• Our Queen has now entered her platinum year as reigning monarch. She will be 96 years old tomorrow. We know her health has rapidly declined since the death of her consort Prince Philip. It has been announced she will live full time at Windsor Castle.  Owing to various health issues, she has been absent from various state occasions since last year. At the recent Easter services she was again absent and her place was taken by Prince Charles, the heir apparent.

    We know the Queen will never abdicate, but I wonder if Prince Charles will have his status “upgraded,” or changed to Prince Regent as she is no longer able to carry out public duties.

    As astrologers we know the forthcoming eclipse series affects both her and Prince Charles’ charts, so I thought it would be worthwhile to look at Prince Charles chart in a little more depth to see if and when, there is likely to be a change in his status.

    The title of Prince Regent was first conferred 5th February 1811.  The Sun was at 27 degrees Aquarius, Jupiter was 23 Taurus, Mars was 22 Scorpio and Saturn was 24 Sagittarius. Similar degrees and signs as with the Eclipses!

    Title of Prince Regent conferred by Parliament.

    Before looking at Prince it Charles’ chart and that of the Queen, we will first consider the April 30th Eclipse.

    Taurus Eclipse April 2022

    Here we see Mars is the ruler of the ascendant. Venus dispositor of the eclipse is partile conjunct Jupiter, her dispositor. Venus is in her exaltation and in the fifth house of her joy. She has a lot of strength. The fifth house relates to children, ambassadors and legates; as well as as entertainment, the arts, pleasure and sport. Mars who is a triplicity ruler of earth and water along with Venus and the moon, trines the eclipse point and can also see to manage the rising sign.

    If we consider this chart against the title of Prince Regent chart of 5 February 1811, we note Saturn of the eclipse may be conjoined to the MC degree, but obviously I don’t know the exact time the title was conferred on Prince George. However, we do have Mars of the Regent chart ,squaring Saturn and the nodes of the eclipse chart. We also have Jupiter sextiling the place of Jupiter/Venus in the eclipse chart, and conjoined to the North Node of the eclipse chart.

    A quick reminder of the Queen’s natal chart:

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Here is a bi-wheel with the April eclipse chart and the Queens:

    Queen Elizabeth II and Taurus Eclipse 2022

    The eclipse on 30 April at 10 Taurus, falls in her Majesty’s fifth sign and squares her natal Moon; I wonder if an announcement will be made around this time regarding Prince Charles’s status?

    It is worth bearing in mind that in 1992 the Queen suffered her  ‘annus horribilis’ when the fire at Windsor Castle occurred, along with the separation of Princess Anne and Prince Andrew from their respective spouses, followed by the separation of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.   This was the year when Saturn was squaring her natal Saturn/MC and also afflicted her Mars and Jupiter.  Here we have a similar planetary situation arising.

    We will now briefly consider the chart of the Charles, Prince of Wales and also look at the bi-wheel of his and his mother’s chart.

    Prince Charles

    There are many delineations of both the Queen and Prince Charles’s chart, so it is not worth adding to the plethora of material already available.

    Queen and Prince Charles

    For the purposes of this article, we will just note his Sun conjoins her Saturn and MC degree, and his Moon is conjunct his mother’s Sun.

    We will now consider the Eclipse of the 16th May 2022.

    Eclipse 16th May 2022

    it is worth noting that this eclipse on 16 May does conjoin her Majesty’s Saturn and MC IC point. Furthermore her natal Jupiter and Mars are square this point. I n regard to Prince Charles and this eclipse period, I notice transiting Saturn Is squaring his Sun from the seventh house. Ttransiting Jupiter is squaring his natal Jupiter from the eighth sign of Pisces. Squares as we know can be viewed as aspects of tension and stress.

    Turning back to Prince Charles who is the subject of this little article, we note the eclipse on 16 May is within 3° of his natal Sun.

    It is easy to see there are likely to be “events” if we just use the eclipse and Saturn cycles and given the Queen’s age, that is no surprise. However, it is Prince Charles who is of interest.

    I thought I would look at his Firdaria and Zodical Releasing to see if there anything that jumps out.

    In Firdaria, he is currently in his South Node period until November 2023. His South Node is at 4° Scorpio ,and fairly close to the degree of the eclipse on 30 April, although for me 6° is too far out.  In 2023 he restarts his Moon period. As we already know, his Moon is in the 10th and exalted.

    On 17 November 2016, Prince Charles entered his level I Aries zodiacal releasing. This period lasts until August 2031. When we consider his level 2 releasing on 19 June 2022, he enters his Leo period. As we know Leo is associated with royalty and I feel it significant that this period is highlighted in his life.

    Zodiacal Releasing Periods Prince Charles

    The Queen also entered a new phase of zodiacal releasing in December 2016, which lasts until November 2024.

    On 27 January 2022 the Queen entered a new level 2 of Aquarius. This is her second sign and contains the planets Mars and Jupiter.

    When we consider her level 3 on 12 April, she moved into her Pisces period and this was when it was announced she would not be attending any Easter services.

    On 12 May she enters her Aries period and on 18 June she enters her Taurus period, which is of course her sun sign and the Sun is the light of life.

    With both charts having a 24 hour period highlighted, this could be a date to watch.

    Queen Elizabeth II Zodiacal Releasing

    Mid-June Venus, the Queens Sun Sign ruler conjoins, the degree of her IC and the degree of the eclipse of 16 May.  At the same time Saturn is stationary retrograde at 25° Aquarius and Jupiter is within 1° of her natal Mercury, so again we have some planetary symbolism around this time.

    Combining the charts of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, the eclipses, Firdaria and Zodiacal  Releasing we can see the period from the end of April to July may well see a change in the status of Prince Charles.