• We come to the last major Ingress of 2021, that of the Sun into Capricorn. This heralds the rising of the Sun as it climbs back North from its Southern most declination. After it’s standstill, the Sun begins increasing light for us in the Northern latitudes.

    As I have said before, we do need to read the Chart both as a stand alone chart, and then in conjunction with at least one base chart, that can be either the 1066 or 1801 chart for the UK or, the Aries Ingress 2021.

    Still the world continues in the grip of this “fear”. However, the figures suggest this is a fear driven by media and Governments and not by actual verifiable statistics. The death rate has continued to be around average for the UK over 2020-2021.  With the majority of the UK population now jabbed at least twice, we are suddenly seeing a rise in the death rate and that includes a greater proportion of younger people. Will this winter bring a tsunami of death or, will it again be “average”?  Time will tell.

    The Capricorn Ingress covers the winter period from 21st December to the Aries Ingress 2022 on the 20th March. So let us turn to the chart itself.

    Capricorn Ingress UK 2021.

    Cancer rises. The Moon is lady of the chart, both as Sect Light and as ruler of the Ascendant. She is strong being in her own sign, angular, but is below the horizon and waning.  She has left the opposition of the retrograde Venus and will not aspect any other planet until she changes signs. She is Void of Course. The Moon stands for the populace or common man. This suggests the people are isolated and in opposition to the ruling powers and those they are in partnership with.  

    After the Moon changes signs, she first will trine Mars.  Mars is very hot and dry in the house relating to servants (armed forces, civil servants, employees of the Government etc) and ill health. This immediately suggests more “conflagration” in all matters relating to public health and the employees. As Mars rules the 10th of this Ingress chart, there may also be matters relating to our Leader or Head of the Country.

    Her following aspect is to Saturn who represents authority, laws, borders and the elderly. He is strong in his own sign of Aquarius, but is out of Sect, rises after the Sun and is visible in the night sky. Aquarius is the 8th sign from the Ascendant and therefore is in aversion to the Rising sign and the Moon. The 8th house represents the assets of others, mortality rate and is seen as the house of fear. 

    I should also point out Saturn disposits all other planets, except of course the Moon. We are looking at a rather dictatorial Saturn, who is working behind the scenes. He is like the Wizard of Oz, behind a curtain, but pulling the levers and using Mars – planet of force, to enforce his vision.   Mars is moving to oppose his Aries Ingress position and will reach this degree on the 25th December. He will then move to oppose the position of the Aries Ingress Moon (160 Gemini) on the 5th January.  In the Capricorn Ingress chart, Mars rules the 10th sign of Aries, this suggests there may be a cutting out of a leading figure. In the Aries Ingress chart, Mars rules the 11th of the exchequer, could this be issues around our current Chancellor and Prime Minister?  Furthermore, at this Ingress, Saturn is exactly back to the same degree he held at the Aries Ingress 2021.

    Aries Ingress centre, Capricorn outer 2021 UK

    Back in March at the time of the Aries Ingress was when we saw further lockdowns imposed, the Government extended their emergency powers for a further six months and announced over half the population had received their first jab. Will we see more news around the jabs and their efficacy?  

    There were also mass (unreported) demonstrations countrywide to Kill the Bill. The people’s concerns were ignored and it seems this winter quarter will see the Government successfully implement their overarching control bill that will give draconian powers to the Government, police and forces. However, it looks as though the people may awaken from their slumber and protest en-mass if further restrictions are imposed. If we look at the 1801 chart, we can also note that this ingress Saturn squares the 1801 Mars who is located in Taurus the 8th sign.

    UK 1801 Chart 1st January.

    This highlights issues over finances.  Could we see a sudden change in interest rates, or how we use our money? If there is a big financial crash, it could happen during this time, especially when many banks and stock markets in the West are closed for Christmas.

    Looking back to the eclipse of 31st January 2018 at 11 Aquarius, this was when the Stock Market came under great stress and plunged quite dramatically.  Could we see more of the same around this time as Saturn activates this degree once again?

    Saturn reached this degree (10/11 Aqaurius) late March 2021 when we experienced a supply chain problem due to the “Ever Given” ship becoming stuck in the Suez canal. I believe the cause is still under investigation and we may hear further details relating to this incident. The ship was held by the Egyptian authorities until a compensatory deal was reached in late July – just when Saturn retrograded over this degree!

