• All Ingress charts need a base chart against which they can be read. The two most common charts used are the Aries Ingress set for the Capital of the country and the chart for the country under consideration.  However, some countries have no clearly defined “beginning chart” or, have several variations regarding times and date.  One way around that situation is to use the Aries Ingress current at the time of the Inception of the country.  For instance with America there are various charts and times set for the 4th July 1776, using the Aries Ingress chart of 1776 gives a workable alternative.

    For the UK we have two main charts; 25th December 1066 (Coronation of William The Conqueror), or 1st January 1801 The Union of England, Ireland and Scotland.  However, this “union” was broken/changed on the 6th December 1921 when only Northern Ireland remained affiliated with England.  The breakup was ratified on the 15th January 1922. On the 29th May 1953 Queen Elizabeth II became known as Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland by proclamation.   So perhaps we should consider a new chart for the UK dating from the 15th January 1922. But I digress from the main topic at hand.

    The Aries Ingress chart can also be compared with the Mutation charts (Jupiter Saturn conjunction charts), or the Aries Ingress in play at the time of the Mutation. Spoiler Alert: the Full Moon on the 17th January 2022 conjoins the Ascendant of the Jupiter Saturn Mutation chart of December 2020!

    For brevity I will write about the Libra Ingress, but please correlate it with the 2021 Aries Ingress shown at the end of this article. 

    Libra Ingress 2021 UK

    Taurus rises, so Venus is ruler of the Ascendant. Venus is located in the 7th sign of Scorpio where she receives her detriment. She is in triplicity and in an angular sign.  It is a nocturnal chart and she is below the horizon.

    Venus (along with the Moon) indicates the people and their condition. Through her rulership of the 6th house she indicates unions, servants (government employees), the armed forces, the health service and small animals.  She has a share in the 11th house related to Parliament and the House of Commons.

    The only planets she can see are Saturn and Jupiter by square.  She is separating from Saturn and applying to Jupiter. There is no reception between Venus and Jupiter and they are just out of moiety of orb.  This could be read as a clash of agendas between Government ministers and the people.

    The approaching square to Jupiter whilst she is still within moiety of orb of Saturn, suggests there will be discord between the people and financial relationships with other countries or partners.  With Jupiter posited in the 10th, it indicates matters around national identity, trade and power.

    Jupiter ruling the 8th suggests matters relating to mortality will be prominent this quarter. Ibn Labban tells us when the Ruler of the Ascendant applies to the ruler of the 8th it can indicate many deaths. As both Venus and Jupiter are benefics, I would suggest this may indicate fear of death of the people. Already the Government are ramping up their rhetoric regarding the NHS not being able to cope with the expected dramatic increase in illness and death for the winter period.

     The aspect between Venus and Saturn suggests issues around legislation, transport, overseas matters and scientific institutions will be heightened. Saturn ruling the 9th and 10th signs and the MC whilst he is retrograde suggests a review of all matters under his jurisdiction.

    Returning to Venus: although Angular by sign, she is in a weakened state and is in the house of partners or foreign relations. Her dispositor is Mars. They have a mutual reception by rulership but are in aversion to one another. This suggests it is difficult for them to work well together.

    Mars rules the 7th of partnerships and foreign affairs or relationships. When two planets are in mutual detriment, they are not in a position to support one another. (My late teacher Mike Edwards referred to this as two drunks trying to find their way home by holding one another up, but can’t agree on a path or which door to aim for!)

    However, due to Venus having dignity by triplicity, she will lessen any problems that may arise between the people, their partners and matters related to the 6th house.

    Mars has no dignity, is in detriement and combust. He is in his house of joy, but any actions are hidden from sight. He may stir up dissent with the unions, those who work in public utilities, the Forces and Civil Servants. This may extend across the NHS.  Mars also has a share in the 9th sign relating to foreign trade, judges and those in command in someway. As Mars is combust, it does point to strife, disputes between the Government and the people, as well as disputes with the opposition party.

