• In this short article I am just going to look at the forthcoming eclipse on 14 December 2020 in terms as it relates to America.  The eclipse is total across Argentina and just grazes Washington in America.

    Eclipses were often viewed as portents of doom and indeed, many astrologers are predicting dire things happening to a global personality under the effects of this eclipse. In past times certain cultures would have installed a “temporary” ruler to cover the period of the eclipse, as it was thought any ills would be visited on the stand-in, leaving the real King unscathed and ready to fight another day.   We currently have the “President Elect” Democrat Joe Biden, and the Republican President Donald Trump. Who will survive the tsunami of changes we are all about to experience?

    In traditional astrology there were guidelines as to when the effects of an eclipse would occur. This depended on the visibility, the duration, and the house in which the eclipse fell. With solar eclipses the effects could last years, lunar eclipses months. Before looking at any charts, we should take into account the time when matters related to the eclipse may become visible.

    According to NASA (https://www.nasa.gov/eclipse/2020-eclipse) this eclipse will last 2 minutes and 10 seconds. That is to say 2 years, 2 months. The eclipse occurs in the 11th whole sign house (USA) and this indicates the effects will manifest within the first year, starting a couple of months after the eclipse itself.

    This is a rough guide courtesy of Ptolemy Bk 2:6. The nature of the beginnings  and of the more important intensifications  of the events, however, are deduced from the position of the place of the eclipse relative to the centres. For if the place of the eclipse falls on the eastern horizon, this signifies that the beginning of the predicted event is in the first period of four months from the time of the eclipse and that its important intensifications lies in the first third of the entire period of its duration; if on the mid‑heaven, in the second four months and the middle third; if upon the western horizon, in the third four months and the final third.

    Eclipse visible in Washington DC. 14/12/20.

    This eclipse occurs in Sagittarius and is ruled by Jupiter, who is also Triplicity ruler. It is in the terms and decan of Saturn. Saturn is participating Triplicity ruler of the fire signs. The Sun is the diurnal Triplicity ruler of fire. The eclipse is now visible and a fixed sign rises.

    As Jupiter is the eclipse sign ruler, it is important to assess his condition.

    This Jupiter is peregrine. He has no dignity, standing or authority and is totally reliant on his host Saturn. Saturn is the planet of boundaries, restrictions and time. Saturn is shortly to move into his Triplicity sign of Aquarius, but for now he holds the reins of power, albeit out of sight.

    This means Saturn is extremely important in matters related to this eclipse. Saturn is the dispositor of all planets except Mars.

    Mars is in his fire sign of Aries and aspects Mercury. He does have separating aspects with the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn, but these planets are all moving on and will change signs/sides before he can catch them.

    The Rising sign is the last degrees of Aquarius, a fixed sign, with the MC/IC axis in mutable signs.

    The whole chart screams change and change again.

    Currently Jupiter and Saturn are behind the scenes, institutionalised. This can indicate hidden enemies from the fields of law, banking and government.  The current “ruler” can either be seen as Mars, ruler of the 10th sign or, Jupiter, ruler of the MC.

    If it is Jupiter, we have already seen he is “imprisoned”, has no standing or authority except through his master – Saturn.

    If we take the current ruler as Mars: here Mars is cadent, in the house relating to matters connected with all forms of communication and those who work, or whose business is in the fields of communication, such as journalists, teachers and those who operate systems that enable communication, computer programmers and operators. The 3rd also relates to kith and kin, rumours, neighbourhood and journeys. Lilly notes that Mars here is not so malefic, so we could expect rumours to be dealt with in a swift and concise matter.  Mars is in the same “camp” as the rising sign, the Sun, Moon and Mercury. (They are all in masculine signs). This would suggest he does have allies who at the moment, are hiding in plain sight.

    The “opposition” to the current ruler is Venus. She is in Scorpio, in the 10th a place of accidental strength, but is at the end of her tether. She is in her decan, so does have some authority and is also triplicity ruler of the feminine signs.  She has authority in matters relating to Law, foreign affairs and the land or heritage of the Country. Being in the 10th sign indicates she has some authority and is very fixed in her ideas. The approaching perfection of aspect between her and a damaged Jupiter in the 12th house of secrets, hidden enemies and institutions, suggests matters related to finances and supporters of the current incumbent’s opposition are working together, but not only is Jupiter damaged, Venus is shortly about to change signs; it may be a case of out of the frying pan into the fire. (In Sagittarius she has no dignity until she reaches the 12th degree of Sagittarius).

    The 14th December is the day the Electoral College is supposed to formally announce the next “Ruler”, in this instance Joe Biden.  It does seem Joe Biden may receive the “votes” and be declared the next President of the USA.

    But, as noted earlier, this is a chart that heralds great changes.

    Not only do all the planets change signs within a few days and weeks, but we also see the Great Conjunction being fixed in Saturn’s sign and triplicity of Aquarius.

    When Jupiter enters Aquarius, he gains some strength and authority as he is participating triplicity ruler of Air, along with Saturn and Mercury. He is still under the authority of a strongly dignified Saturn, but is now able to answer back, stand up and be heard. Jupiter is not only the planet of wealth, he is also the planet relating to the Law and Church.

    If we look at the sequence of charts for the various ingresses up to and including the Capricorn ingress, it would seem the matter of who will be crowned on the 20th January is far from certain.

    Before looking at these charts, we should take into account the time when matters related to the eclipse may become visible.

    As noted above, the effects of the eclipse will manifest in the first few months of 2021.

