• The fixed, regal sign of Leo rises in London. Quite apt for the change we all have undergone to have the Royal sign rising. The Sun ruler of the Ascendant, is in the 3rd sign with Mercury as his companion. With an emphasis on the 3rd house, according to the traditional mundane astrology, the 3rd house relates to transport (railways and haulage), post, all forms of communication, media and publications.  

    Mercury is moving into the heart of the Sun as he journeys back to his sign of Virgo and will join forces with his dispositor Venus.  There is mixed reception between Mercury and Venus. They are in aversion and of course, Venus is in her depression. Mercury is a triplicity ruler so has more to offer to Venus than she to him.

    Although Mercury is technically combust at that moment, he is in triplicity and moving into Cazimi, (heart of the Sun), so has some dignity. He rules the 2nd hours of assets and the 11th house of allies, good fortune, supporters of the Government and the Exchequer.

    The Moon, indicator of the People is located in the fixed sign of Leo in the first house.  She is waning and void of course by sign. She does have some strength by being angular, but it doesn’t count for much where the people are concerned. When she changes sign, she will aspect Mars before conjoining Venus.

    Mars is in his bounds and decan, so has some dignity and authority to act.  Valens tells us that these terms indicate . . .  destructive, bloody, inquisitive.[1]  Mars in his own terms could magnify these aspects. He is located in the house of good fortune and supporters of the Government and Monarch. However it should be remembered Mars is the planet of war, contentions and cutting. This could indicate a war of words amongst the allies of the Government, or the Leader. There may be splits in the ruling party and could lead to the downfall of many.  Mars also rules the 4th sign that signifies Opposition to the Party in power.

    As Mars moves to perfect a trine with Saturn, we may see matters related to other countries being brought to ahead. This might relate to the use of the armed forces, or changes to the armed forces and their operations abroad. With Mars ruling both the MC and the 4th house, there is an added emphasis on matters connected with overseas countries that may impact on the land of the people. Mars has authority over Jupiter and therefore can impact matters relating to the 5th and 8th houses. (These are the houses related to children, the arts and entertainment and the mortality rate and assets of our partners or those with whom we are in contention).

    There could be further issues raised relating to children/young adults, whether it is trafficking, abuse, unusual illness, or even a rise in mortality rates.

    A key date will be around the Full Moon on the 8th December when the degree of Mars is triggered. This date also has Saturn moving over the degree he held at the Libra Ingress. Matters that have been brewing for some time may suddenly come to a head or explode.

    Venus as dispositor of the Sun, Mercury and the IC, is in her fall in the dry, barren sign of Virgo. The second sign/house relates to the assets of the people, a further indication of problems in this area. She does have some dignity by triplicity, but otherwise is in a poor state.

    Venus also rules the 10th sign and can see it by trine. As Venus is rather damaged, it also suggests affairs of the 10th will not proceed well. There may be damage, or the “leader” could fail in their promised course of action. We already know the people are being squeezed in every direction and the outlook for the coming quarter in respect to people’s assets is dire.  

    It is not often Venus is located in Virgo at the time of the Libra Ingress. Since 1900 she was in Virgo in 1911,1918, 1919, 1977 and 2001. A brief scan of events occurring around the Libra Ingress on those dates:

    In 1911 there were many strikes that continued into 1912, including a Miners strike and a national railway strike.

    1918 saw the end of WW1 and Women got the right to stand as an MP.

    In the Autumn of 1919, another strike on the railways, and the Cunliffe Committee recommended a return to an effective Gold standard. Nancy Astor became the first woman MP to take her seat in the House of Commons. In Ireland the two home rule parliaments were set up, one in Dublin and one in Belfast.

    1977 there were strikes by Undertakers and Fire-fighters. The Yorkshire Ripper continued his “spree”, and BA inaugurated the first London to New York flight by Concorde.

    Events in September 2001 are imprinted on almost everyone’s memory who was around at that time. Although the atrocity did not occur in our country, it had a global impact. Labour continued to surge ahead in the MORI polls.   In Switzerland, Swissair filed for bankruptcy and left thousands of people stranded worldwide. (This year we have news that BA are cancelling thousands of flights from the autumn). America invaded Afghanistan supported by the British Royal Navy.

    There are certain similarities to these years, but naturally we have to take into account the positions of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn during these earlier ingresses.  

    Immediately following the Ingress there is a new Moon on the 25th.

    [1] Valens (Bk1:3/15K)

    This falls in the 4th house of heritage, land and ancestors and is opposite Jupiter. Mars in this chart forms a square to the position of Jupiter in the Aries Ingress chart (18.36 Pisces). In that chart, Jupiter fell in and ruled the 7th house. Here Pisces is the 9th sign and contains the MC point. Could this point to new laws or disputes over laws with our “partners” or those who oppose us?

    In late October 2022 the two chronocrators shift in their positions. On the 23rd, Saturn stations direct at 18 Aquarius. On the 28th October Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces. In between these dates we have the Solar Eclipse at 2 Scorpio on the 25th October.

    The eclipse happens 2 days after the Sun’s ingress into Scorpio and falls across the 4th axis of the Libra Ingress, and across the 3rd/9th of the Aries and Cancer Ingress, suggesting challenges to the Government, especially on matters related to finances and overseas investments.