    If we factor in the collapse of Evergrand, the Chinese property company, I believe we will be looking at a major stock market dip or crash as we enter 2022. There is certainly likely to be supply issues, blockages and more financial pressure on the public.

    I will further add that when the EU was founded on the 1st January 1958, the Moon was at 10 Taurus and Venus at 15 Aquarius. These degrees will always be trigger points, and although they are not necessarily that prominent, even when the weightier planets or eclipses pick up this degree, they may cause something to show up. 

    Following the Aries Ingress 2021, the EU Parliament finally ratified the EU-UK trade deals. At the same time, the patent for the Covid Jab was approved on a 5 year basis for the American holders, and the opportunity to roll out the vaccine to the entire world was forgone by the American Government.

    It is very interesting to look at the times when the degrees around 10-12 of the fixed were activated by Saturn or by an eclipse.  However, that would fill a book.  I will finish this section by noting with Saturn and Jupiter both in the 8th sign, it suggests an unusual rise in the mortality rate, especially of the elderly during this quarter.

    The Sun, indicator of the assets of the people, is in the 7th sign in the “hands of others”.  The Sun also has a share in the 10th sign and along with Mars, can represent the Leader of the Country, whether this is the Queen or Prime Minister is a matter for debate.  (Many astrologers are loudly proclaiming an “imminent change in our Monarchy.” Common sense dictates this event is likely to happen in the next few years given our Monarch’s age. So I will make no comment other than to say, it is Princes Charles and William’s charts that should be examined).

     This placement (Sun in the 7th), does suggest there is no overall control of the Country’s assets. Our “money” is in the hands of others who are acting in their own interest. (Saturn in aversion in the 8th sign).

    The Sun is in aversion to all planets, but is accompanied by Mercury and Venus the personal planets.

    These two planets are strong by being in Sect as they rise after the Sun in a feminine sign, are in the nocturnal hemisphere so fulfil the requirements for being in Sect. Mercury is just emerging from the Sun’s rays and will conjoin Venus on the 29th December.

    Mercury and Venus rule the 11th, 12th, 3rd and 4th signs.

    In mundane astrology the 11th house relates to Parliament, the House of Commons and Council bodies. The 12th relates to Prisons, institutions, asylums and secret enemies or spies.

    The 3rd house indicates how we disseminate information, whether from the media or government institutions. It also has meaning over public transport and transport in general.

    The 4th relates to the Land, Government opposition, crop yields and indicators of weather for the quarter.

    This suggests there will be ongoing financial issues with other countries, possibly related to Brexit and Northern Ireland; that will affect our food and general supplies. We could see some issues over land control, and once again, further restrictions on peoples movements. As a nation we may find we are having to pay out more to other countries in order to protect our supplies and borders. (This blog was started early November before the ensuing migrant tragedy).

    As an aside, I note these three planets are sandwiched between Mars and Saturn, with no relief! Any deals or pronouncements made around the New Moon on the 2nd (2022) may be rescinded or “buried” for the time being.

    New Moon 2nd January 2022 UK

    However, at the time of the Full Moon in January (17th), matters which were hidden may be revealed with ramifications that will become apparent when Venus returns to 26 Capricorn early March.

    17th January 2022 Full Moon UK

    This Full Moon also falls right on the degree of the Moon and Venus in the Ingress chart.  Can we expect a change in leadership or news of a prominent woman?

    The New Moon on the 1st February when read back against the Aries Ingress chart is within two degrees of Aries Ingress Saturn.

    Aries Ingress UK 2021 Feb New Moon 2022

    Saturn is now at 15 Aquarius and is conjoined to the degree of Venus in the EU foundation chart of 1958. In that chart Venus rules the 9th sign (where the Moon is located in the EU chart) and the second sign of Libra, governing the people’s finances. This does suggest further issues to do with laws, travel, education and movement of the people across borders. We may see yet more draconian measures being enforced to prevent freedom of  movement such as happened in Australia.

    February’s Full Moon at 28 Leo also marks the conjunction of Venus and Mars in the 6th sign of the Lunation chart.

    Full Moon February 2022 UK

    There could be news or a change in how we approach medical issues or the employment of government servants. More importantly, this Full Moon straddles the MC/IC axis and the Sun conjoins Jupiter of the Capricorn Ingress chart. There is a pull between the people and the rulers, who will win?

