• Capricorn Ingress 2022

    The Capricorn Ingress will give us information for the coming quarter, and hopefully shed some light on the coming months or weeks when there may be turmoil or change that will impact the people of the country.  This Ingress analysis focuses only on the UK, although the Global situation must be borne in mind as we will all be affected by the machinations of various governments throughout the world.

    Generally we take the Moon, along with the Ruler of the Ascendant to show the state of the People. The ruler of the 10th/MC point is the significator of the Leader of the Country. The dispositor of the planet ruling the Ascendant gives an indication as to how events may play out over the next 12 weeks. This is not to forget the condition of the Planet ruling the sign of the Ingress under consideration. (It is Saturn in both these instances).

    As with all forms of astrology, before you start, you need to carefully assess the condition of each and every planet to see the strengths or weaknesses they may have in their placement at the time of the Ingress. Obviously these conditions stand for the Global situation, it is only the Angles, their degrees and house placement of the planets that differ between Countries and Continents.

    In the chart cast for London 21st December 2022 Virgo rises, so we need to consider the strengths and placement of Mercury.

    We find Mercury in the 5th sign of minor good fortune, trine to the Rising sign; therefore he is capable of managing the affairs of the people. The 5th house relates to the Arts, children, speculation and possibly the House of Lords as they are in opposition to the House of Commons.

    Mercury is in the terms of Venus and she is co-present with him in the same bounds. 

    Venus rules the MC degree and the 2nd sign of the assets of the people. Venus is the lesser benefic and is in her house of Joy, in triplicity and in her own terms, so she is reasonably strong and will be able to bring her power or influence to bear on all 5th house related matters. Furthermore, the degree of the Ascendant is also in her terms. This initially indicates a modicum of good fortune for the people of the country.

    From her position in Capricorn she can see to manage the house of assets, the 9th sign of Law and Religion, as well as overseas matters, and matters connected with shipping and travel. There is a hint of speculation around these areas, but for the time being the markets should go well (for some!).

    Mercury also has rulership over the 10th sign and disposes of Mars. These two planets are in aversion to one another.

    Not only is Mars elevated and strong by house placement, he is also in Hayz.  This makes him very strong and a force to be reckoned with. He is retrograde and Out of Bounds. His only aspect is an applying opposition to the Moon, ruler of the 11th house of the Exchequer. This would appear to indicate problems over government funding or expenditure. No surprise there!

    According to H.S. Green: Mars in the 10thcan cause military questions to arise, warlike rumours and activity, movements of army or navy. If seriously afflicting the luminaries, war may follow, . . .  many enemies arise. Rioting may take place; assaults may be directed against persons in high places[1].

    In the Aries Ingress, Mars was located in the 6th sign, so this may indicate strikes and riots emanating from the “working classes” against those in authority.

    Mercury turns retrograde a week after the Ingress, so we could see reversals in government and/or their decisions during the next month or so.

    Saturn is the dispositor of Mercury, Venus and the Sun.  By this rulership, Saturn is the ultimate dispositor of the Capricorn Ingress. However, Saturn is in aversion to the planets in Capricorn so cannot effectively manage these affairs. As it is a like engirding sign, Saturn is capable of destroying any good fortune to be found in 5th house affairs. Fortunately, as Venus is in her Triplicity and terms, she can take over the reins for those affairs and hopefully reduce some of the damage.

    Due to Saturn disposing of Mercury, he also indirectly manages the houses owned by Mars and then Jupiter. Mars “owns” houses 3 and 8. As Mars disposes of Jupiter, Mars also affects the 4th and 7th.  The Moon is in Sagittarius, a house belonging to Jupiter, so she is micro managed by Mars, who in turn is managed by Mercury, who is managed by Saturn.  I feel it worth reading what Ptolemy has to say when Saturn is the sole dispositor:

    Saturn, when he gains sole dominance, is in general the cause of destruction by cold, and in particular, when the event concerns men, causes long illnesses, consumptions, withering, disturbances caused by fluids, rheumatisms, and quartan fevers, exile, poverty, imprisonment, mourning, fears, and deaths, especially among those advanced in age. He is usually significant with regard to those dumb animals that are of use to man, and brings about scarcity of them, and the bodily destruction by disease of such as exist, so that the men who use them are similarly affected and perish.

