• As the world watches the events unfold in America, no longer knowing what or whom to believe, our minds are distracted by Covid and the incessant demoralising facts as to how many people are infected/died each day; everyone on the planet can be forgiven for thinking we are all going to hell in a hand basket.

    One of the ways to take our minds off the disquiet in the world is to look to the heavens and see if we can make sense of what is going on.  A traditional method was to compare and examine the effects of the monthly lunation’s or syzergies, that is to say, the new and full moons.

    The new moon occurs on Monday, 30 November and is also a lunar eclipse.

    The eclipse is not visible here in the UK as it occurs just after the moon has set in London. I was going to compare the effects of the Eclipses between the UK and Washington but the situation in Washington is vastly different to that of the UK, so here I will just look at the New and Full Moons as they relate to the UK.  

    It is a diurnal chart.   The planets ruling the eclipse signs are Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter is traditionally the planet of wealth, Mercury planet of commerce or trade. One of the big issues still ongoing with our country is Brexit, and deal or no deal.  We are told the main issue is down to fishing rights, but I suspect there are many more underlying issues that ultimately relate to financial matters. The EU wants and needs our money to help prop up their economies. We don’t want to give them anything in our divorce deal.

    We are shown by the sign of Sagittarius in this chart, our partners, or those with whom we are in contention, are indicated by Mercury. For an agreement to be reached we would hope to see these two planets in good aspect with one another.  Mercury has just left the sextile with Jupiter and is moving to sextile Saturn. Saturn is the planet of law and order, restriction, boundaries and borders.

    Jupiter and Saturn are placed in the house relating to the people’s finances.  Jupiter is in poor condition and is Peregrine; of no fixed abode, full of good intentions which sadly fall amiss.  Saturn the malefic in sect, is in his own sign of Capricorn and rules the third sign of Aquarius. Other than rulership, Saturn has no other dignities. However, with Saturn in his own sign, it does seem we will retain our assets, but there will be restrictions. Capricorn and Saturn are associated with the sea and fisherman. It may be that our fisherman will insist on upholding our borders and fishing rights and the Government will bow to their wishes.

    Turning to Mercury, ruler of the 7th (partners) and the 10th signs, we see Mercury is also peregrine, stuck in muddy waters, and is ineffective  in the 12th house of this chart, indicating secrecy, institutions, hidden affairs; however he is in the terms of Saturn, so is more likely to give something to Saturn. Saturn relates to the third house, our neighbours; this may indicate a willingness from our partners to give way on a small point in order to effect a deal. Mercury has just separated from an aspect with Jupiter (the people) and moves directly to Saturn, again indicating deals that are not beneficial to either side.

    If we consider Mars, Mercury’s dispositor, he is now strong and direct in his own sign of Aries.

    When we look back to the Aries ingress of 2020, we see Saturn is now within a degree of the position he held at that date.  He was at 28 Capricorn. Looking at the New Moon on the 20th July 2020 (this was 280 Cancer) , this fell opposite the degree of Saturn and this was when Michel Barnier arrived in Downing Street to start the last round of talks for Brexit.  Is it possible we will finally reach a compromise or some sort of agreement by mid December? 

    The Angles are mutable, showing change, or something starting before a matter is completed.

    Another very important consideration is to look at the fixed stars. This eclipse falls within a degree of the fixed stars Antares, the sting in the tail of the scorpion, and Aldebaran the star on the horn of the Bull.  Here is what Robson has to say about these two stars: Alderbaran   With Moon: Favourable for business, honour and credit, especially if in the 1st or 10th house, but danger of calamity. Favourable for domestic, public and religious matters;

    The Sun with Antares: Pretended religion, insincere, honour and riches ending in disgrace and ruin, military preferment, danger of treachery, violence committed or suffered, fevers and sickness, injuries to the right eye, violent death. If rising or culminating, great honour through violence attended by difficulties and casualties.  From Ebertin-Hoffman : Antares is of violent character and is credited with being significant for a violent death, either in battle or by process of law.

    It is difficult to see how these two fixed stars will manifest their influence over the next few weeks, other than perhaps legal challenges to whatever each party signs up to.

    One planet not mentioned so far is Venus.  She is isolated, all alone. She rules the 11th sign of allies, and the 6th house of servitude, ill health, government employees and small animals. She is in aversion to the 11th and opposite the 6th. She is actually angular in quadrant house systems, conjoined to the MC. This suggests a woman alone but strong, as she is in her triplicity and terms, yet somehow imprisoned or held back. She has a tenuous connection to Jupiter and Saturn, that will strengthen over the next couple of weeks, coming to fruition at the time of the New Moon on the 14th December. A woman might successfully bring about an agreement.

    Moving on to the New Moon of the 14th December 2020.  This is a solar eclipse whose path is more over South America, but the shadow does extend to Washington.  Here in the UK, the eclipse is not visible so it is viewed more as a super full moon, although it is not a “Super Moon”.

    This Moon occurs at 23 Sagittarius and falls in the 6th sign relating to employees of the Government (includes the armed forces, civil servants and NHS workers) as well as the health of the nation. The Moon is now out of bounds, so expect something different, even challenging. As the Moon is “higher” than the Sun, she does have slightly more power, although it is hidden from view.  She is Sect light and is in a sign that does not agree with her totally, although as it is Jupiter’s sign, she is not so much out of her comfort zone.