    Furthermore Mars rules the 12th house of institutions, spying, clandestine matters, hospitals and secret enemies. The fact the Moon is placed here suggests hidden enemies working against the people.  The people are being held hostage or imprisoned in some way. Could this suggest a further lockdown despite the Governments assertion there will be no further lockdowns?  Or does it suggest more people being hospitalised or incarcerated against their will?

    Mars applies immediately to Saturn by trine. They perfect their physical aspect on the 25th. Could this be more laws being implemented or altered in some way?  Certainly the period between the Ingress to the end of the month looks to be rather challenging for the people and the government. The Government may call on the Armed forces for assistance.  Also, we should not overlook Mars is the indicator of pestilence and hot feverish diseases. Could it signify a further outbreak of mutations that perhaps are driven by the amount of those who have been inoculated?   Already we are seeing a rise in hospitalisations of those who have received two inoculations.

    With Mars in the 6th, it might signify strikes looming over the winter quarter due to reductions in pay packets and the lack of competent staff to man the country’s utilities? It might be an idea to stock on candles and tinned/dried food, not forgetting to get in supplies for your pets!

    The next planet to touch on is Mercury. Mercury is the natural significator of the youth of the country, as well as commerce, trade, travel and all forms of communication. Mercury rules the 2nd house of the people’s finances, their banks, as well as the 5th house of children, birth rate, sports and entertainment.

    Mercury is located in the 6th house, he is visible in the evening sky and about to turn retrograde. He has triplicity rulership and is in the terms of Venus and the Decan of Jupiter, both benefics. He is also in aspect with Jupiter by trine and will have an opposition to the Moon.

    Naturally there is a focus on the financial costs of the past year and the vexatious issue as to how the NHS is to be topped up given the lack of trade and NI contributions from workers and businesses due to the lockdown. Already the Government have indicated, despite previous promises, they shall raise NI rates to help replenish the shortfall. Could it be there may be a reversal in the intent to inoculate children as they are considered a low risk group. The reasoning may be both financial and the reluctance of parents to have their children receive something that has already been shown to have a limited effect.

    Finally the Moon. She has just past opposition and is now waning. She is in the 12th house as mentioned earlier. She is now in her melancholic phase. Her next aspect is to Jupiter who rules the 11th and 8th signs of the Ingress chart. The fact he is in a hot moist sign and is natural ruler of the liver and lungs, could indicate further hot illnesses that afflict these organs? Maybe this is just speculation given last years events.

    Raphael gives Moon in the 12th house: increase in crime, hospitals, prisons etc may suffer from a lack of support, criticism or scandals; the masses and aged poor suffer through want or sickness. (page 27)

    When we consider the elemental qualities of the sign of Aries where the Moon is located, it is hot and fiery. Also, I notice Aries is the 8th from the 5th; this may raise issues surrounding blood clots or issues around the head. This could be a further reason to re-think the policies of inoculating the youth especially as the Moon then moves from the sextile of retrograde Jupiter to oppose Mercury.

    The Moon is also on the Sun/Venus MP.

    The Nodes are also considered in mundane astrology. Bearing in mind they have an 18.6 year cycle as they are the foundation of the pattern of eclipses, it is their house placement that is of interest in each ingress chart. Taking Ramesay, the 17th century astrologer he gives:

    Dragons Head in Gemini shows sicknesses and divers infirmities to rich and noblemen, or such as are the grandees of the earth, which shall happen through tempestuous and noisome gales of wind, earthquakes, and unwholesome infectious mists; it signifies also wars and dissentions between great and rich men, and men of a middle degree; and that the trees shall be much damnified by caterpillars; and such like worms.[1]   

    If <the> Head of the Dragon is in the second, it portends fortune, good success to the people in their trades, and that they shall grow rich and thrive in the world.[2]  

    [Dragons Tail in Sagittarius]

    And if Dragons Tail is therein, it signifies the dejection of noble and great men and their misfortune, but the rise of ignoble base fellows, and the sad condition of judges, councillors, learned and wise-men, especially if Dragons Tail is in the first fifteen degrees.[3]  

     [Tail of the Dragon in the eighth]   But if the Dragons Tail is there, it signifies loss by the death of men and women; i.e. quite contrary[4].

