• In March 2020 Alex Salmond, former leader of the SNP appeared in Court on sexual misconduct charges. He was exonerated and the Scottish Government admitted it had acted unlawfully and had to pay his legal fees which were in excess of £500,000. There then followed issues involving Nicola Sturgeon who it appeared had inadvertently misled Parliament. A subsequent investigation and a Vote of No Confidence brought by some MPs resulted in 65 voting for her, 31 against. This happened on the 23rd March 2021 with Venus in Aries, moving into Cazimi with the Sun.

    The Aries Ingress for Scotland and the battle for leadership.

    The Aries Ingress chart for Scotland is virtually identical to the UK chart, except the MC degree is now 160 Aquarius and partile trine the Moon. Also, the Ascending degree for Scotland is now on the 29th degree and just about to move into Cancer.

    We note the exalted Venus is square this degree and is also conjoined the fixed star Scheat, the drowning star. Naturally this is the same as in the UK chart, but the fact that Venus and Scheat are square the rising degree of this chart, suggests there is a difference and that difference involves an exalted woman of high standing. She is in the 10th but is shortly about to move into her detriment. There are just over 2 degrees before she enters detriment and comes under Martial rule!

    She does first move into the heart of the Sun (who is King) and he will protect her for a while, but then she enters a tricky period. She moves off his lap and gets burnt, although this happens out of sight of the world.  Finally she enters her sign of Taurus mid April, but Taurus indicates the 12th house of institutions. Now Institutions can indicate Government institutions such as important buildings, but it does also indicate prisons, hospitals and the favourite phrase “self undoing”.

    We can of course suggest Venus represents the very popular leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon and this would “fit”. A female exalted planet holding a commanding position. She successfully batted away allegations of misleading Parliament and will continue to stand centre stage as leader of the SNP.

    But we should consider the fact of Venus about to move into detriment in 2 degrees time which may equate to two months or 2 years.

    In May there are the local elections and it will be interesting to see if the SNP holds their lead and popularity. We now know Alex Salmond has launched a new party, but will it be enough to unseat the reigning Queen?

    On the 6th May, the day of the Elections, Mercury is in Gemini, Venus is at 27 degrees Taurus her own sign, but conjoined the area of the Pleiades who are also known as the weeping sisters which is where we find Algol.  Mars is at 7 Cancer in the house of the people’s money; Jupiter is at 29 Aquarius, just about to move into his own sign of Pisces, while Saturn is slowing down at 13 degrees Aquarius, about to turn retrograde. This indicates the personage indicated by Jupiter is likely to garner a popular vote but it will not be enough to unseat the Queen as she is fixed in her own sign for the time being.

    All the above point to a change, but I don’t think there will be an immediate change of leadership, The Queen will hold her seat. But, she will be weakened and not so effective in carrying out her mandates.

    I am including the charts of the two personalities although these are not something I normally consider, as for many people in the spotlight birth times are either not available, or misleading.

    In the meantime, her adversary in the form of the larger than life figure of Alex Salmond has declared he will not let the matter rest.  So can we easily find Alex Salmond in the Aries Ingress chart for Scotland above?

    I think the fact Jupiter figures so large in Alex Salmond’s natal chart, does point to Jupiter representing him in the Aries Ingress chart.

    He is going to Law to challenge the recent court case (Jupiter in the 9th) and the police’s handling of the matter against himself. Potentially he will also continue to raise the issue relating to Nicola Sturgeon inadvertently misleading the Scottish Parliament, even though she was not found guilty.

    I think Nicola Sturgeon will hold on to her position, but she will no longer have a clear working majority. Alex Salmond’s new party will gain some credence in the forthcoming elections and could prove to a thorn in the side of Nicola Sturgeon on a personal level, although both personalities are intent on Scotland gaining independence from the UK.

    Interesting times ahead for Scotland.