• The Sun enters the sign of Cancer at 04.33am 21st June 2021. The chart is set for London. 25 Gemini rises,  Gemini is the sign attributed to London.  This is a nocturnal chart, so the Moon is sect light.  She is located in the sixth sign of Scorpio, the sign of her fall. For astronomical reasons, generally the rising sign of the Cancer Ingress is the same as the Aries Ingress.

    The Moon has left a square with Mars and is applying to Saturn in 3°. She is between a rock and a hard place. The Moon rules the 2nd sign relating to the assets of the people. She also indicates the general populace.  This suggests issues will arise during this quarter around matters relating to the 6th and 2nd houses.. The 6th house relates not only to health, but also has affinity with the armed forces, Trade Unions and the Civil Service.

    It only takes common sense to see that after the events of the past year or so, these issues are going to be very much to the fore. With the Moon here, it suggests the people are weakened in some way (given the constant barrage of bad news, death and disease the media pump out on an hourly basis, it is no surprise even the most robust person is afflicted in some way) and their main focus will be on matters related to health, NHS staff and the financial implications of this situation we are in.

    The Moon does approach a somewhat bonified Saturn. He is in his diurnal sign, in the house of law, religion and foreign affairs, but, he is retrograde and is the malefic out of Sect. He rules the MC which can also be an indication of Government and the highest in the land.

    Here the MC is in the 9th suggesting matters relating to law and overseas matters will be prominent. The people may look to the Law lords to try and regain some control of their lives. The 9th has also some relation to Scientific matters according to older authors. We now look up on Scientists as “Gods” as they seek to manipulate our DNA and Gene codes. It is fitting Saturn is in the 9th house of “God”. Science is the new religion and Scientists are the new messiahs who will lead us out of this situation. But, remember, Saturn is retrograde. It may be when Saturn gets back to 10 Aquarius mid December before there is a change in the situation, or perhaps new science takes over.  

    Saturn also rules the 8th house of fear, death rates, financial affairs with foreign countries and the Privy Council. Interestingly enough according to UK Government statistics, the death rate is actually lower than it was in 2017 and 2018.


    However, the issues relating to how the Government will fund the furloughs and costs of this situation are tied up with other countries.  There may also be an effect on people’s pensions, or the income streams of those other countries caught up in the situation.

    Other than the Moon, the only other traditional aspect for Saturn is from Mars. Mars is approaching opposition on the 1st July from the house of communication, news, transport of all kinds and early education.

    As we know travel has been curtailed, education for children has been disrupted and certain communication platforms have closed off all forms of dissent from any Government narrative.  No longer can any opposing or even questioning views be made, heard or discussed. It could be when Mars hits Saturn, there will be an explosion that could blow with the force of a volcano, but I doubt it! I think Saturn will act as the container, judge and jury, and will brook no opposition. But, I do think it does indicate some sort of seismic earthquake that will question the law of the land.

    The final application will be to Venus, the lesser Benefic, who is located in the moon’s sign. Using whole house signs, Cancer is the second sign and as such relates to money and assets of the common people including food, their supporters and allies. That the second house is illuminated by the Sun adds further testimony to issues around the finances of the people. I note Venus rules the fifth house of children, theatres, socialising and diplomats or ambassadors. She also rules the 12th house of enemies, large institutions, spies, hospitals and prisons. She is actually alone with no aspect to any planet until she changes signs and conjoins Mars on the 13th July. There have been financial repercussions around the closing down of our theatres, art galleries, pubs and other social environments. Yet many people have found new opportunities whilst at home to take up a new interest or hobby. So maybe this is where the positive aspect of Venus clear of the Sun has shown herself.

    On the face of it this appears far more positive than I would have expected. To have the minor benefic in the house of the peoples assets, and in Triplicity and clear of the Sun’s beams is a bonus. She is able to act as she sees fit. For the time being, the financial status of the people remains buoyant.

    The other point to mention is the reception between Venus and Jupiter. Venus is in the exaltation sign of Jupiter. Jupiter is in his nocturnal sign of Pisces which is the exaltation of Venus, so they are able to receive one another. Furthermore, Venus is in the terms of Jupiter and Jupiter is in the terms of Venus.   This connection between the second and the 10th points to several potential outcomes.

    I have already mentioned the 2nd house relates to the assets of the people. The 10th relates to the PM, government, national trade and eminent persons. But, Jupiter is retrograde. The Sun will trine Jupiter on the 23rd perhaps bringing news related to our communications or issues around communication as Mars is in the Sun’s house. We may also find our partners, or ex-partners have something to say about trade, agreements and matters related to Brexit.

    We should compare the Cancer Ingress to the Aries Ingress, bearing in mind both charts will have the same angles.

    What is immediately noticeable is the conjunction of Mercury, ruler of the Ascendant with the Moon of the Aries Ingress. Mercury is the natural indicator of youth, as well as general communication, knowledge and travel.  Mercury also rules the 4th house of the land, the opposition to the Government and crops. Mercury is actually stationing Direct in the Cancer Ingress. Lilly likens a planet SD to a sick man rising from his bed. We see a large groundswell against vaccinating young people who are at minimal risk from this virus.   

    One way to see how and when likely events may unfold is to take note of the lunations, the ingresses of all the planets into the signs, and by comparing these charts and the relevant degrees and then relate them back to the Aries ingress will enable you to have an idea of events and even the weather for the summer. However, to compare all the charts here would lead to people nodding off.

    Important dates to watch for are the 27th June, 10th, 12th and 24th July. Jupiter returns to Aquarius on the 29th July. He then Stations Direct on the 18th October and will not return to Pisces until the 29th December.

    I wish you a good summer.