• What May it Herald?
    Saturn Ingress into Pisces.

    Setting the chart for Westminster we have 2° of Leo rising on the ascendant.

    At the moment Saturn ingresses into Pisces, the sign of Leo is rising. This puts Pisces as the 8th sign. The 8th place is associated with fear, loss, the assets of others and the idle place. Both the Sun and Mercury are journeying through Pisces as Saturn enters this new sign where he will reside for the next 2.5 years. 

    Mercury is at 8° Pisces and the Sun at 16° Pisces. This puts Mercury on the midpoint between the Sun and Saturn. (COSI gives inhibited thinking, the tendency to have grave depressing thoughts, the tendency to tackle serious problems. Thinking of separation, the inhibition of speech). In order for this to make any sense we should first look and see what sign/houses Mercury rules and any planets he disposits

    Mercury rules Virgo the 2nd sign, and Gemini the 11th sign.

    In Virgo we find the Moon at 17°.  In mundane astrology the Moon can stand for the people of the country and can show where their focus may lie. The 2nd place is taken to indicate the assets, or moveable wealth of the people and that which sustains them.  As the Moon rules the 12th house of institutions (this can include hospitals, prisons and “big” banks), it is likely there will be concerns over the assets of the people, including their food that have a connection to institutions.

    We already know various Governments in Europe are trying to close down farms and reduce the amount of food available to the people, thereby creating a shortage of goods for the common man. In France, Germany and Holland, many farmers are blocking roads in protest at their Governments draconian policies.

    Since Saturn’s’ ingress into Pisces, we already have indications of financial turbulence with the collapse of the SVB Bank and another 2 banks in the USA, and Credit Suisse are also acknowledging there are “issues”. 

    In Gemini, Mercury’s other sign, we find Mars. The 11th house or sign is known as the place of good fortune; those who support us, friends and allies. Mars in turn rules the 9th or 10th place of Aries which contains both Jupiter and Venus, as well as the MC degree. Mars also rules the fourth sign of Scorpio containing the tail of the Dragon. He is in “aversion” to the 4th so cannot see to manage the affairs of this area of the chart.

    Mars is known as the Lesser Malefic. In certain conditions Mars can wreak havoc as he slices through things, cutting things down, but he can also be a healer! By cutting out that which is draining or a canker, he allows things to heal.

    On a mundane level, Mars indicates those who fight; the armed forces, those who work with metal such as Drs, Barbers, Hairdressers, Engineers and mechanics to name just a few.

    But in this case what we are interested in is the fact Mars is the Dispositor of Jupiter who in turn rules Saturn in Pisces.

    Mars in this chart can see to manage the affairs of the 9th house and the MC point. He is the brave and courageous Captain who is capable of multi-tasking and is not afraid to lead his troops from the front, as opposed to hiding in a comfortable office behind the lines.

    Aries occupies the 9th place. The 9th is generally taken to relate to foreign affairs, the Church, educational establishments, as well as the Law courts and Judges. Jupiter is also the natural indicator of Clergy and Law as well as Bankers and wealth.

    We can now see we have a three way conference between Jupiter, Mars and Mercury on this Saturn Ingress.

    With the majority of planets in mutable signs and the remaining 2 in Cardinal, it does indicate much to and fro-ing, change and alteration. There will be upsets (we don’t need astrology to tell us what is obvious!), many things will be hidden.

    The people’s assets are being damaged and used for others to make grand gestures. Will the people rise up? It doesn’t look likely in the immediate future, but the Autumn may tell a different story when Saturn stations direct at 00 Pisces.

    Looking at Saturn into Pisces, we need to consider this Ingress against the national chart(s) for the UK.

    If we use the 1066 chart, Saturn rules the 10th and 11th signs.

    Both Saturn and Jupiter have just stationed retrograde. Jupiter is in exile and the chart is ruled by both malefics, both out of sect and peregrine. It is not the most auspicious chart! The plus point is both Mars, ruler of the Ascendant can see to manage affairs relating to the first house, and not only can Saturn “see” his sign of Capricorn from a trine aspect, but there is mutual reception with Mercury.

    Pisces in this chart occupies the 12th place and there is the Moon, indicator of the people, in prison, or held in institutions. When Saturn enters here, he can be taken as the jailer and/or the Savour. But really what we are looking at are the aspects he will make from this sign.

     Firstly he will oppose Jupiter, then sextile the Sun. Following that he will simultaneously oppose Saturn and sextile Mercury, before finishing with a conjunction to the Moon and sextile to Venus, both feminine planets.

