• As the Aries Ingress of 2020 had a cardinal sign rising, according to the tradition, we need to erect an Ingress chart for each quarter to ascertain the likely trends for each three month period until the Aries Ingress of 2021. This current quarter runs from the 20th June 2020 through to the Autumnal equinox on the 22nd September 2020. To get an idea of likely events that may arise during the next the next three months, we need to look at the Cancer Ingress, or Summer Solstice chart, for the 20th June. The Sun enters Cancer in London at 22.44 BST.

    This chart holds until the Autumn Equinox, or Libra Ingress on the 22nd September 2020. However, all charts are read in conjunction with the Aries Ingress.

    Capricorn rises and we find Jupiter strongly angular, although retrograde and in depression. He is in aversion to his ruler Saturn, but is sextile Mars the exalted ruler of Capricorn.  There is mixed reception between Jupiter and Mars, as Mars is in Jupiter’s nocturnal sign of Pisces.

    The Moon as Sect Light and representing the people is in the 6th sign. We read in “Abu Ma’shār on Historical Astrology” The affairs of riff-raff and the holders of bad professions: Slaves, servants, immoral women, illnesses, sicknesses, journeys, change, trouble, an abundance of difficulties, immorality, forgeries, envy and accusations, a loss in trading, rebellion against authority, the forsaking of obedience, violations and prisoners[1].

    The 6th house relates to the fields of health, trade unions and public servants, including the armed forces and civil servants. The Moon is partile square Mars.  Moon is the Sect Light and nocturnal triplicity ruler of earth signs, but she is ineffective by WSH.  The Moon rules the 7th sign of partners, trading and those with whom we are in dispute.

    It is likely there will be issues around trade deals and negotiations with partners. Currently as I write, Brexit trade deals are floundering as Britain stands its ground on fishing rights in British waters.  These deals may also relate to health matters, public servants and those who work in the fields of health care. This is a given in light of the global situation.    

    Using WSH (Whole Sign Houses), Mars rules the 4th and 11th where the MC falls. This indicates the Government and the House of Commons will be under stress from the people and partners. There are likely to be further contentions regarding the will of the people and trade deals. Normally we would look to the Moon as the indicator of the people of the country, however, as she rules the 7th she is indicator of those who are partners. With the square from Mars, it signifies strong disagreements between the government (Mars) and trading partners. There will be issues related to the land, the workers of the land and the Opposition party to the Government.  

    Matters will be raised concerning travel locally and the implications relating to educational matters. Issues may also arise over communication, in this case connected to perhaps to 5G and tracking apps on peoples phone.

    As Mars is placed in the 3rd sign, this could signify further issues or problems with local “nations” such as Scotland and Wales. There may also be problems with public transport, even a danger to life from accidents or fires in these areas. 

    The “PM” is indicated by Mars as ruler of the MC point. Mars is actually quite strong as he has triplicity rulership; dignity by being in his own terms or bounds, and in his decan.  The fact that Mars forms the focal point between Jupiter the strongest planet by place, and the Moon, ruler of the people and partners, does suggest the PM will bring try to bring agreements, but will be undermined by hidden enemies within his party.

    Looking back to the Aries Ingress, we see the Angles are the same, but now we have Jupiter back to the position he held in early April.  Jupiter not only rules the 3rd sign in the current ingress chart, but also rules the 12th of hidden enemies of the people and institutions in both the Aries and Cancer ingress charts. As Steven Birchfield noted “Enemies of the government are signified by Mercury because he rules the 12th from the 10th. And he is in open contention with the people being in the 7th.”

    It should be considered that although Jupiter is the greater benefic and does not deliberately do harm, it may be the actions or intentions of those represented by Jupiter, such as lawyers, clergy and the ruling classes, will bring about troubles or upsets in matters connected with travel, transport, hospitals and prisons. The situations are unlikely to be resolved until November or December.  

    It should be noted Jupiter turns direct on the 13th September at 17′ Capricorn. When Jupiter was at 17 Capricorn in mid February, this was when we first became fully aware of the severity of the Corona virus. The first British death from the virus was confirmed.  There may be further information relating to this virus.

    On the 17th September, the New Moon is at 25 Virgo, directly opposite the Mars position in the Cancer Ingress chart.  Will we finally know the cause behind the outbreak of this dreadful virus? Will more contentious information come to light then? I will refer to this period under the considerations of Saturn further down.

    In this chart, 4 out of 5 planets are retrograde. Mercury, ruler of the 9th of law, religion, shipping, foreign affairs, and of the 6th of health, servants etc., as already mentioned above, is also retrograde. He is in his own terms, so does have some strength, or the ability to use his slight of hand to get what he wants.  This emphasises the renegotiation or negotiation of treaties and diplomatic matters; breaking of agreements, disputes and sickness. There is likely to be much to-ing and fro-ing until early August. This may also involve educational matters as Mercury is the natural significator of youth.  Mercury is also conjunct the Fixed Star Sirius.  Sirius is deemed to be of the nature of  Jupiter and Mars and was associated with honour, wealth, faithfulness, devotion, curators, custodians and guardians. When Mercury is with Sirius, Robson gives “Great business success, help through influential people, worries unnecessarily, associated with the Church, physical defect through accident”[2]. [Robson*, p.209.]

