• The American Election 2020.

    There is a major global event coming soon whose outcome will have a huge impact globally and it is not coronavirus.

    I am talking about the forthcoming American Election.  Owing to the prevalence of Social Media in all our lives, it seems the world is totally against Trump and can only wait on the new order that will be ushered in by the Democrats. Many astrologers got it wrong in 2016 and were shocked, devastated and outraged at the result and refused to believe it. If any astrologer dares to point out anything in a more
    balanced vein, they are immediately shot down and accused of being a Trump supporter and are vilified for their take. I am neither a Trump nor a Biden supporter.  I am merely an astrologer trying to learn my craft and utilise techniques from the past to see if I can accurately predict the outcome of an event, namely who will wear the Crown of President.

    When Trump won in 2016, the shock wave spread around the world and the tsunami of hatred against this man continues to grow, fuelled by social and mainstream media. Yet he has not been imprisoned, impeached, nor died as so many predicted. He is still here, still fighting and still antagonising so many. He has had more investigations thrown at him and yet nothing has been substantiated so far.

    I was one of the very few astrologers worldwide who predicted the Republicans would gain the crown months in advance of the outcome. This does not mean I am a brilliant astrologer!  I, along with everyone else had a 50/50 chance of being right or wrong. I was “lucky”. I studied the ancient methods and tried to apply them to our modern day scenario. If I fail, it is not the astrology, it is my judgement or incorrect use or misunderstanding of the methods passed down to us. In ancient times, an astrologer’s life could rest on getting things right for his Ruler or employer. It was no good saying, “it is too close to call” or, “I don’t believe in using astrology to make predictions”, you wouldn’t have lasted long if you took that attitude.

    On so many astrological groups on social media, it seems actual astrology is being ignored, as both sides trumpet their personal views.  Will it be yet another debacle of astrologers getting the end result wrong?  Even though they declared they did accurately predict the outcome because they based their prediction on the result of the US Electoral College and therefore they were not wrong in their prediction. But surely the end result is who actually gets to wear the Crown?  (Charles Obert has posted some very good considerations of bias and how people are allowing their preferences or beliefs to override everything. Here are the links:


    True we all have a 50/50 chance of being right or wrong.  Many astrological organisations have recently organised panels with big names to make their predictions as to who will gain the Crown. The only problem is, very few are actually coming forward and making an outright prediction.  Oner Doser, the master Turkish astrologer, is the only one I know who has come out in the media with his astrological reasoning and prediction in public. In America, the maverick astrologer William Stickevers, also makes public his predictions. He too successfully predicted Trump to win in 2016.  Some prominent astrologers say, “no one can predict this sort of event”; the honest ones say they don’t practise mundane astrology and many others say “no comment.”

    You can only wonder why accomplished, respected and even revered astrologers will not make an outright prediction.  Is it they fear a backlash from people who don’t support their findings and therefore could lose income or reputation? We will never know the reasons why they will not predict.

    Some astrologers even say it is totally unethical to make any form of prediction, and astrologers such as those who practise Vedic (Indian) and Traditional astrology should be shunned. Yet what was the purpose of astrology?  It was to help the ruler predict times of plenty and times of feminine, times of war and times of peace, so they could make due provision to protect their lands and people.

    When I made my pubic prediction in 2016 that Trump would win the crown, I also said I predict the winning party will retain the crown in 2020. Sadly the place where I posted my prediction, the “controller” didn’t like my post and comments and removed them.  I did not know enough about social media to have photographed my prediction to retain the evidence of my prediction – which remember, could be wrong!

    In 2018 in response to an article in the newsletter of the APAI (Association of Professional Astrologers International) written by Chrissy Ogilvie on Trump, an American member contacted me and in my response to her, I gave her my astrological reasoning why it looked as though the current party would continue to hold the crown in 2020. Here is an extract from the email dated 12th July 2018 at 20.22BST was; “I predict The Republicans will win the next election”.  I also posted this comment on my FB page on the 18th August this year and again on the AA FB page the same date.

    The methods I used were:

    1). The Aries Ingress of the year in which the contest is held.

    2). The Ingress of the Sun into the sign of Scorpio (we know the American Elections are held on the first Tuesday in November every four years).

    3). The closest syzergy (new or full moon) prior to the event.

    These three are all ancient traditional methods and can be found in many of the texts from the Persians and medieval period, as well as up to the 18th century with such as William Ramesey, astrologer and gent!

    4). I also used the Dixville Notch opening of polls. There are many who say this is irrelevant owing to postal votes which have been used for many years, but this is an historical event and we are dealing with a Constitution based on its historical beginnings.

    5). In addition, I looked at the 2016 Aries Ingress, any degrees emphasised by the current Aries Ingress and also the profected Lord of the Year for the chart when the current incumbent ascended the throne. Some will take the beginning of the reign from swearing the oath, and others from the moment the final result is announced. In the UK once the reigning monarch ceases breathing, the successor is immediately declared even though no ceremony has taken place.

    6). Any eclipse that shares the degrees of the planets in the Aries Ingress.

    You will see there is no reference to the natal chart of the “King” or “Queen”. I may also consider the Aries Ingress chart prior to the foundation of the USA, but that is as far as I go. This obviates the need for an accurately timed birth chart for the contestants.