    With regard to weather, he causes fearful cold, freezing, misty, and pestilential; corruption of the air, clouds, and gloom; furthermore, multitudes of snowstorms, not beneficial but destructive, from which are produced the reptiles harmful to man. As for the rivers and seas, in general he causes storms, the wreck of fleets, disastrous voyages, and the scarcity and death of fish, and in particular the high and ebb tides of the seas and in rivers excessive floods and pollution of their waters. As for the crops of the earth, he brings about want, scarcity, and loss, especially of those grown for necessary uses, either through worms or locusts or floods or cloud-burst or hail or the like, so that famine and the destruction of men thereby result.[2]

    According to Ptolemy we are not looking at a fun quarter!

    In some texts we are instructed to consider the Hour Ruler as this can also throw some light on matters. The hour Ruler is Saturn. So no light relief there!

    We also need to consider Jupiter as he is indicator of our relationship with Foreign affairs, partners and those with whom we do business.

    Jupiter has just turned direct. He is in Aries at 00 degrees, the entry point of the Sun into the Spring Equinox. Jupiter is in his own terms, has dignity by triplicity rulership, but is in the idle 8th house. He controls the 4th and the 7th signs. His placement in the 8th indicates the assets and financial relationships with foreign countries. This would seem to indicate matters of the 4th (land, crops and mines) will be tied to the financial policies of our foreign partners. He is square the Sun, ruler of the 12th house. These two houses (8th & 12th) are not the best!  This may point to secret deals involving assets of our country to foreign powers.  The Sun is in the decan of Jupiter, so there is a weak mixed reception between the two.

    The Moon ruler of the 11th house (the Exchequer and Parliament as a body) is located in the 4th sign. She is waning, but moving fast and is also Out of Bounds.  Her only aspects are to the two malefics. This suggests stresses relating to legislation, finances of the country and the assets of the land.

    What is notable using modern software is we have four of the seven planets Out of Bounds, that is to say, they are above the Sun in declination. This can make their behaviour unpredictable. They are above the rules; they do their own “thing” and are mavericks. This adds to the qualities of the times we are all facing.  Nothing is as it seems. We are seeing only a small part of the story as these four are acting out of sight, yet all are under control of Saturn who never goes out of bounds!

    Having briefly covered the planets and their conditions, I like to look back to see in what years certain or similar configurations occurred and what happened both globally and in the UK, to see if those years can add a flavour to what we may expect this coming quarter.

    The last time the Sun, Mercury and Venus were together in Capricorn at the Winter solstice since 1900 were in 1942, 1955 and 2014. In ’42 the rising sign was Pisces so the Ingress fell in the 11th sign.  In 1955 the rising sign was Gemini, therefore the Ingress occurred in the 8th sign. In 2014 Virgo rose as with this year. This placed the three planets once again in the 5th sign.

    Looking at UK events in 2014 early 2015.

    2015 year started with denials from Buckingham Palace regarding Prince Andrew and his involvement with the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. There were hurricanes across Scotland leaving tens of thousands of homes without power. This was followed by Storm Rachel, bringing further snowfalls, floods and gales.

    There were then various cases investigating child sexual exploitation, notably in Rotherham, but not confined to that area. This was when Gary Glitter (Paul Raven/Gadd) was found guilty of sexual abuse against young girls and sentenced to sixteen years in prison.  There was an independent report regarding Jimmy Saville, friend of the highest in the land and the most notorious paedophile of recent times.

    Other events in early 2015 related to the faltering NHS with the withdrawal of Circle Holdings from its “franchise” to run Hinchingbrooke Hospital. They were the first private company to be awarded such a contract. This was then followed by a report from the King’s Fund which found the changes to the NHS had been disastrous and “distracted from patient care”.

    Globally in mid February, the Swiss National Bank overnight changed its stance on capping the Franc relative to the Euro, causing turmoil in the money markets.  Also in February 2015 there was a further agreement brokered by the Leaders from Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany to agree to a ceasefire in the Donbass region. Sadly that didn’t even last a day.

