• The Aries Ingress set for London: 20th March 2021 at 09.38GMT.

    This is a diurnal chart with mutable Gemini on the Ascendant. In Mundane astrology, when a mutable sign rises, the chart holds good until the Libra Ingress.

    Three things immediately jump out: No planets in earth; three planets plus the Moon and Ascendant in mutable signs, and all planets are above the horizon

    Straight away this suggests a six month period of chop and change, no stability, no grounding. There is a lot of hot air!

    But let’s start with the positives. The Sun is sect light, in the house of good fortune, trines the 3rd sign which contains the IC point and trines the 7th sign. It is a strongly masculine chart, suggesting energy and a sense of getting things done. The Sun has a lot of support to enable him to shine.  In addition to the Sun in his exaltation (which is a given), we have Venus in her exaltation and in the WS 10th. She has a say in the 5th and 12th signs as well as in the 10th. She is conjunct the degree of the fixed star Scheat. (Robson Fixed Stars gives Scheat as being of the nature of Mars and Mercury.  He says: With Venus: Evil environment, suffering through own acts, danger of imprisonment or restraint. p.207)

    Jupiter the Greater Benefic, is angular by being conjoined to the MC degree, in Sect, in triplicity and direct. He has a share in the 10th, 7th and by exaltation, the 2nd. He is with his dispositor and Sect mate, who is also strong by being in his own domicile. Furthermore, both act as spear bearers for the Sun King.

    Saturn is the ultimate dispositor as he welcomes Jupiter. He is in Rulership, triplicity, sect although cadent in the 9th of law, religion, overseas matters and education. He also rules the 8th house relating to the assets of others and the mortality rate.

    Mars is the malefic out of Sect. He is conjunct the fixed star Aldabaran with an approaching trine to Saturn. (Robson gives: With Mars: Great military preferment but attended by much danger; liable to accidents, fevers and a violent death. Robson*, p.121.)  Mars is peregrine but aspected by Mercury his dispositor. Mars rules the 11th, 6th and has a share in the 8th house. In a quadrant system, he is in the 12th.

    Finally the Moon; she is waxing, in the hot moist phase. She last aspected Saturn and will next trine Jupiter before squaring Venus at the 29th degree.

    Before moving on to considering what the above may symbolise, we are instructed to look at the syzergy prior to the Ingress. (see Ptolemy Tetrabiblos II.12)

    This is similar to the Ingress chart in as much as we have Gemini rising and both lights are strong in the 10th house and Saturn is the ultimate dispositor. Mars is still the malefic out of sect and still has a share in the 6th sign associated with health of the nation.

    We must also consider the eclipse on the 14th December 2020 as this is exactly square the lunation prior to the Aries Ingress.

    The key period is when Mars squares this degree mid April when he also trines the degree of Jupiter and they both meet on the 17th April. On this date also, Mercury aspects both Mars and Jupiter.

    In the syzergy preceding the Ingress, Mars is at 5 Gemini. The eclipse on the 26th May 2021 opposes this degree.  To my mind, Mars is the trigger on a gun and when he is activated something explosive can be detonated.

    Of course in light of current events, we can associate Mars with inflammation, and air borne pestilence. In both charts he is applying to Saturn by trine. This suggests an easy transmission, but once he meets Saturn and Saturn takes over, we may see a halt or slowing down to the progress of the pandemic, but, as noted above, Mars moves to aspect Jupiter mid April. I wonder if this will bring a further outbreak or variant, as Jupiter is hot and moist and in an air sign which may signal more outbreaks transmitted through the air?

    Will it affect the younger population as Mercury will also be involved at this time?

    However, there is a lot more going on in this chart (Aries Ingress). No chart is static and with Mundane, you do need to look at the movements of all the planets as they are part of the tapestry of what is to come.

    Saturn the dispositor of all, stations retrograde on the 20 May at 13.31 Aquarius. He returns to the degree he held in the Aries Ingress of 10 Aquarius between the 22nd July -5 August. He stations Direct on the 11th October at 6 Aquarius. This is the date of the New Moon in Libra (130) trining the Nodes and Moon of the Aries Ingress. (On this day, Mars is also  trining the Aries Ingress Moon) Saturn re-crosses the 10th degree of Aquarius between the 11-24th December.  

    Venus, ruler of arts, beauty and women, is hidden and moving into the Sun. She enters Aries on the 21st march and is no longer visible as a morning star.  She is in the heart of the Sun 26th March, emerging as evening star 22/23rd May at 16 Gemini, the place of the Moon in the Aries Ingress.

    Prior to that she sextiles Saturn on the 30th March at 11 Aquarius and is at maximum elongation from Earth.

    Venus rules the 12th and the 5th of the Aries Ingress chart, with a share by exaltation and position in the 10th.  Again, in light of Government dictates there may be an easing of lockdown leading to social gatherings, but that could be followed by further lockdowns. As every news broadcast is offering a carrot and stick, this is common sense, but it is interesting the astrology indicates the potential scenarios.

    I also note the Full Moon on the 20th September 2021 falls exactly on the degree of Venus in the Aries Ingress chart. 

    This may bring matters to light relating to high profile women who are neither very young nor elderly, but are in the news.