    Venus is in the 6th sign and is not only retrograde, but is also peregrine.  She rules by WHS the 10th and the 5th. The 10th relates to the Government and the 5th to theatres, art, entertainment and the national birth rate. She is in aversion to the 5th so can do nothing to promote the arts or entertainment, but can see the 10th sign of Libra.   As she has no power, it is likely the Government, or those indicated by the 10th, will be going backwards and forwards and achieve nothing concrete or lasting.

    Saturn is also retrograde, but he is in his own sign and triplicity, so his ability to do damage is somewhat negated. Saturn is also the ultimate dispositor of the Ingress chart.  There are those who ignore dispositorships, but in this instance, Saturn is the only planet with dignity and status. The 2nd relates to the finances of the people and Saturn here shows holding on, but change is on the way as he once again returns to earthly matters. This suggests people will look to their land to find their resources and will not rely on others for sustenance.

    Could it be we will see a further retreat to a new lockdown? As mentioned above, when Jupiter stations direct in September, Saturn is retrograding over the position of Jupiter in the Cancer Ingress chart and is within a degree of the Aries Ingress Ascendant of 24 Capricorn 19.” This is the period between early September through to the end of October. Will there be further blockades on travel and movement? Or, will the courts draw up legislation to control how , when and where we travel? With Saturn sitting on top of Jupiter who naturally signifies wealth, could we see some problems with the banking system coming to light?  There will be a price to pay for all.

    Although Mars is direct and moving at speed in the Cancer Ingress chart, he will eventually grind to a halt at 28 Aries on the 10th September. He will then square the position he held in late August, early September 2018. As this picks up the position of Jupiter in the current Ingress chart, we can look back to events around that time in the UK. 

    We see this was when the Government published its first guideline for business to prepare for the event of a no deal Brexit. The Government also took back control of the Birmingham prison from the private sector, and a huge fire destroyed part of an iconic landmark in Liverpool.  Two Russian suspects were named in the poisoning of the Skripals, and this lead to some Diplomatic issues with Russia as they denied the two men had any connection to the Russian State.   There may be more news regarding the perpetrators, or more information relating to the poisoning incident.  Common sense dictates we will have more information on the Brexit negotiations leading up to the Autumn Solstice and on matters associated with our institutions, but it is also indicated astrologically.

    Hot on the heels of the Cancer Ingress, we have a Solar Eclipse.  In the past Eclipses were seen as a portent of doom, death and destruction. However, it was deemed that only places where the eclipse was visible would be subject to the worst sort of fall out.  This eclipse will be visible in Africa, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, China and Tibet.   

    Picture extract courtesy of Timeanddate.com

    This eclipse falls in the tropical sign of Cancer. We would therefore expect any country or town with Cancer prominent in its chart to also feel a shudder of events. According to Lilly Scotland, Holland, Tunis, Algeria are under the rulership of Cancer. 

    For the UK, it could be there will be further contentions with Scotland seeking independence should there be a no deal Brexit outcome.

    We may also be affected by any trade deals with India, China, Africa and the Middle East.

    Could there be further issues caused within these countries by a natural disaster such as severe flooding, earthquakes or tsunamis? It should be remembered the effects of an eclipse occur within certain time frames relative to the length of the visible eclipse and its placement within the chart relating to the country at that time. For instance in Ethiopia, the eclipse occurs in the morning, so the effects will be felt sooner (within a couple of months) than they will in Pakistan.

    Many authors recommend assessing the chart for the lunation prior to the Ingress for further information. However other than the angles emphasising the 12th and 6th of the Ingress chart, it does not really give us extra information.

    We know we are in turbulent times. Astrology can and should indicate from what direction problems and solutions will arise, and when. 

    The charts echo what we know is going on. Common sense tells us the world is in a global recession due to this virus that erupted from nowhere (well it came out of Wuhan – that we do know!) and caused the world to go into lockdown. 

    We are all dealing with the effects and will feel the ramifications for decades to come. 

    In Mundane astrology when focused on one country, we do need to consider outside influences as we operate in a global market, but it is how we as a country see and feel the effects of the promise of the Ingress charts, that make mundane charts pertinent for us.

    To sum up:

    We are likely to see matters arising connected with events from 2018 that will relate to our global trading position. We can expect troubles connected with transport, education and foreign movement and trade deals (this is already occurring).

    We can expect more revelations and issues arising around finance and trade in September prior to the Libra Ingress.

    There may be news from China, Pakistan and India that will affect our nation in some way in the autumn period.

    We are likely to see more restrictive measures on both finance and travel being put in place from September October.

    It will be important to track the movements of Saturn as he is Lord of the Year.  We can expect to see the Government struggle with managing the Health Service and civil service employees, as well as with Trade Unions.  All in all, a somewhat uncomfortable summer ahead.

    Sharon Knight

    12th June 2020.

    [1] Part Seven, Chapter Six – ”Abu Ma’shār on Historical Astrology” – edited and translated by Keiji Yamamoto and Charles Burnett.  published by Brill Publishers ©2000

    [2] Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923 page 209