• Aries Ingress 20th March 2022 at 15.33. London. UK

    The Aries Ingress 2022.

    Virgo, a mutable sign rises so this chart holds until the Libra Ingress.

    Mercury is the Ascendant Ruler and as is usual at this time of year, he is found in Pisces far from home, the sign of his detriment and fall. However, he is with his dispositor Jupiter, the greater benefic which hopefully will mitigate some of the issue, although it could increase tensions relating to our partners.

    Mercury will shortly reach his Superior Conjunction (2nd April 2022) and will move from Morning to Evening star.  He may just be visible mid April at sunset. Mercury is in his own terms, (according to Firmicus, a planet in its own terms or dignities has some standing) so has minor dignity, but there is no getting away from the fact, we are held hostage by our partner(s). We are in exile and obscured by our host. 

    This also has ramifications for those represented by the 10th sign, namely our leaders as Mercury also rules the 10th.  This could indicate any trade agreements may be disputed or revoked. Certainly we are seeing a lot of sanctions which so far are leading to the people of the country seeing shortages and rising prices of all commodities.

    Mercury is the planet of commerce, trade, writing and all forms of communication. Jupiter is the planet of wealth and the combination of these two suggest that although our partners may have apparent considerable wealth, there could be damage due to the proximity of Mercury who is not noted for being totally straight in his dealings with others.

    This year Mercury retrogrades in the air signs, so we can expect issues relating to the areas ruled by Mercury during those times. We should be aware of the tendency for disinformation when Mercury retrogrades in the air signs (May and September). It could be that information is hidden or exaggerated during these times.

    Jupiter is dignified by being in his nocturnal sign and angular in WHS. He has power to act, but is in aversion to all the other planets except mischievous Mercury who is co-present. This Jupiter is almost a maverick planet, free to follow his own program, which can be excessive and changeable.

    Jupiter rules the 4th sign of the land and crops. Sagittarius is a hot, dry sign, but being aspected by its ruler from the sign of water, we may find the land could be muddy and not as productive as hoped over the next six months.

    The planets are tightly clustered and no planets (traditionally) are in an Earth sign. There is a lot of flux.

    The Sun highlights 8th house matters and rules the 12th house.  The Sun is alone, although in moiety of orb with Mars and Venus. The Sun is the natural ruler of eminent persons. This suggests we may find issues around secrets, institutions and matters to do with the finances of partners and the mortality rate. The Sun located in the 8th suggests our partners focus is on their assets. It could also denote events relating to Heads of State.

    The Moon is generally taken to represent the common people; she is at the end of her tether and about to fall into the abyss. For the moment she is void of course until she changes signs when her first aspect will be to square peregrine Mars.

    The Moon is placed in the second sign governing the moveable assets of the people.  Their assets are about to take a nose dive. The Moon also has a share in the 9th sign of Taurus. The MC degree is found here, indicating leaders will be concerned with matters overseas, religious and legal issues. The Moon governs the 11th house of the exchequer and the governments’ supporters. This does not bode well for the finances of the country. This seems to be a continuing theme from 2021 where matters relating to the Chancellor and the Exchequer are highlighted and it seems the Government are heading for financial disaster which naturally impacts the people of the country.

    When we look at Venus, the dispositor of the Moon, she is between Mars and Saturn, besieged and peregrine. She has now reached her greatest elongation and is a morning star where she is perceived as the warrior Queen. She is dominated by all that Saturn represents, strictures, rigid rules and the need to obey. Venus is the ruler of the assets of the people and being located in the 6th sign indicates financial issues around health, civil service (including the armed forces) and those who are allied with the government. She also rules the 9th house as mentioned above. This again emphasis matters related to foreign affairs, shipping, laws and religion. Venus may be a warrior Queen but here she is handcuffed to the two malefics.

    Venus as ruler of the MC may denote a female head of state. The person Venus indicates being in such a poor condition could signify such a person may suffer ill health related to age, have fevers and may be “imprisoned” and isolated.