    There may be issues around Women (I wrote this prior to the 3rd March and since then there have been protests about the safety of women) as they seek to have their voices heard.

    This may be further highlighted when Mercury conjoins Venus on the 29th May at 24+ Gemini, conjunct the Rising degree of the Aries ascendant. The same time, Mercury stations retrograde within days of the eclipse.  Matters relating to the 10th, 12th and 5th houses may be swept out of sight and mis-information will be the order of the day. There may be a revoking of some laws or statements from the Governments and it may not be until the Summer Solstice when Mercury stations Direct on the degree of the Moon in the Aries Ingress before we see any further news or information. We may also have some issues regarding the financial markets and trade restrictions.  As Mercury rules the 4th sign relating to land, property and heritage, we can expect some volatility in the property market. Neither should we forget, he is the agent of communication and perhaps there will be issues arising over the control of global information by the Big Tech companies?

    The themes mentioned above all carry on into the Cancer Ingress. 

    Naturally the Rising sign is the same as the Aries Ingress, but it is the position of Mercury on the place of the Moon in the Aries Ingress that is of interest. She (the Moon) is Sect light, in her fall and cadent.  The sign on the Ascendant is masculine, so the Sect Light is out of step with the governing party, as well as being in aversion.

    Also the Moon is “besieged” between Mars (indicator of jabs?) and Saturn (external defence?). Her last aspect was to Mars and her next to Saturn by square. This indicates problems relating to health matters, the NHS, overseas, laws and the mortality rate.  It may also throw up financial issues as the Moon rules the 2nd of the people’s assets and with the Sun highlighting this area of the chart we can expect some news and problems relating to issues around finance and health care, as well as the costs for the public servants (police, army, civil service).

    We do have some hope indicated by the strength of the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, but the overall picture is one of “imprisonment”, health, and heavy handed laws with the resultant issues relating to trade, stock and property markets and the financial situation for all.

    I was initially hopeful the year would bring hope, relief and freedom to all, but it looks as though that will not be the case.

    To recap: the dates and degrees that are repeated by either eclipses or transits are roughly around mid April, mid May to early June and then late July to early August, the period around the full Moon in September and finally from mid October when Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury all station direct within a week of one another and at the time of the Full Moon.

    Finally I thought I would look at what Bonatti has to say:

    Starting with Saturn. “Pay attention, in the revolutions of the years of the world, to see if Saturn were in a fixed sign: because then this signifies mortality, and a scarcity and decrease of things born from the earth.[1]

    With Saturn in Aquarius he says: “If his latitude were southern, it signifies a scarcity of waters, fountains, and rivers. If he were oriental, it signifies a scarcity of the acquisition of inheritances, and the scarcity of the substances of the rustics[2].  . . .

    But if he were in the ninth, it signifies the destruction of faith, and the taking away of sympathy and piety, and that certain hermits or religious men will be changed from their religions, and will neglect them, and they will even take on bad advice, and likewise with others. And certain men will be eager for low-class and horrible [matters] of alien things, like certain people who dig up the dead from their graves and rob them; and it signifies griefs and sorrows and anxieties to come to journeyers on their pilgrimages, and a long sojourn in them[3].

    Turning to Mars: “If Mars were in the first in a revolution of the year (whether he were Lord of the Year or not), whatever kind of revolution it was, whether of the world, or a nativity-or it is a nativity or question-it signifies something horrible (and sorrow and fears, and contrarieties and contentions) is going to come to men, or to a native or querent, in that year; and men will strive to take away substance, namely one from the other; and [to take] things which do not pertain to them, with skill and cleverness, [and] not in a praiseworthy way[4].

     He continues: “And if Mars were in Gemini or in its triplicity, it signifies that whatever he were to signify, the arrival of those signified things will be in the western parts. But if he were in Gemini, it signifies [that] impediment is going to befall men because of thunders and lightnings, and a scarcity of rains, and the severity of heat and its harmfulness. And there will be wars and contentions and robberies in the northern parts; and the king of [those parts] will be exalted in that revolution, and they will have victory over their enemies. And there will be pains of the ears, and likewise blisters, carbuncles, and the like. And if his latitude were northern, it signifies a multitude of rains.”[5]

    We should pay attention to the Moon as she is the general indicator of the common people or rustics.

    If the Moon were in the first in a revolution of the year of the world, whether she is Lady of the Year or not, it signifies fast changes of men in that revolution-from place to place, from one thing to another, from one proposal to another; and it signifies the effecting of things into which men introduce themselves. And it signifies pre-eminence and dignities for those for whom it is appropriate, and even that men will acquire good from their elders [or those greater than them] ; and those who have mothers will acquire good from them; and men will rejoice over women[6].

    In a quadrant system, the Moon would be in the 12th. Bonatti tells us: “in the twelfth, it signifies impediment and duress, and the instability of things, and quarrels and prisons from the direction of enemies[7].”

    According to Bonatti, we can factor in the likelihood the weather in the UK will be somewhat dry and stormy during the six months due to Saturn having South latitude and Mars being in Gemini. Against that Mars has Northern latitude, so this will add in some rain to what would appear to be drought conditions. There will be instability (that’s a given after the past year!), loss, fear and changes for all.

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