    We now turn to the lunations to see if there is anything triggering a potential event.

    The October lunations fall across the 12th and 6th axis highlighting those issues previously mentioned. Could it be the people will be re-incarcerated during the latter part of October? The Full Moon on the 20th October could ignite passions and lead to conflict and strikes in protest against the Government and their mandate that flies in the face of the Nuremburg Convention that no Government or any “body,” should coerce the people to undergo a medical intervention if they don’t wish to participate. Certainly the period from the Sun’s ingress into Scorpio through the remainder of the year could see tensions reaching boiling point.

    In October Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all station direct, emphasising the period between the 11th to the 20th as being a time when matters related to the Government, Royalty, overseas trade and travel will be prominent.

    Raphael says Saturn in the 10th denotes disasters, misfortunes to Royalty, Government and prominent people. We may hear some disturbing news concerning the Royal family, but it may not be as bad for them as initially indicated. Raphael also gives death of eminent people and mentions Jupiter in the 10th can be favourable for the Government, but if afflicted it can indicate financial difficulties. (As Jupiter is with his dispositor and is slowing down to turn Direct, given his 10th house placement and dignity by triplicity, I take him as a moderate benefic).

    I think when Jupiter and Saturn return to the degrees they held at the Aries Ingress, we may see a resurrection of events that occurred in the early part of this solar year. There may be issues around transport; remember the Suez canal was blocked by the Ever Given and caused supply issues and chaos globally. We had the first mass demonstrations against the forced lockdown and jab and mask mandates. The stirrings of rebellion have continued through the year. The Government vowed they would not introduce so called vaccine passports, but then went back on their word and said people would need them to go to nightclubs or other such venues. They have since said passports are not necessary for the time being. There is also forced  vaccination for those who work in the Care industry; people must comply by mid November or lose their jobs and the Care Homes could be prosecuted if they employ anyone who violates the mandate.

    The New Moon on the 4th November falls within conjunction of the Libra Ingress Venus. This could see the People standing up and fighting for their freedoms. Matters relating to youth, communication and all health related matters will be brought sharply into focus and questions may be raised about the fitness of the current Government to govern. It does highlight the 7th sign and could therefore point to more issues with our trade partners, unions and health service. Mars is the governor of this lunation and is strong in his own sign of Scorpio.

    The following Full Moon on the 19th November is an eclipse. Furthermore, Mars is conjunct the degree of Venus of the Libra Ingress.  Mars is in sextile aspect with Venus who now resides in Capricorn, the exaltation of Mars. Mars generally acts as trigger for seismic events.  I would expect some dramatic revelations and events globally to be ignited although the full import may not become apparent until Mars reaches 27 Scorpio on the 8th/9th December.

    The New Moon eclipse on the 4th December falls on the degree of the Ascendant for the preceding Full Moon set for Westminster, ( this eclipse will not be visible in the UK) so it too may act as a trigger, particularly in relation to our trade agreements with other countries.

    It should be noted Saturn arrives back at the degree he held in the Aries Ingress mid December and around that time, Venus, ruling planet of the Libra Ingress Ascendant stations retrograde.

    The final lunation of the year falls just prior to the Capricorn Ingress, the same day as Venus retrogrades.  This lunation occurs very close to the degree of the Aries Ingress Ascendant set for Westminster. This suggests many matters will be brought to light and as we enter the Winter Solstice and the start of the Calendar New year, the people may once again be back in the driving seat.

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    I include the 2021 Aries Ingress here for comparison.

    Aries Ingress 2021