    Mars rules the IC point, the third house of neighbours, communications, short journeys, modes of transport, as well as being the natural significator of strife, all matters involving weapons and metals. 

    The IC point also denotes the 4th in quadrant houses, indicating matters relating to the homeland, mines (all that is under the earth), the end of matters (graves) and buried treasure. It also represents the opposition party to the Government.

    Mars is peregrine, and as with Venus, is dominated by Saturn who can keep the brakes on any warlike tendencies. Mars is in sect as he is below the horizon in a masculine sign, so does have minor dignity. This is quite a strategic placement for Mars. He may come up with a lot of air, or be quite innovate in his actions.

    Mars is in his house of joy and aspects both his signs. However, as Mars is peregrine, he will have to follow orders from Saturn as to how he manages the areas under his domain. We can expect some harsh conditions ahead. (That is already obvious!) See my final paragraphs relating to Mars.

    Finally we come to Saturn.  As already noted Saturn is strong in his diurnal sign of Aquarius but in the cadent 6th house relating to the civil service, armed forces, unions, NHS and those who provide service in all its guises. It also represents the elderly in the house of sickness. According to H.S Green in Mundane Astrology, Saturn in the 6th indicates unemployment and discontent among workers, strikes may be threatened and there may be accidents related to the Navy.

    As Saturn disposits Venus and Mars, he actually has “control” over eight areas of life (including the Lights and their houses).

    This suggests events for the UK may be governed by someone, or an entity that is out of sight, yet able to manipulate events from behind the scenes a bit like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz.  The people are being controlled and it is about to get worse.  This is almost a repeat of my observations for 2021.

    An Ingress chart should be compared to a base chart or many, but I fear you would be bored if you have read this far!

    However, it is worthwhile looking at some dates through the year where events may occur that will take us up to the Libra Ingress.

    To make sense of what may come, we need to look back.  Again for brevity, I will only look at last years’ ingress. At the Ingress for the UK ’22, Mars is exactly conjunct the degree of Saturn in the Capricorn Ingress chart 2021 which also ties back to the position of Saturn in the 2021 Aries Ingress!

    Outer Wheel Aries Ingress 2022. Middle Wheel Capricorn Ingress 2021. Inner Wheel = Aries Ingress 2021.

    We also note that Saturn is now on the degree of Jupiter of the Aries 2021 Ingress.

    When we look back over the past year, there have been repeated issues relating to our Head of State (partygate, ill health, loss etc) and foreign affairs, (war, sanctions, legal challenges).

    We can safely say that matters from 2021 will be still be “live” during the following six months.

    If you still have a copy of the Capricorn Ingress newsletter, you might find it interesting to look back at what I had written.

    On the 28th March Venus conjoins Saturn and this may be when we could hear news relating to a prominent woman or leader.

    Mars conjoins Saturn on the 4th/5th April at 22 Aquarius, the start of the new tax year. (This is also the degree of Her Majesty’s Jupiter). 

    On the 5th, Venus moves into Pisces, the sign of her exaltation. Might there be some financial relief or news for the rustics?  

    Mid April, Saturn is at 22 Aquarius and squares the TNodes (22 Taurus/Scorpio).

    The end of the month (April) has the Eclipse at 10 Taurus squaring the AI Mars at 10 Aquarius. The same day, Venus conjoins Jupiter at 27 Pisces and Mercury lands in his home sign of Gemini.

    Between the 7th – 12th May, transiting Mars then hits the degrees of Mercury & Jupiter. This could trigger issues over contracts with our partners and leaders. Issues may arise over matters connected with the angles.

    On the 10th May, Jupiter enters Aries triggering the degree of the Suns Ingress and Mercury stations retrograde at 4 Gemini.  In addition Mars is just separating from a conjunction with the Aries Ingress Jupiter.  This again suggests potentially more aggression, strife, but also action taken to protect. It should not be forgotten that Mars may be portrayed as a warrior but he is also a protector.