    Could it be Joe Biden will be elected, but there will unprecedented events that could lead to him being unseated? Before moving on to the Inauguration chart, all astrologers (whatever their astrological or political leanings), are in agreement that this is an extremely challenging chart! (I will cover this chart in a separate post).  We should consider every monthly ingress of both the Sun, Moon and other planets.   We will consider in sequence the ingress charts for all the planets starting with the first planet which naturally is the Moon.

    Ingress of Moon into Capricorn 14/12/20.

    Here a mutable sign rises. The Moon is Sect light and is now in triplicity, but in a sign where she is rather cold and authoritarian. She is in the 5th sign related to pleasure and diplomacy and trines the Ascendant and the 9th house. She moves to aspect hot headed Mars in the 8th before joining up with corrupted Jupiter. Jupiter rules the houses of “others” and the home. Due to his being in aversion to the 4th sign he is unable to manage home affairs, but can have a weak influence on partners and those with who we are in contention. But whatever Jupiter attempts, it will be damaged or not live up to expectations.  Note Venus is now partile sextile Jupiter and Saturn. The Moon does not meet up with Saturn as he moves ahead of her into Aquarius – which is where they join forces. The next planet to change signs/sides is Venus the following day, (15th December). She moves into Jupiter’s sign and his terms. This suggests she will do what she can to help Jupiter, although she has no authority in this sign.

    Ingress of Venus into Sagittarius 15/12/20.

    As I am trying to keep this post fairly short, I will make no further comments other than to note Venus still maintains the same distance from the MC degree as she does in the eclipse chart.  Here Venus rules the 8th house of the assets of others and all matters related to communication and wider family. She is also the exalted ruler of the Rising sign.

    The next planet to change signs is Saturn. It should not be forgotten that Saturn has previously crossed this point twice already this year; the first time on the 22nd March, then again on the 1st July.  As we have already noted, Saturn is hugely important in this eclipse and the subsequent Ingress and Mutation chart on the 21st December.

    We will now consider the subsequent ingresses of the various planets following the Eclipse to see if a particular date is picked up?

    Can we get an idea of what is in store by looking back to events at the Aries Ingress? In the few days following the Aries Ingress, President Trump’s rating was the highest since 2018, the Dow jumped by 11.3% in one day, the highest jump since 1933 and of course, the focus was on Covid.

    In July, the last State flag incorporating the Confederate Battle Flag was “retired” (Mississippi), the House Armed Services Committee voted in an amendment to restrict the President’s desire to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and possibly Germany; Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested by the FBI.   

    Ingress of Saturn into Aquarius. 17/12/20.

    Here Saturn is in the 6th house relating to public health, public servants and small animals. I also note the Moon and Jupiter conjoined and “isolated” from the other planets until they change signs.  Neither Moon nor Jupiter are at their best in Capricorn, suggesting the people are united in their detriment. Noting Moon and Jupiter are conjunct the position of Saturn in the Aries Ingress chart, could this indicate some high profile arrests and perhaps more fluctuations with the Stock Market? What about the President’s ratings? Remember in March he had the highest rating since 2018 and the Dow jumped by 11.3% in one day.  Owing to the amount of fake news and media blackout on all things relating to the Election it makes any comments as to the election spurious. An hour later, the Moon moves into Aquarius and conjoins Saturn.  Now the focus shifts from the 6th house of illness to the 5th.  The chart is very dry.

    Ingress of Moon into Aquarius. 17/12/20.

    The Moon moves into Pisces on the 19th, shortly followed by Jupiter into Aquarius.  To try and keep things “simple” I shall use the Jupiter Ingress chart.

    Ingress of Jupiter into Aquarius 19/12/20.

    Jupiter immediately gains strength through being in triplicity. He is the sick man rising from his bed. The fact he is under the influence of Saturn sobers him up and gives him gravitas. There is a subtle change in the weather that will influence the assets of the people associated with institutions and all third house matters. Here is change again.

    The next planet to change is Mercury. He jumps over the Sun and races into down to earth Capricorn, ready to set matters down in black and white, especially all things related to law, foreign affairs, higher education, government employees and matters to do with public health.

    Ingress of Mercury into Capricorn. 20/12/20.

    The Sun moves into Capricorn the following day.

    Capricorn Ingress/Winter Solstice 21/12/20.

    The last degree of Scorpio rises as the Sun enters Capricorn. Mars is the ruler of the Ascendant, but is in aversion. He is however located in the 6th house where he has his joy.  This is the chart of endings and beginnings; four planets at 0 degrees and the Ascending degree at 29 Scorpio does suggest some things will remain. but there will be new beginnings in matters related to the houses managed by Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. This Ingress occurs just hours prior to the Great Conjunction.

    Jupiter Saturn Mutation in Aquarius 21/12/20.

    This mutation now has a 00 fixed degree rising in the down to earth sign of Taurus. This is now the main chart of the shift to Air for the USA for the next 240 years.  

    Mars has no other planets immediately aspecting him.  Venus is currently isolated, although she will apply to Mars; the Moon is Void until she changes signs and quickly aspects Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Venus and finally will conjoin Mars.

    Something I did notice in two of the later charts was the connection between the two ingress charts for the benefics Jupiter and Venus. These occur on the 15th and 19th December. The Moon is conjunct the Ascendant of the Jupiter Ingress into Aquarius and the Ascendant is conjunct the Moon in the Venus ingress into Sagittarius chart.

    Moon/Ascendant conjunctions

    What does it mean? I don’t know Time will tell, but it does look as though what occurs on the 14th/15th December may be highlighted between the 19th – 23rd December. Prepare for changes!