    Examining the chart for December 2014 with Mercury the planet relating to young children, positioned in the 5th sign, our attention is drawn to the similarities of that time.

    Obviously the 8 year Venus cycle sees her back at the same degree as 2014. We also note the opposition between Jupiter of the 2014 chart and Saturn of this chart. 

    With the Earth signs accentuated, there is a feeling of cold and dry for the Winter quarter.

    Returning to Ptolemy and his instructions for assessing the quality of each Ingress. [1]

    We are told to look at the syzergies preceding the ingress’s of the 4 turning points.  The same instructions are found in A German Stargazer’s Book of Astrology (Astronomia Teutsch Astronomei) published in 1545.[2]

    If it was a New Moon closest to the Ingress, we would continue to look at the New Moons over the next few months.  If a Full Moon, we would only consider the Full Moons.

    In this case, the syzergy prior to the Ingress is the Full Moon on the 8th December 2022. Therefore we need to look at the Full Moon charts of the Ingresses of the Sun into Aquarius and Pisces. I will not look at the Solar Ingress into those signs as this article could become a book!

    So let us start with the Full Moon on the 8th December 2022 to see if that can shed light on events for the next lunar month.

    Scorpio rises. Mars, along with the Moon is the significator of the People. They are both in the 8th sign of the assets of others and are conjoined.  Moon rules the 9th of overseas matters. The Sun ruler of the MC, is in the 2nd house with a trine to that degree. The Sun highlights the Nation’s wealth, assets and the Stock Exchange.

    With Mars involved in this opposition this could suggest severe issues with financial matters involving any partners and the Leader. 

    If we look at Jupiter the dispositor of the Sun; he is located in the 5th sign, strong in his own sign.  The 5th house is the house of minor good fortune and is also the place of messengers, sport, entertainment and speculation. It is also sometimes attributed to the House of Lords.

    Saturn in this lunation as with Jupiter, is strong in his own sign, angular in the 4th house. The 4th indicates the Opposition to the current Party in power. It is said when a malefic is in this house, it could cause trouble to the Government!

    I have already mentioned the four planets that are out of bounds at the Capricorn Ingress, all four were already OOB by the 8th December. This adds to feeling of anything goes or anything can happen, especially with regard to the assets of the people.

    It is the Day and Hour of Mercury, so with Mercury in a maverick condition, there could be a few shocks to the system. In fact, Mercury is alone. He is in aversion to Sun, Venus, Saturn, Moon and Mars, and only in Whole Sign Aspect to Jupiter who will change signs before Mercury can get to him.

    I feel it safe to say this Lunar month indicates shocks to the financial resources of the people of the country.

    There will be a strong challenge to the Government from the Opposition party and with the MC point connected to the Lunation and Mars, there may be a cutting down, or cutting off of resources of the people and their partners. (Just as an aside, the 16th degree is one of the Lunation points through this year.  To have three planets plus the MC on this degree is worthy of note.  As we know, the October Full Moon prior to the Libra Ingress saw the toppling of one short lived PM. Could something similar occur when this December lunation happens? If not then, the MC degree of this lunation is triggered by the Full Moon on the 5th February).

    Whatever occurs during this period, will be repeated to a certain extent in June 2024 when the New Moon hits this degree.

    The bright note is, Saturn has been forced to relinquish his iron grip and “control” is now shared between Jupiter and Saturn.  Jupiter in the 5th may bring some relief to the beleaguered people.

    The following Full Moon occurs on the 6th January 2023.

    Here Venus is Lady of the Ascendant, located in her house of joy and in her own decan, giving her a modicum of strength.  Her dispositor Saturn is co-present and as he exalts in Libra, there is an accord between the two planets.

    Mercury the lead planet of the Capricorn Ingress, is now combust, hidden and burnt. He controls the 12th and 9th houses. This may indicate matters related to Law, Church or overseas powers are undergoing some sort of transformation or shake up within the institutions that run our country behind the scenes.

    The Moon normally common indicator of the people, here indicates those in power. She is in the 10th, in a nocturnal chart in her own domicile so very strong.  Her next and only aspect is to Mercury ruler of the 9th and 12th signs.  The Moon has North latitude and is out of bounds. This suggests something unusual or different relating to those in power.

