• In a recent conversation, it was mentioned to me it was almost 50 years ago since America abandoned the Gold Standard and joined the FIAT currencies. This meant America was able to print unlimited amounts of money without having to be tied to the amount of gold held by the Government Treasury.

    Today, America is undergoing galloping inflation and experiencing issues around poverty, food shortages, unemployment and other social problems. Although we can perhaps lay the current situation at the doors of this “pandemic”, it seems there is something more going on. The pharmaceutical companies have seen their profits dramatically increase, and as for the billionaires, their wealth has soared and soared at the expense and health of the ordinary man. The gap between the wealthy and the poor is now apparently accelerating at an alarming rate.

    Not only are there the issues as mentioned above, but there have been droughts, massive wild fires, unusual floods and with the weather situation, the follow on impact on crops, fruits and livestock. Imagine my surprise when I decided to look at the charts for the 15th August 1971 when America under Nixon, came off the Gold standard.

    According to https://gsiexchange.com/analyzed-collapse-of-the-monetary-order-in-august-1971:- Nixon’s fiscal policies went the way of the wind, but Nixon gave the politicians what they wanted, control of the economy.  However, he tells us that eventually the ‘70’s became known for stagflation (simultaneous increases in unemployment and inflation—something Keynesians claimed was impossible), gasoline and natural gas shortages (due to price controls), and a general feeling of despair.”

    I think it safe to say we are seeing a similar situation today  in America (and elsewhere) with the price of petrol rapidly rising which of course leads to increased costs for all. There is despair and anger at how people are being dictated to by global governments as to their freedoms and movements.

    On another website I came across the fact that weather conditions experienced in America in 1971 had similarities to events today. – “https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2021/07/31/extreme-weather-in-1971” Texas and Florida had their worst droughts on record, as did California, Maryland, North Carolina, Minnesota and Hawaii.  Wildfires destroyed 400,000 acres in the Everglades. 

    Then there were major floods most months somewhere in the US. Tropical storm Doria caused flooding from North Carolina to Maine in August and Alaska suffered its worst flood on record. The Tornado season was above average with 82 F3+ tornardoes compared to 18 the previous year. Then, to finish off the website states; “Texas and Oklahoma were hit by a giant blizzard, which broke the state record snow depth on the latter. The NWS in Amarillo described lists this blizzard as one of the top 20 weather events in the Panhandle”.

    As mentioned above, we have already seen extreme weather, major wildfires in California and other areas, but not so far, dramatic flooding, tornadoes or blizzards. However, there is still time to go!

    As always, my starting point was the Aries Ingress for that year (1971).

    Aries Ingress 1971.

    The Leader is indicated by the planet ruling the 10th sign &/or the MC point. In this case it is Venus.  The people are shown by the Moon and the planet ruling the rising sign (this can vary dependent on other factors).

    Venus is located in the house relating to the people’s assets. She is peregrine, that is to say, she owns nothing, therefore is not eligible to vote or to have any say in the management of current affairs. She is totally dependent on her Landlord or “controller” Saturn. However, she is contact with Saturn, but it is a separating square aspect.  Saturn and Venus are in mutual reception which is normally a positive, but Saturn too is peregrine. He is located in the 5th house of speculation, fun and children. We can rule out fun as Saturn is not noted for fun! So it looks as though matters relating to speculation and children predominated. A very important point to make is, Saturn is also the exalted ruler of the 10th. He has a share in the management of matters related to all that the 10th house signifies. The people indicated by the Moon are in an uncomfortable position. They are opposite their home, but are with the exalted military ruler of Capricorn. They have an applying aspect by trine to Saturn, their dispositor.  So the people are stronger than first appears. The Moon is also in triplicity and is Sect light of the chart.  So the start of the year was OK.

    Cardinal signs rise, so we must consider the Cancer Ingress just prior to America leaving the Gold standard.

    Cancer Ingress 1971.

    One thing I immediately noticed was Mars closely conjunct the degree of Venus in the Aries Ingress and squared the degree of Saturn in the Aries chart.  Saturn dispositor of the Ascendant and the sign relating to the assets of the people is now in the 6th house of servitude, but he has triplicity dignity and is with his Sect Light.

    The Moon is also in the 6th, along with Venus, indicator of objet d’art and ruler of the 5th of pleasure, as well as the indicator of all 10th house matters.

    Aries Cancer Ingresses 1971

    I then thought I would read both charts in connection with the Aries Ingress of 1776 when America became independent. Due to the various dates and times that are argued about the 4th July chart, again I fall back on the Ingress chart:

    Aries Ingress 1776 Prior to American Independence

    My eye was drawn to the south node and Venus in the fixed sign of Aquarius.  In many important charts related to America, it is interesting how often the fixed signs, particularly Aquarius and Leo are in play. 

    When we look at the three charts together, it is easy to see the emphasis on the fixed signs.

    Aries Ingress 1776, 1971 and Cancer Ingress 1971.

    Coming back to when America left the Gold Standard, I searched for a time when Nixon made his announcement but drew a blank. I decided on 13.00 as I thought he would broadcast around lunchtime.

    Dollar came off the Gold Standard 15th Aug 1971

    Here again the degrees of the previous three charts are picked up across the Leo/Aquarius axis. Putting the four charts together, we can see how the fixed signs and particularly the degrees between 14- 23 are emphasised.

