seeing unwanted laws (9th) being reinforced to the detriment of the people who have no say in the matters. Yes, I am seeing this from my bias. I am appalled in particular by The Energy and Online Safety Bills which have been the subject of much debate by the people, but not by their duly elected representatives. These two Bills in particular now give enormous power to both Government and Big Corporations, the 12th house Institutions.

    The Aries ingress chart has Scorpio rising, so this lunation does emphasise the people and the country, it indicates the people are stuck, but they do have power to act. There is a focus on their finances and of course during this fortnight we will have the Budget on the 22nd November. On this date, Venus will conjoin the degree of the Lunation MC = emphasis on the Government and their policies. Let us hope we are in for a pleasant surprise for once!

    To sum up the period between the 13th-27th November: we can expect typical Autumn weather, a drain on the people finances and possibly more strikes being announced. Happy days.