    Once again Saturn has almost complete control of the country. It is worth noting the Moon is in aversion to the malefics. This may indicate the month will be more peaceful, although there are bound to be machinations behind the scenes.

    The next chart to consider according to Ptolemy is the Full Moon of the 5th February 2023.

    In this lunation, Mercury rules the Ascendant. As with the previous chart, the indicator of the people is in the 5th sign. This Mercury is VOC, he aspects no other planet before changing signs. This is suggestive of the people alone and rudderless as Mercury is also peregrine.

    Once again, we have the Lunation at 16 degrees of the Fixed. The Lights are in the cadent houses of 12 and 6. These houses relate to Unions, armed forces, institutions, secrets, health and animals. Saturn is the overall dispositor. Due to Mercury’s retrograde motion over the previous few weeks, there may have be some stalling, or matters relating to trade deals will have undergone some changes. Mercury is now a Morning Star and will be heralding changes that will impact on the fortune of the people. Mercury is also VOC.

    The MC point is ruled by an exalted Venus who is located in the 7th of partners and foreign affairs. This indicates our leader(s) are in good accord with our partners, but the square to the maverick Mars (OOB) suggests there could be difficulties and discord.  It may be the opposition to the Government in power at the time of the Capricorn Ingress could be leading the way. The people as indicated by Mercury in the exaltation sign of Mars, suggests they are leaning towards favouring the Opposition. Could this signify some form of military intervention or, problems and riots related to 6th house matters?

    The final Lunation in this quarter is that of the 7th March 2023.

    The 16th degree is again emphasised. The Full Moon of April will fall on the 16th degree, but then the degrees move, not hitting the 16th degree again until June 2024.

    The Moon is Lady of the chart and falls in the 3rd house relating to transport, media and all forms of communication.  Her only aspect is to Mars in the 12th sign. There may be issues around communication and transport.  Mars rules the 5th and 10th signs. Once again, there are suggestions of institutional matters. There may be problems with prisons, banks and hospitals. Virgo is a dry, barren sign so using some commonsense, it could be the final month of the Winter quarter may see further shortages afflicting the public. This is of course quite a likely scenario given the current state of the world as I write this.

    Mercury has now changed signs and is combust, hidden from view. As he rules the 12th and 3rd signs of this chart, it would appear matters related to all forms of communication, transport and media are being manipulated, out of sight.  Could there be a breakdown in the electronic communication structure?

    Whatever the case, with all planets in forward motion and moving fairly rapidly, the situation relating to the people, their information sources and matters related to general travel are likely to undergo some changes or cuts to the services perhaps brought about by the Unions.

    Saturn in this chart is just about to move into Pisces where he has some minor dignity in the first 10 degrees.  As Saturn rules our partners and their assets, this would seem to herald a change in our relationships with foreign associates.

    Here we have finally moved away from the totalitarian control of Saturn to shared control between Jupiter, Mars and Mercury, with Saturn on his own.

    Let us hope the Spring Equinox brings some light and joy to our country.

    Addendum: 10th January 2023.

    Since writing this article last October for a magazine (hence not publishing it until now), we have seen the nurses on strike and the army called in (6th house matters). There has been upset in the Royal household caused by Prince Harry and his interviews and book. There have been strikes on the public transport system. The Swiss Banking system is in trouble. according to Armstrong Economics Market Talk 9th January 2023 “The Swiss National Bank on Monday reported a loss of 132 billion Swiss francs ($143 billion) for the 2022 financial year, citing preliminary figures. It represents the biggest loss in the central bank’s 116-year history and equates to roughly 18% of Switzerland’s projected gross domestic product of 744.5 billion Swiss francs. Its previous record loss was 23 billion francs in 2015. As a result, it will not make its usual payouts to the Swiss government and member states, it said, with payments to its shareholders also set to be affected.

    A further point is that vast numbers of immigrant children have “disappeared” from the system, possibly trafficked for reasons I don’t want to go into.

    So all in all, it seems we certainly are experiencing a flavour of events that occurred back in the early quarter of 2015. Truly history repeats!

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