• Cancer Ingress chart 21st June 2022 London

    As with the Aries 2022 Ingress, Virgo rises and Mercury is the Lord of the coming quarter.

    We start with Mercury strong in all aspects. He is Angular, in his domicile, in correct sect and sign to the Sun, rising diurnally in a diurnal sign. He is just separating from Jupiter the greater benefic, but still in orb. Mercury will eventually trine Saturn and sextile Mars. Saturn rules the 5th and 6th houses and has a share in the 2nd house of the assets of the people. Mars rules the 3rd and the IC (quadrant 4th) and the 8th house of the assets of others and the death rate.  Mars moves to sextile Saturn within 5 degrees. This may suggest matters related to 5th, 6th and 8th houses will be highlighted. The 5th house relates to pleasure,entertainment, children and Ambassadors. The 6th relates to Unions, health issues of the nation, the armed forces and civil service, as well as small animals. The 8th relates to the resources of our partners, or those with whom we are in contention, the mortality rate of the Country and The Privy Council. With Mercury so strong in the 10th, this also suggests the focus of the people will be on their leaders and changing situations.

    The last time the Moon was in a similar close aspect to the Sun at the Cancer Ingress was June 2003. That summer we saw a high temperature recorded at Brogdale of 38.5C and the Scottish Borders also saw its highest temperature of 32.9C.  Can we expect such high temperatures this summer? I doubt it because in 2003 the IC point was in Aries, a hot dry sign. This year the IC point falls in Scorpio, a cold, wet sign.  However, in 2003, Mars was in Pisces and in aversion to his sign of Aries. This year as you can see, Mars is in his own sign of Aries. So we can potentially expect some extreme temperatures, but not necessarily a hot or dry summer.

    The Sun shines the spotlight on 11th house matters. The 11th house in mundane astrology relates to the Exchequer, the supporters of the Government and the House of Commons.

    We note Moon ruler of this Ingress, is located in the 8th sign of Aries. There is a reception between her and the Sun through exaltation and rulership. In “Mundane Astrology”[1] we are told this can be beneficial as it points to an increase tax yields from death duties and favourable financial relationships with other countries. If the Moon is afflicted, it can indicate increase in death rate in women and children and increase in murders, epidemics or higher mortality rate. I hope, as she is so close to Jupiter the greater benefic, it will be the former outcome.  

    What is interesting is we find so many planets in rulership; Saturn in his diurnal sign of Aquarius, Mars in Aries, Venus in Taurus and Mercury in Gemini.

    The last time there was this configuration was in 1757 and 1787.  In 1757 the British gained control of Calcutta at the Battle of Plassey. A new government was formed in July, and in August the British surrendered Fort William Henry to the French.

    In 1787, 11 ships carrying 700 convicts set sail for Australia to establish a penal colony in Australia.  Also this year saw the drive to abolish slavery and Wedgewood produced its Anti Slavery medallion. To finish on a different note; Lords Cricket Ground held its first cricket match and the Marylebone Cricket club was founded.

    Back to the present:

    When looking for dates where events may occur, or at the very least, sow their seeds, we need to watch Mars as he is often seen as a trigger.

    On the 20th July, Mars squares the degree he held at the Aries Ingress (100 Aquarius). He then moves on to conjoin the degrees of the MC in both the Aries and Cancer Ingress and the position of Venus in the Cancer Ingress. This occurs between August the 4th-10th.  At the same time the Moon is at perigee as she approaches the Full Moon on the 12th August. The Moon exerts her greatest influence on the tides when she is perigee. We could potentially expect some flooding, or high waters.

    Mars squares the Ingress Mars.

    For some, the 12th August was referred to as the Glorious 12th as it was when Grouse shooting started on the Moors. So we have a symbolism of guns being loaded and discharged. Certainly events around this period may prove explosive in some way that could affect our Head of Government.

    The Glorious 12th.

    In the August Full Moon chart, we note the Moon is in the 8th house of others resources and the mortality rate. As she moves towards Saturn and Saturn also moves towards her, could we see news regarding the elderly? Maybe further measures will be announced to help the elderly meet their fuel bills. Or, could it be a rise in the mortality rate of the elderly. Time will tell.

    The Sun is highlighting the 2nd house of the assets of the people. But the Sun also moves to perfect the opposition with Saturn, ruler of partners and their assets.  We know all our utility companies are owned by foreign corporations and they certainly won’t be in a hurry to give anything back to the people! The Sun then perfects the square to Mars on the 18th August, as the Moon approaches her last quarter to finish at 26 Taurus. This degree echoes the November eclipse of 2021.

    In November 2021 we had Storm Arwin that left over 100,000 homes without power.  There was also a huge rise in the number of illegal immigrants crossing the channel with around 1,000 intercepted by border patrols in November alone. The number of illegal immigrants has already exceeded 23,000. Overseas Angela Merkel stepped down as Chancellor of Germany and there were some seismic elections globally. 

    Going back further in time to when 190 Leo/Aquarius was activated, there was a Lunar eclipse in February 1906. In the UK the Bakerloo line underground opened and the first international rugby match was held between England and France. England won! Later that year, there was a heatwave. Overseas, there were a series of major earthquakes in the Americas, including the San Andreas Fault line destroying much of California.

    The next eclipse on this degree (190) occurred in 1925. Once again, a huge earthquake in NE North America (Charlevoix-Kamouraska) occurred. This was followed by one of the deadliest tornadoes in America. However, this does not affect the UK!

    The next year when there was an eclipse visible in the UK was in August 1961 when the UK applied for membership of the EU. Jumping forward again to 1999 we had the total Solar Eclipse with thousands flocking to cloudy Cornwall. Abroad Putin was approved as Prime Minister; there were devastating earthquakes in Turkey, Greece and Taiwan. So we can see the 19th degree of the fixed signs is quite a trigger point both in the UK and globally.

    Moving on to 10th September, prior to the Libra Ingress, the Full Moon falls at 17 Pisces, triggering Mercury and Jupiter of the Aries Ingress. Co-incidentally, Mercury stations retrograde at 8 Libra the same morning.   Saturn is also back at the degree he held at the time of the Aries Ingress

    Might we hear news relating to overseas partners, that may in some way impact the financial markets? Mercury indicates the people and is also the planet of commerce, trade and markets. Certainly trade will be in the news as may the stock markets.

    Of course, we should examine every Ingress chart as the Sun and planets change signs, but this is just to give an overview of what the coming quarter may portend.

    To sum up, we do have we have a lot of planetary activity this quarter. In July Jupiter stations retrograde at 8 Aries. He remains in Aries until late October. In August Mars enters Gemini where he remains until March 2023. I have previously written about the fact that it was 79 years ago when Mars spent this length of time in the sign.  Saturn remains retrograde until October.  Saturn retrogrades back over the degree he held at the Aries Ingress. This was when Partygate and the putative fines were in the news. Could there be a revisit of this event? It seems it may take until after the Libra Ingress before we find out more.

    Whatever occurs, may this summer be peaceful.

    [1] Mundane or National Astroogy. H.S.Green. Pub L.N.Fowler.