    3 Ingress charts + $ off the Gold Standard 1971.

    Now we know what we are looking for, let’s turn to 2021.

    Here is the chart for the Aries Ingress 2021 set for Washington. As a fixed sign rises, the chart holds good for the entire year.

    Aries Ingress Washington 2021.

    I will not delineate this chart here, suffice to note the degrees held by Saturn, Jupiter and the Ascendant. We will view the Libra Ingress against the Aries Ingress. We will then consider the ‘71 charts against the Aries/Libra Ingress 2021.

    Libra Ingress 2021.

    There is a lot to say about this Ingress chart but it will move away from the original idea of looking at monetary and potential weather issues in America today. Comparing the Aries Ingress with the Libra Ingress chart 2021, naturally Jupiter and Saturn don’t appear to have moved far, although it should be borne in mind, Jupiter had actually ingressed into his nocturnal sign of Pisces before returning to Aquarius.

    2021 Aries Libra Ingress Washington.

    Now to compare the ’71 Ingress charts with the 2021 Ingress charts.

    Ingress charts for ’71 and 2021.

    Just to confuse the eyesight, if we add in the 1776 Aries Ingress, it serves to emphasise the importance of the fixed signs.

    Ingress charts compared to Aries Ingress 1776.

    So what can we predict for the coming months? Can we predict hyper-inflation, weather issues, changes in Government?  To do that we need to consider some triggers such as the Lunations and eclipses, as well as the stations and movements of the superior planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. To consider all those here would lead to a book, so I have chosen the October New Moon as I believe this is a trigger lunation.

    October New Moon 2021. Washington.

    The President is indicated by the degree of the MC. It is in square to the Lunation. Furthermore, the lunation is afflicted by a somewhat malefic Mars. Mars is in detriment; the Sun as always at this time of year is in fall, the Moon is hidden from sight. Venus, dispositor of the lunation is also in detriement, but does have a mutual reception with Mars. However, both are damaged and being in reception doesn’t mitigate the potential problems.  This suggests problems around leadership, the people’s assets and relationships with others.

    Mercury is also retrograde and moves back to 100 Libra before stationing direct. As Mercury rules the 12th and 9th, we can expect issues with institutions, hidden enemies, overseas matters and religious affairs. As I write this, the Taliban have captured Afghanistan and America has withdrawn its forces and personnel from there. What effect this may have on the finances of America may show up during this month.

    If we consider the 11th as being the Federal Reserve (in England it would be taken as the Exchequer), matters do not bode well.

    During October, Saturn stations direct. Mars becomes cazimi, Venus moves into the third, Mercury and Jupiter station direct just prior to the Full Moon on the 20th. To follow up and finish this rather long blog, we will look at the November Lunar eclipse as once again, we see fixed signs predominating.

    November 2021 Lunar Eclipse.

    With the Lunar eclipse, the light representing 10th matters and personages is put out. Furthermore the Moon is in the 8th, exalted, but moving to VOC. Jupiter the exalted ruler of the 10th is with his dispositor in the 5th house. The 5th is the 8th from the 10th.  Those of you who know traditional astrology will understand the implied situation.

    Venus ruler of the Ascendant is in triplicity and moving to sextile Mars, the exalted ruler of Capricorn. This could indicate matters relating to the peoples assets and the land. With water and earth elements highlighted by having five of the naked eye planets in these signs, it suggests cold with a predominance of wet. Fortunately the Moon is at apogee so the high tides and winds should not be so bad. (Although watch out for the New Moon at Perigee at the time of the Solar eclipse on the 4th December!)

    So putting this latest chart together with the ’71 chart and the Aries and Libra Ingress 2021, we can see the emphasis on Aquarius. (Naturally due to the slow movement of Jupiter and Saturn, they remain here for most of the year).

    So the charts to my mind do suggest a similar situation to events of ’71, but with the possibility of a change at the top.

    I think America should brace itself for very high inflation or stagnation, extreme weather, especially in December, and some issues around the Leader of the country. The trigger may be when Mars moves into Sagittarius mid December and then opposes his position at the Aries Ingress when he once again is in the zodiacal vicinity of a major fixed star, this time Antares.

    It is worthwhile considering the old saying, “America coughs and the rest of the world sneezes”.

    Ingress charts plus November 2021 Eclipse chart.

    As a foot note: when I discussed these charts at a regular mundane zoom meeting, one of the participants emailed me with the following analogies to the early ‘70’s:-

    I was in the hairdressers reading Vogue online magazine and for next year’s fashion they have clumpy platform shoes and big flares.  I remember having those type of shoes when I started secondary school in 1971.

     There was a photo on Facebook about women in Afghanistan.  They had found three women walking down the road in mini shirts and low cut blouses from 1972 and they were contrasting it with 2021 picture of woman in niqabs.Another reminder of the 70s

     She then kindly followed up with:

    In 1972, almost 60,000 Ugandan Asians were expelled from the country by President Idi Amin. The British government ultimately permitted 27,000 to move to the UK through the Uganda Resettlement Board.

     And now we have the folk from Afghanistan….

    I think the foregoing shows history is cyclical. By considering the planetary cycles and events from the past we can hopefully prepare for tomorrow.