    Mars, indicator of the Government, is in the 10th sign, in rulership, in his terms and in sect. His only aspect is to Mercury. Mercury is as stated earlier, the planet relating to trade and to communications. Mercury rules the 12th house relating to institutions, spies, hidden enemies and large animals, as well as the 3rd house relating to news, rumours, neighbourhood, travel, methods of communicating or relaying news. Mercury also symbolises the youth of the country. He is combust and cannot be seen or heard. He too is now out of bounds, so there may be disruptions involving communications in some form or another. In keeping with the times, there may be misinformation and hidden agendas designed to frustrate and impede a successful conculsion.

    There may be an announcement on the 11th December regarding the wealth or assets of the people. Could it be the lockdown will be extended with the resultant damage to the economy involving the small trader?

    The Moon who is sect light and lady of the Ascendant, is in aversion to her sign and is hidden from view by the Sun.  The Sun rules the 2nd house of people’s money. This indicates the resources of the people are being spent on the employees of the Government, especially the NHS workers. That is common sense given we all want freedom for Christmas to be with our families.

    With the Rising sign degree at 00Cancer 41’ this suggests a fresh start. But for whom and what is not clear. Could it be, we do move forward with Brexit and have more consideration for bringing back industry and employment to our country and looking after our “own” instead of outsourcing? After all Cancer is seen as the sign that protects “family”.

    With Jupiter the exalted ruler of the rising sign, firmly in the clutches of partners and those with whom we are in contention, and in weak condition, could it be the government have been outmanoeuvred by their “partners”? However changes are afoot! The Government have a secret weapon lurking in Scorpio and are relying on her to bring about a rapprochement between what the people want and what the soon to be ex-partner wants.

    Venus is lurking in the 5th sign, the place of her joy. In cold, wet Scorpio, Venus is not at her demure best, being slightly risqué in her actions, but she is in her own face, so has some tricks up her sleeve. The 5th sign is the area related to pubs, theatres and ambassadors; having fun and subtly arranging matters to her satisfaction.  She moves to cajole Jupiter into giving her what she wants. He wants to help her, but can’t as he is lacking active, independent power. Under cover of the New Moon, Venus puts a move on Jupiter, but as he is not able to deliver she turns her attention to Saturn, the upholder of law, society and the “others”. She persuades Saturn to pack his bags and move towards making a donation to the people of the country. Mission accomplished, she then jumps into Jupiter’s house of Sagittarius on the 15th, the day after the New Moon and turns her attention to matters related to health, the NHS and government employees.

    Whilst this has been going on, Mercury, ruler of the houses related to institutions such as large hospitals, hidden enemies, neighbours, short journeys and communications, is in direct talks with Mars, head of the Government.  There may be news related to more vaccines or, issues around vaccines and vaccinations. With 6 out of 7 planets changing signs between the 16th – 20th December, we are in for a time of change and more change.

    So for the UK, the New Moon chart on the 14th December seems to focus on the costs associated with issues around health, travel and communications, along with matters related to Brexit.  A last minute break through, or compromise could be announced around Mid December that will have a lasting impact on our relationships with trading partners. That is a given as both the EU and our ministers seek to reach agreement.

    As I mentioned above, we have four planets (excluding the Lights) out of five about to change signs before the year is out. Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 15th, Saturn moves into his day sign of Aquarius on the 17th and this is the start of the Global reset.  On the 19th December, Jupiter moves to join Saturn in Aquarius and is followed on the 20th by Mercury who moves into Capricorn. Finally on the 21st December we have the Great Mutation – the start of a new era in the Air triplicity as Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in Aquarius. These two planets first met in Libra on the 31st December 1980 and this was the “toe in the water” for the next approximately 200 years. From that meeting, we have had major developments in all forms of technology, medicine and “global connections.”

    The coming “reset” will undoubtedly be driven by more technological advancements for good or ill. But that again is a separate matter.

    The final lunation of the year is on the 30th December.

    Scorpio rises, a fixed sign, ruled by Mars who is in his house of joy. The Moon is in the 9th sign, casting her glance to the Rising degree of which she is a triplicity lord. Obviously legal issues will be discussed in regard to our exit from the EU. The Moon is still out of bounds, so there may be some unexpected legal challenges.

    Venus, indicator of our partners, is in our house of assets and close to the South Node. This perhaps indicates further costs to our country, or loss of some trading rights. When we look back to May 2020 when Venus was opposite this degree, the news focused solely on Covid and the official opening of the first Nightingale Hospital to deal specifically with Covid patients. This facility has not yet been used! Let us hope it never is.

    Mars is within aspect of the MC degree at 28 Leo. There may be news relating to the Royal family in regard to a younger member of the family.

    Saturn and Jupiter are now firmly ensconced in Aquarius so it seems the effects of this lunation will carry over to the end of 2021.

    We are instructed to consider the charts for the ingresses of the planets as the move into new signs. I will leave discussions of these charts to another post. To sum up the last three lunations of the year: there will be more issues around our health service and the costs involved. (This is the same issue globally, so no surprises there).  We are in negotiations with the EU, but with the final angles of the lunation charts in fixed signs, we will stick to our guns. Undoubtedly there will be legal issues to be dealt with that will be ongoing. Although the country and the EU have had four and a half years to work out a “deal”, this is unlikely to be agreed in the immediate future and the UK will leave with no deal on the 31st December 2020.