    So we can quickly look at the 2023 Ingress chart and compare it to the 1066 chart.  We can also look back in history to see if anything major happened when Saturn was in Pisces and Jupiter was in Virgo.

    But first here is the bi-wheel of 2023 with the 1066 national chart.

    What immediately stands out is the Full Moon on March 2023 is within a degree of the 1066 Saturn located in Virgo. In the 1066 chart as noted above, Saturn is peregrine, but has a partile trine with Mercury (1066) and both are in mutual reception.  Saturn is in the house of sickness and servitude.

    We note transiting Saturn will oppose the 1066 Jupiter in June, and will retrograde on this degree.

    Jupiter rules the 12th sign of institutions, secret enemies and the 9th signs of foreign affairs, church and law.

    We can look back to years when this opposition from Saturn occurred and when Jupiter was also in Virgo, the sign of its’ detriment or depression.

    This configuration occurred in 1435 England when was in the midst of the 100 years war with France.   

    In 1553/4 (the next time Saturn and Jupiter opposed one another from these signs) we saw issues around the Monarchy and the start of trade with Russia. 

    The following major opposition was in 1612/13. During this period Parliament was prorogued; but it was the flowering of our literary background with many of Shakespeare’s plays being performed and the publication of the King James Bible. The Globe Theatre burned down and there was the great fire of Dorchester that resulted in over 300 buildings being lost.

    In 1671/2 A trade agreement was entered into with the King of Formosa who ruled Taiwan.

    The next opposition was 1731 when a fire in London destroyed 114 irreplaceable  manuscripts (including a manuscript of the Anglo Saxon Chronicle), it  damaged 98 others (including the Beowulf manuscript). Fortunately the King’s Librarian managed to save the only copy of the Codex Alexandrinus by leaping out of a window with it under his arm. The surviving 844 manuscripts went on to form part of the British Library collections. 

    I now turn to the more accepted 1801 chat where Saturn rules the 4th and 5th signs.

    Saturn has now entered the place of servitude, the armed forces and those who serve in any capacity. In the older writings, this was the place of the working class. It also relates to small animals below the size of a goat.

    Again I will do a bi-wheel of the 7th March ingress with the 1801 chart.

    In this bi-wheel we can see the majority of planets on the western side of the chart with the Moon alone on the East and falling in the 12th house.  In the 1066 chart, the Sun fell in the 12th.

    I will now look back in history to see when Saturn and Jupiter occupied the same signs as they do today.  The reason to look back at their positions is because Jupiter and Saturn are referred to as the two superiors, or chronocrators and we know their interweaving cycle points to changes on earth.

    The most recent time when the planets occupied Pisces and Aries together was in 1964. Although we are an island we are still affected by global events, especially those coming out of America. It is said America coughs and the UK sneezes.

    When we go back to 1964, especially the early months of 1964 a number of events occurred globally.

    There was the Vietnam war by America that led to the needless deaths of millions.  The Greeks and Turks fought in Cyprus which led to Northern Cyprus being partitioned from the rest of Cyprus. There was a coup in Brazil led by the military. A natural disaster occurred in Alaska with the second most powerful earthquake recorded (9.2) which caused massive damage to the City of Anchorage, but fortunately did not lead to major loss of life.

    The previous time Jupiter was in Aries and Saturn in Pisces was in 1643.

    In the UK it was the start of the Civil War. Interestingly at that time Mars was also in Gemini. As we know, the aftermath of the Civil War led to the Regicide of Charles 1st in 1649.

    Prior to 1643, the two were in the signs of Pisces and Aries in 1346 and 1347 the time of the 100 years war between England and France. October 1346 saw the second war of Scottish Independence which the English won (Battle of Neveille’s Cross).

    We then go back to 1287 when there was widespread devastating flooding across the South of England leading to several of the Cinque Ports being damaged or rendered unusable. In the winter of 1287, there was another storm surge that caused huge damage to the East Coast of Norfolk and Lincolnshire.  

    To conclude this visit into the past:

    It seems Saturn into Pisces for the UK does not bring unalloyed joy and relief, but, it does lead to change on all levels.  We know we are in a period of global upheaval due to the control by the few plutocrats over the people now appearing to break down.  Saturn in Pisces may lead to washing away the barriers and fences with which we have all been surrounded. Past controls may be eroded and there could be a backlash by the common man (although this does not look apparent in the above charts this year).

    It probably won’t be until Saturn reaches the half way point of Pisces and is also conjoined by Mars, (both in latitude and longitude), along with the Total Eclipse in April 2024, before there are any reforms or breakthroughs. Then we will have four planets in Aries and the eclipse will just be visible before Sunset. 2024 could be a wild ride!