• Capricorn Ingress for London 2020.

    We start the final ingress of the year having just undergone a whole host of planetary changes. All the energies have shifted and all four elements are represented with Venus and Mars in fire signs, Sun and Mercury in earth, Saturn and Jupiter in air and Moon in water.

    Just 2 degrees of fixed Aquarius rises, with Saturn and Jupiter closely conjunct the rising degree. This immediately suggests expansion and contraction with Jupiter just about to bed down with Saturn.

    Naturally with the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn just 8 hours later, the great “mutation” is set. The subject of the Great Reset has been covered extensively by many other astrologers. I have my views and conclusions which differ in certain respects from the mainstream modern astrological pronouncement. It is such a vast subject and one I would love to dwell on extensively but Times Winged Chariot and all that!

    So here I will just focus on what this Capricorn Ingress chart indicates from a traditional viewpoint.

    Saturn rules the Ascendant and 12th house. The 12 house indicates government institutions, such as hospitals, prisons, those who work against us such as spies and criminals.  It also indicates livestock or large animals.

    As Saturn is so close to the Ascendant, he can be taken as still in the 1st house if you use a quadrant system.  Saturn naturally represents the elderly and we can expect problems associated with the health of the elderly. That is a given owing to the Covid epidemic.

    This also indicates problems with our institutions due to the strain on the resources and the loss of trade the country has and is experiencing.  Not to mention the Brexit situation.

    Fortunately Jupiter is now like a sick man rising from his bed. He has spent the last year in depression or exile, now he is back amongst his own kind, in a masculine sign, angular and with his fellow superior, Saturn.  This position of Jupiter offers hope.

    Jupiter rules the 2nd house of the nations’ wealth.  Although he is in aversion to this sign and can’t see what is going on, the situation will improve, although it won’t be until next May before we can see a glimmer of hope. 

    Jupiter also rules the 11th house associated with Parliament, legislation, and supporters of the current government.  Venus is placed here in the 11th (or 10th by quadrant), and is closely conjunct the MC degree. However, she is approaching the fixed star Antares, who can be quite tricky. In fact the early degrees of Sagittarius are associated with the sting in the tail of the Scorpion, so we can expect some problems that will impact on the finances of the people. These problems may be caused by a prominent female who wants to be noticed. She will have some authority or even legal standing. She rises ahead of the Sun, so may be quite strident. She has authority over the 4th house of the land and the opposition to the government.  Due to her being in aversion to the 4th, she may not able to influence events relating to these areas, but, she can see to manage affairs related to the 9th house of foreign affairs, shipping, legal affairs and higher education.  She may seek to get funds from the people for these areas, and could invoke support from “foreigners” to enable her to carry out her reforms.

    The Moon is in the 2nd house of the assets of the people. The Moon is the general indicator of the “rustics” or people of the country. She is void, but in good esse as she is increasing in light, below the horizon in a diurnal chart and in triplicity. She rules the 6th house of ill health, government employees and small animals. Here again we have indications of costs to the people associated with the health of the nation and government employees.

    We next to come to Mars. He is in rulership, in the house relating to education, transport, communications including newspapers, journalists and now computers. There may be problems with transport due to fires, explosions or accidents caused by speed as there is nothing holding Mars back. He is a bit of a maverick or wild card and there could be unexpected incidents as cited above.

    This chart should be read in conjunction with the Aries Ingress chart. The Aries Ingress chart had 24 Capricorn rising with Mars and Jupiter very close to the Ascendant. Now we have Mars squaring that degree, cutting things off. A cycle has and is coming to a close.

    Finally we come to the Sun and Mercury. The Sun rules those who oppose us, or with whom we are in dispute; it also indicates partners and foreign countries. Mercury rules the 8th house of the assets of those connected to the 7th, the death rate of the country and the 5th house relating to children, entertainment and ambassadors.

    They are located in the 12th house of hidden enemies, intrigue and institutions. When the Sun is in the 12th, it can indicate a fall from grace of a prominent personality. Mercury here can indicate financial scandal, or problems that are hidden from view relating to the assets of any partners with whom the country is involved.

    Capricorn is about conserving and keeping; Mercury is the planet of thieves, tricksters, conmen. These two together in the 12th house, out of sight, could suggest fraud involving property and assets of others. It can also indicate intrigue by younger people against the establishment and or establishment figures.  

    The Full Moon on the 30th December may well bring changes that affect our legal system and standing. This is very likely a given as we may leave the EU without a deal being finalised. It would not be a surprise if there is a further banking scandal or problems with money disappearing.

    In order to get a good idea of what the coming months of this quarter may portend, we are instructed to consider each ingress or sign change of all the planets and plot these against the Aries and subsequent major ingress charts.

    As this will become rather a long post, I will just consider the lunations from December to the Aries Ingress.

    I have already covered the December full moon above. The next chart of interest is the New Moon chart at 23 Capricorn on the 13th January 2021.

    This lunation conjoins Mars, Jupiter and the Ascending degree of the Aries Ingress, suggesting one last hurrah of events that emerged around Spring time. 

    A note of caution as the Rising/Setting degrees are conjunct two of the Royal fixed stars; Antares and Aldebaran. Robson on Antares: If Rising: Riches and honour, violence, sickness, benefits seldom last. [Robson*, p.137.]   It was in March we saw the global effects of covid and the world went into Lockdown. Will we have yet another global lockdown with the resultant financial implications worldwide?

    In the Capricorn Ingress we saw Venus was approaching Antares, she is now past that degree, but there may be further reverberations from then. The Full Moon on the 28th January closes the aspects to the Aries Ingress chart, with Venus now conjunct the rising degree of the Aries Ingress.

    Through these charts, the presence of Venus looms large. What or who she represents, time will tell. One thing is certain she will be part of the vanguard for change, and change again over the coming months.

    We shouldn’t overlook the movement of Mars.  Mars can act as trigger to events, so his progress as he either conjoins, squares or opposes the degrees of the Aries and subsequent Ingresses can be very important.  As an astrological year closes and begins with the Aries Ingress, it does not negate the actions of the three superior planets as they aspect the sensitive degrees and planetary placements of earlier Aries ingress charts. Life is a constant round of sowing seeds and reaping a harvest. Harvest time can be in a week, month, years or decades. Sometimes this point is overlooked when we encounter unexpected global events, or events that impact our country and therefore our lives.  For instance, Mars will conjoin the degree Venus held in the Aries Ingress on the 5th/6th February. On the same day(s), Venus conjoins Saturn at 5/6 Aquarius.  So I would expect some news in the headlines involving a woman, an older man or a person of high standing to be in the news in some way. Well, I can hear you say, that is practically a given, news is normally about relationships or partnerships gone wrong, but this will relate to events in our country. So keep your eyes open!

    Mundane astrology is as much about looking forward as it is looking back. Sometimes we can find repeats of events that seem to spiral ever onwards. Other times, there is no apparent connection to events which occurred earlier, but if you look hard enough and have the time to examine each and every ingress, you will find patterns emerging. The universe thrives on harmony and patterns, it is down to us to find the harmony and prepare as much as we can for the future even when it seems so uncertain.

    Happy Solstice to you all. May the coming changes lead to enhancement and enchantment in all our lives.