    The eclipse on the 16th May at 25 Scorpio falls very close to the degree of the MC (23 Taurus) of the Aries Ingress. It is in the bounds of Saturn.  Saturn also squares the Ascendant of the Eclipse, suggesting restrictions, stoppages and shortages. Saturn predominates the eclipse from the 10th house.  Could we see our Government imposing more laws and restrictions on our day to day lives? We may find we are once again forced to forgo parties and celebrations.

    This eclipse also picks up the Asc/Desc axis of the 30th April New Moon chart set for London. It also highlights The Queens’ MC/IC axis.

    This chart again picks up the square from Saturn to the Angles of the chart from the 4th sign.

    Mars, ruler of the eclipse Ascendant is with Venus who is partile conjunct Jupiter, the dispositor of them both. Here we have an exalted benefic with the greater benefic. Venus is also in her house of joy. Any malefic tendencies of Mars will be subdued and there is an emphasis on fun, entertainment, children and Ambassadors. Let us hope this lunar month brings some good news and relief. Although this is an “eclipse”, it is really only a New Moon on steroids as it occurs after Sunset and will not be visible to us in the UK.

    On the 23rd May Mars enters Aries. We can look at events that may have occurred around the Aries Ingresses over the past two years and also on the 10th May when Jupiter moved on to this degree. Mars then joins forces with Jupiter on the 29th May, followed by the New Moon at 9 Gemini (on Alderbaran).  I think it safe to say, May will be an interesting month. Local elections will be held on the 5th May and we could see some major changes underway.

    Looking ahead without taking into account the Solar and planetary Ingresses each month, in July Mars will oppose the degree of the Moon in the Aries Ingress raising issues over finances of others, contracts, travel, communications and the finances of the Government.

    In August the Full Moon is at 19 Aquarius and picks up the degree of Saturn at the Aries Ingress, This is followed by Saturn retrograding back to his position at the Aries Ingress. We can expect a return of issues from earlier in the year which will continue to have ramifications through to Saturn moving back over 20 Aquarius in December. What an end to the Calendar year.

    On the 20th August Mars moves into Gemini for a protracted stay in this sign. The last time Mars spent more than 6 months in Gemini was from August 1943 through to 27th March 1944. This period saw a turning point in WWII. It is being said we are now in WWIII, but let us hope the lengthy stay of Mars in Gemini sees an end to hostilities. Of course our direction of focus is on events in Eastern Europe, we have forgotten the ongoing wars in other countries. Let us hope we see an end to hostilities globally.

    Here is part of the lengthy article that can be found on Wikipedia:

    The Eastern Front of World War II was a theatre of conflict between the European Axis powers against the Soviet Union (USSR), Poland and other Allies, which encompassed Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Northeast Europe (Baltics), and Southeast Europe (Balkans) from 22 June 1941 to 9 May 1945. It was known as the Great Patriotic War in the Soviet Union and some of its successor states, while everywhere else it was called the Eastern Front.

    The battles on the Eastern Front of the Second World War constituted the largest military confrontation in history They were characterised by unprecedented ferocity and brutality, wholesale destruction, mass deportations, and immense loss of life due to combat, starvation, exposure, disease, and massacres. Of the estimated 70–85 million deaths attributed to World War II, around 30 million occurred on the Eastern Front, including 9 million children. The Eastern Front was decisive in determining the outcome in the European theatre of operations in World War II, eventually serving as the main reason for the defeat of Nazi Germany and the Axis nations[1]

    There is so much I could write, but it would turn into a book.  There are so many other factors that need to be taken into consideration to do an in-depth analysis of this Aries Ingress for the UK, I have only skimmed the surface of what the next 6 months may bring. I will leave matters here. We are certainly living through challenging times where information appears to be either suppressed or re-imagined. Thank goodness we have astrology to provide a light through these dark times.

    Sharon Knight

    [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastern_Front_(World_War_II). Accessed March 2022.