    Generally when a fixed sign ascends in the Aries Ingress, there will be no major change in that year. Therefore I don’t see the present party being unseated, they will continue in power.

    Yes, this is a simplistic approach, but here I see other factors. Mars, ruler of the Ascendant, is exalted, conjunct the greater benefic Jupiter and both are with their dispositor Saturn. The Moon indicator of the people is under Saturn’s control. Venus, the lesser benefic is fixed and strong in her own sign of Taurus.  The Moon does perfect the square aspect with Venus, indicator of women and partners or opponents. 

    When looking at mundane charts, generally the rising sign and its ruler stands for the people, the indicator of the 10th sign and MC the current King, the 4th sign or IC the opposition party. The 7th can relate as noted to trade partners or those we are in contention with. The Moon also indicates the common people, the Sun and Saturn can indicate the current King, Jupiter the clergy or government advisors and lawyers and Mars, the armed forces.  Naturally the Sun or King is always exalted in his sign of Aries. Here he is cadent, not able to act forcibly but he does also govern the 10th house of rulers.

    The people have no authority but are capable of displaying their nature.

    2). The Ingress of the Sun into the sign of Scorpio

    2). Now we something very interesting!  Taurus rises and what is more, the degree is very close to the strong Venus in the Aries Ingress chart. Does this suggest a woman could take charge?  But what about the Moon in this chart?  She is exactly conjunct the Mars Jupiter conjunction of the Aries Ingress. Have the people swung massively to the current ruler?  Mars, the ruler of the Aries Ingress chart is now in the 12th sign of hidden enemies, institutions but he is in own sign, retrograde but, he is helped out by Jupiter. Here although Jupiter is technically in his fall, he is with his dispositor and with the Sect light (the Moon). He is in his own terms and the face of Mars. He is able to act.  Venus is now in her house of joy but in her fall. However, she is in triplicity, so this not so dire. She is in the terms of Mars, who is also a triplicity ruler of earth signs. However, she cannot give him much as he has no interest in her other than sharing a triplicity. Here both the benefics “like” Mars.

    3). The closest syzergy (new or full moon)

    Jupiter ruler of the Ascendant is in aversion to his sign of Sagittarius, suggesting he cannot easily manage his affairs. He is in the house of resources along with his dispositor Saturn.  Jupiter is in his own terms, so he has some standing. This suggests much wealth will be promised but may fall short. However, Saturn is the great conserver, so will keep the assets of the people.

    Mars, ruler of the Aries Ingress is in the 5th house of minor good fortune, but he is retrograde. He trines the rising degree of this chart and that of Saturn in the 2016 Aries Ingress chart. But also, the rising degree of this chart conjoins exactly the degree of Saturn in the 2016 Ingress chart. Remember Saturn is a preserver of the status quo.

    4). Dixville Notch opening of polls.

    Obviously there is very little difference year on year with regard to the rising sign but in 2016, the rising sign was Virgo, a changeable sign. This year it is the fixed sign of Leo with the Ascendant degree very close to Trumps natal Mars placement, although this is just an aside, not a method I would use to make a prediction. Out of interest, I looked at the 2024 opening of Polls and this too has Leo rising and may suggest no change from the winner of the 2020 contest.

    5). 2016 Aries Ingress and the profected Lord of the Year. 

    In this 2016 Mars is prominent as he is closest to the rising degree. He rules the 5th and the 12th house. As we know, the 12th house is the house of “self-undoing”. We could say, this current “King” has not done himself many favours by his constant need to “twitter”. Be that as it may, here the sign is Aries and the Sun, indicator of Kings is in his exaltation, in the house of minor good fortune, able to influence the rising sign, and the 9th sign of Law where the Moon resides.

    This year Mars rules the Aries Ingress rising sign of Scorpio, so with Mars as Lord of the Year of the profected chart, resident in his sign of Aries until January 2021, we could say this is a strong Mars, excitable, hot-headed, rash, impulsive but courageous, valiant and prepared to “fight the good fight”. Mars also rules the colour Red.

    I don’t know if I am suffering from bias, or have wrongly interpreted the methods, time will tell, but the foregoing is the reason I predict the current ruling party, the Republicans, will retain the crown. Just before I finish I did look at the chart for the Inauguration ceremony.

    I noticed the chart for the Inauguration did pick up a few things in the Full Moon and opening of Polls chart 2020.

    The angles of the Inauguration chart emphasise the degree of Saturn in the Scorpio Ingress chart, as well as the angles aligning in both charts. Also, Mars of the Inauguration chart opposes Mercury and it is a full Moon. I wonder what will come to light?  A battle of words? It is likely there will be news around the 26th May 2021 relating to events connected to the Aries Ingress of 2016 and maybe a rehash of events from 2002.  

    A brilliant English astrologer on a recent panel of experts raised the issue of the Accession chart. This is a chart cast for the Aries Ingress when the King took the throne. This takes us back to the Aries Ingress chart of 2016. However, she felt she could not make a prediction on this basis as she felt the reign of any such “King” could not exceed 8 years due to the Constitution. I feel we can still use this chart and observe events from the Ingress of 2016. See my comments under chart number 5 the Profected Lord of the Year.

    Challenging times indeed!

    Sharon Knight

    September 2020.