    The Pisces New Moon on the 2nd March squares the eclipse degree of the 4th December 2021, and could point to a trigger action involving our ruling party or leaders, and those with whom we are in partnership. We may see a situation that has been rumbling since then erupting in full view. This eruption could be either a physical volcanic type of event, or the people rising up against the leaders.

    Venus and Mars once more conjoin at 00 Aquarius on the 6th March. This is the degree of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction December 2020.  Could we see an end to the “pandemic” and these global draconian measures that are designed to segregate people into camps?  And for what? For a drug that does not stop transmission or offer verified protection? Already in countries where the unvaccinated have been confined to their homes and not allowed out to socialise or take public transport, there has been a huge rise in “illness” amongst the vaccinated. Why?  Will the truth come out?

    Finally we have the Full Moon on the 18th March just prior to the Aries Ingress. Mars moves into Aquarius and conjoins the degree of Saturn in the Aries Ingress 2021 chart on the 19th March. As noted elsewhere, Mars can act as the trigger on the gun and we may find that laws will be passed restricting people’s movements or, there may be a backlash against a too authoritarian government. 

    Just after the Full Moon in January, Venus makes her appearance as a Morning Star. Both she and Mars will be visible in the pre dawn sky along with the Moon. This visibility of the three nocturnal planets suggests the people will join forces and push their agenda with some success. Certainly the people will be stirred into action and the Leaders may find themselves wrong footed and may resort to their laws, which are not necessarily the Laws of the Country.

    Venus also stations direct on the 29th January at 110 Capricorn, very close to the degree of the earlier New Moon (2nd January). This suggests events at the beginning of January are likely to be pulled back into focus through early February, culminating in the conjunction with Mars mid February. Could we see a change in leadership or governance? Whatever occurs then will be further reflected when once again Venus conjoins Mars in Aquarius on the 6th March as mentioned above.

    Jupiter and Saturn only aspect Mars, again suggesting there is a disconnect between the Leaders and the people.

    Jupiter is an indicator of law, religion, higher education and foreign affairs. He also rules the 6th house of illness, civil servants and the forces.  Jupiter is conjunct the MC degree in the 8th sign, suggesting issues around foreign affairs, health, civil service and the wealth of others will be prominent throughout this quarter. We could also expect some news regarding a prominent religious or spiritual leader.

    Jupiter moves into his own sign of Pisces on the 29th December.  Many think this movement will bring relief to those who feel beleaguered. However, we should not overlook the fact that on this day, Mars reaches 12 degrees Sagittarius, the degree of the 4th December eclipse or super moon. This is likely to trigger some extraordinary episodes that may affect foreign affairs, our health system, government employees, and have an impact on the people of the country.

    I think we should be careful what we wish for. This could be an explosive time for many as we move into 2022 and I do not mean big fireworks relating to the New Year celebrations! There may be news of one or more volcanic eruptions between Christmas and the New Year, I am especially thinking of La Palma.

    Jupiter then squares the degree of Mars in the Aries Ingress chart from the 8th February. Jupiter is a benefic and is strong in his own sign of Pisces, but, it is a square aspect and could signify further eruptions, or problems connected with the forces or clergy. This is then followed from the 18th February by Jupiter squaring the eclipse degree of the 4th December 2021 for a period of about a week, as well as the degree of the Moon in the Aries Ingress.  I would suggest mid February could be a rocky ride for many. We may well see a change at the “top” or at the very least, further questioning regarding the ability of our current Prime Minister to continue in his position.

    As we approach the 2022 Aries Ingress, I feel certain we will be in for a period of upheaval, change and even financial crisis. Not a happy viewpoint, but it is now apparent that the times they are a’changing and we need to look for new ways to move forward and protect ourselves. We never thought the Jupiter Saturn conjunction would be a walk in the park, but none of us expected to be jailed in camps, or in our own homes and forced to prove we have been injected to enjoy the basic rights of man. 

    I feel the period immediately after the Winter Solstice will be pivotal globally. For the UK, I expect changes and news regarding this virus early March and just look forward to the Spring Equinox.

    I have not even touched on the weather for this coming quarter but we can expect storms, deluges, wind and cold – after all, it is the winter quarter.

    I wish you a happy Winter Solstice and a blessed, peaceful, healthy and free 2022.