    There may also be legal issues raised with the Governments handling of the past few years.

    The 12th house is related to incarceration, institutions, secrets and spies. With a damaged Venus in the mix bringing in matters related to the to the 9th and 2nd of the Aries and Cancer Ingresses, and the 3rd and 10th of the Libra Ingress in the hidden house, what is being swept under the carpet?

    During this period there may be falls on the stock market, or we may see issues relating to the banking system being raised. Could the specture of a Bank Bail In raise its head?  What is certain is the people of the country face challenging issues relating to their wealth and that of the Government. There may be falls in the housing market, or interest rates may start to rise. Couple that with the rising inflation and it seems the peoples money or assets may suffer or be damaged in some way.

    This Partial Solar Ecipse will just be visible in the UK. As it falls in the 12th house, this signifies matters associated with this eclipse will happen within the next few months and the effects will reverberate for approximately the next two years.

    Normally I do not write about the charts of the Monarchy when looking at the Ingresses and lunations, but in light of events, I will merely note the Eclipse is exactly on Prince William’s MC.

    In traditional mundane astrology, we are instructed to erect charts for each planetary ingress, as well as the Lunations throughout the quarter.

    For brevity we will consider the Ingress of the Sun into Scorpio and Sagittarius to see if anything picks up degrees of planets of the Aries, Cancer and Libra Ingress.

    As the New Moon (eclipse) charts shows, Jupiter is at the degree of the Aries Ingress. 00Aries fell in the 8th house, suggesting more concerns over assets, finances and mortality rates.

    Taking into account the Scorpio Ingress of the Sun was only two days prior to the Eclipse, we can add the following:

    Mars dispositor of the Lights and Venus is in aversion to the 12th sign. Mars located in Gemini is in the 7th of the Scorpio Ingress, but this equates to the 10th sign of the Aries and Cancer ingress. War between those in power? Or at the very least, issues raised between our Leader(s) and our “opponents” or those with whom we are in contention. We know globally we are entering extremely challenging times. It should be noted that Mars is now slowing down prior to turning Retrograde on the 2nd November. 

    We now come to the Lunar Eclipse of the 8th November 2022.

    This will not be visible from the UK so is more of a Lunation on Steroids. Here we see matters related to the 6th and 12th houses are highlighted. This follows on from from the Solar Eclipse. Mars is now retrograde. In this lunation chart, he disposes of Sun, Venus and Mercury.  As these planets rule all mttters from the 9th to the 12th, it seems there are likely to be many issues occuring behind the scenes that will involve our legal and religious affairs as well as the Leader of the country and our allies or, the allies of the Leader. As the angles are more or the less the same as the preceeding chart, it indicates this situation is long lasting.

    No doubt we shall be told there are problems with the NHS, and our institutions may be buckling under the strain of the events of the previous months. However, as the Moon is exalted, there is hope that things will be not be too dire.

    Using Whole House signs, we find the MC/IC point fall in the12th and 6th houses of Institutions such as Banks, Church, Prisons, spies and secrets, and the IC in the house of unions, civil servants, health and small animals. What will be revealed or unleashed during this time?  Could there be civil unrest or more strikes?

    We now come to the Ingress of the Sun into Sagittarius on the 22nd November. Yet again the angles remain the same as the preceding months. The only bright light is that Jupiter is now in residence and as he controls the Rising sign, there is hope the people will have some better news or, be able to exert their influence on affairs of the country.

    Jupiter is now stationing Direct and has a whole sign aspect to Sun, Mercury and Venus. Both Mercury and Venus perfect the square to Jupiter between the 6th and 9th December. This period also contains the Full Moon at 16 Gemini on the 8th December. As noted above, this is also when Saturn transits the degree he held at the Libra Ingress. It would appear this full moon may also act as a trigger espcially as Mars is conjoined to the Moon within 7 minutes. (see below).

    Mercury and Venus are conjoined at 70 Sagittarius, this is directly opposite to the position held by Mercury at the Cancer Ingress 2022. On that date, the biggest rail strike since 1989 took place.  This was followed by Barristers going on strike over pay. There was also a huge increase in the mortality rate of 10.2% above average. A report was also released regarding the mass child sexual explotation in Telford, although no arrests were, or have been made in this connection.  The following fortnight saw mass resignations from the Cabinet, finally leading to Johnson announcing he would “step down”.

    Could we see another Leadership issue?

    We finally come to the Full Moon on the 8th December at 16 Gemini/Sagittarius. This Lunation may well be a further trigger point regarding financial matters, not only in the UK but also globally. With Mars actively involved we could see further strikes, or hostilities with others and problems with finances and assets, not only for our country but also for our partners.

    This lunation squares the Jupiter Mercury of the Aries Ingress chart. If you recall, these two planets ruled the 1st, 10th, 7th and 4th signs of that chart. Again, the emphasis appears to be on the assets of the country and the people. The Venus of this Full Moon chart is on the Rising degree of Prince William’s chart. The rising degree of this chart also conjoins the Nodal axis of King Charles III.

    It is common sense we are in for a very difficult and challenging time as a Nation, sadly the astrology seems to bear this out. Let us hope the Capricorn Ingress brings some relief.