• Libra Ingress for the UK September 2020.

    As the Aries Ingress had a cardinal sign rising, we need to look at all four ingresses of the Sun into the cardinal signs.

    Normally when we consider the Aries Ingress chart and those following, we know due to the astronomical factors, the only Ingress chart that has a different Rising sign to that of the Aries, Cancer and Capricorn Ingress is the Libra Ingress where the sign slips back, so it is no surprise to find Sagittarius rising.  In mundane astrology the Moon and Ascendant generally stand for the common people. Jupiter is the natural indicator of wealth and Saturn, the ruler of laws, restrictions and boundaries, as well as senior courtiers. The Sun indicates Rulers or Leaders, Mars, the army or those who work with metal. Venus represents women, pleasure and entertainments. Mercury now can be seen to represent the media, journalists, methods of communication and travel.

    The UK Libra Ingress. This covers from the 22nd September 2020- 21st December 2020.

    Sagittarius rises with the South Node within a degree of Ascendant.  The Moon, nocturnal Sect Light, is in the rising sign, but above the horizon and close to the fixed star of Antares. She is increasing in light and moving fast. She is in the sign and terms of Jupiter and in her own decan. Therefore she has some sway in this sign. Her next aspect is to Venus. Before she sextiles Mercury he aspects Saturn, but the Moon does then aspect Mercury and Mars before changing sign.

     Jupiter, dispositor of the Ascendant and Moon, is in fall, in aversion and has only just turned direct; a sick man rising from his bed. He is peregrine, but with his dispositor Saturn, ruler of the 3rd house of communications, education, kith and kin and alternative religion.  They are both in the 2nd house of assets. Saturn’s influence is to put a brake on spending, Jupiter’s is to go large and splash the cash. One minute the money is being spent, the next it is contracting. This sums up the current situation and it will not improve over this quarter.  Jupiter is also the ruler of the 4th sign. 

    We can conjecture with what is in the news at the moment, we will see more restrictions being placed around travel and meeting up with family.

    Saturn is retrograde and slowing down.  He is out of Sect, but is in his own terms.  This indicates Saturn is able to manage the assets, but with delay and restrictions. As both are located in the house of assets, this suggests problems, stagnation and damage, maybe to the crops, food chain or industry. Saturn is in aspect with Mercury and Mars.  Saturn is in aversion to the 3rd sign of Aquarius so cannot see to manage this area of the chart over the next quarter.

    Mercury rises and sets after the Sun and can be seen clearly in the west at sunset. He is in triplicity, but otherwise has no especial dignity.  He is in aversion to the 10th sign of Virgo, but in trine to Gemini, the sign of partners and those with who we are in contention. This indicates trade negotiations continue both with Europe and other potential partners. The opposition to this aggressive Mars and the square to Saturn, indicates problems over laws that may affect the country’s finances. Contracts may be agreed but then rescinded.  There may be much sabre rattling but very little will come of it.  We can expect quite a windy season but it will be drier than average.

    Mars is in his own sign, in the 5th of pleasure, entertainment and minor good fortune. He is retrograde and has no extra dignities. He rules the 12th sign of institutions, secret enemies and large animals. He is in aversion to Scorpio so cannot see to manage this area of the chart. Mars is retrograde and we could say combustible, He is conjunct the IC degree in the 5th. Here we have both 4th and 5th house significations. There may be trouble ahead! Those who oppose the Leader are going back over old ground and are inciting action that can bring in more laws due to the applying square between Mars and Saturn. Mars can indicate conflicts in the Eastern regions. This could indirectly lead to an embargo on certain goods reaching our shores. Ramesey says of Mars in the 5th “. . .little or no merry meetings and feastings; bit if any, he causes dissentions and discords amongst them.” Well he got that right!

    The Sun is in the 11th of good fortune and allies. The Sun is the natural significator of Rulers, Leaders and Kings/Queens. He has mutual reception with Venus, who is in the house of the Sun’s joy (9th). She rises before the Sun and is in a masculine sign, the warrior queen. She is peregrine. She also rules the 6th sign of disease, slaves, public health, civil service and small animals. She can see to manage both her signs.  We can take this Royal Venus as our Monarch, the Sun to indicate our Prime Minister. The Sun is in the 9th by quadrant houses, showing the focus remains on overseas matters and the Law.  This aspect and reception indicates the Queen receives and “likes” our leader.

    If we take the natural movement of the Sun, he will first go to the people in just over 10 degrees. As this is only a chart that covers 12 weeks, we can take the timing symbolism at 10 weeks or 10 days.  He then squares Jupiter, the natural ruler of Financiers, Judges and the Nobility (or land owners). If Jupiter represents those who advise him, he may be misinformed as to the niceties of law, or the state of the economy. He may then go to the Queen with this information. 

    The next aspect is to Mercury, who may represent the media, they are strong in Libra being of the Air triplicity. But they are in a close square to Saturn who may block their actions in some way. This in turn could lead to a war of words, or at the very least some form of legal contention by others that challenge the Leader. 

    As the Sun loses his lustre when in Libra, we may hear reports that are less than flattering about our current leader.  It will be worthwhile keeping an eye on what is in the news, both globally and locally in the first week of October. Whatever occurs around this time, may be resurrected when we arrive at the great change of the Winter Ingress.

    The nature of the Moon is changeable; when she is in a mutable sign this aspect can be reinforced, there will be much changing from one stance to another, especially in relation to the wealth of others. Although the Moon is increasing in light and angular by sign, she has very little dignity and no power to sway matters other than through the actions of Venus, Mercury and Mars.

    The period between the 14th-20th November is likely to be highlighted in some way.

    It was also deemed important to look at the charts for when the Sun changed signs. The Sun is vitally important to life on Earth.  Many overlook the impact of the Sun on events related to the weather, climate and transmission of information.

    Here is the chart for the Sun’s ingress into Scorpio. As always we look at the Ruler of the Ascendant and Mars as ruler of Scorpio.

    As with the Libra Ingress we have a fire sign on the Ascendant, but this time it is the regal sign of Leo ruled by the Sun.  The sun is highlighting matters to do with the land, heritage, cities, the opposition to the Government, or those who have a 7th house relationship to the Leader. It also is representative of royalty.

    The Moon, indicator of the people, is midway between Jupiter and Saturn in the house of public health and civil servants. There may be more issues (undoubtedly given the Coronvirus) around health, NHS and the civil servants. The Moon’s immediate aspect is to Venus who is located in the area related to finances and assets. Virgo is a sign often associated with health matters and the harvest, there may be concerns around food supplies, assets and our ability to pay for the costs of this virus.  Also it should be borne in mind, we are still negotiating our withdrawal from the EU. Saturn represents our “partners” or those who oppose us. There are (naturally) many negotiations going on behind the scenes to which we are not party. With three planets in the house of sickness, a lot of issues will logically arise as to how to deal with the effects of the virus on global matters.

    We note Mars, ruler of the Sun and exalted ruler of Capricorn is stamping around in his army boots at the top of the chart.  He is backing away from Jupiter, indicator of the assets of our partners, but is also able to see the house related to ambassadors and entertainment. This again throws up contentions with regard to entertainment, can we expect theatres to be closed again? We are already in a more stringent partial lockdown, no parties of more than 6. The square between Mars and Jupiter suggests discord regarding financial issues. It doesn’t look as though any agreement will be reached regarding our divorce settlement from the EU.

    The next chart to consider is the Ingress of the Sun into Sagittarius.

    Again we have the Regal sign of Leo rising. This actually picks up degrees of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, she is 30 Leo Rising, he is 50 Leo rising. There may be news regarding the Royal family. The Sun lights up the area of children, entertainment, pleasure and ambassadors.  Mars is still prominent in the night sky, strongly angular as with the Scorpio ingress. Venus now occupies the place of the Sun in the previous ingress bringing in matters related to the Government, national trade, legislation and educational matters. Looking at Mars as he is so prominent, there may be issues related back to July/August that will be brought to the fore in the early part of December. We also have an eclipse on the 14th December. At this time in 2001 we had the collapse of Enron which was at the time, the largest recorded bankruptcy in America. This of course had global repercussions. Could we see a similar event occurring?

    The main issue over this Autumn quarter is due to Mars, the planet of war, strife, contentions, valour, courage, action and sudden changes being so dominant in these charts. In the Libra Ingress he is below the horizon, out of sight, suggesting a drier than average month, but it may be stormy.  There may be the death of a prominent person. We should also be aware of the potential for fire or explosions during this time.

    Once we get to the Scorpio ingress, Mars is now riding high at the top of the charts, highlighting matters to do with foreign trade, higher education, persons of importance and possibly problems both at home and overseas which may result in the armed forces being deployed. There may be problems coming from the East or Asia that again may affect trade negotiations and supplies of goods.  When we get to the Capricorn Ingress and the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the light looks brighter! 

    One thing is certain, we don’t need astrology to tell us we are living through difficult days, the astrology serves to reinforce the issues related to our finances and trade deals with other countries and this virus that has swept the world caused issues no government has ever encountered before. We are in for a wild and windy autumn whichever way you look.   Bring on the Winter Ingress!