• There has been a lot of hyperbole regarding Mars and Venus conjunction in Capricorn as signifying war, even though both planets have some form of dignity in this sign. Mars is exalted and both he and Venus have triplicity rulership. Venus also rules the bounds from 14-22. Mars is bound ruler between 24-30 and Decan ruler between 10-20 degrees Capricorn.

    It is unusual for both of these planets to be together in one sign for such an extended period of time during which both are in moiety of orb of one another. I just wanted to look at the rarity or otherwise of Mars and Venus conjoined in Capricorn and was surprised at just how unusual it is for these two planets to be in orb of conjunction for more than 30 days.

    I ran a search back to 1700 to see when they last spent in excess of 30 days together in Capricorn.

    These are the years that came up:

    31/01/1723 – 26/02/1723.   26 days

    28/11/1728 – 20/12/1728     23 days.

    13/01/1755 – 20/02/1755    38 days

    26/11/1760 – 20/12/1760     21 days

    08/01/1787 – 16/02/1787     39 days

    01/02/1864 – 26/02/1864    26 days

    30/01/1896 – 23/02/1896    25 days

    28/01/1928 – 22/02/1928    26 days

    31/12/1929 – 23/01/1930    24 days

    27/01/1960 – 20/02/1960    25 days

    29/12/1961 – 21/01/1962    24 days

    27/12/1993 – 20/01/1994    25 days.

    24/01/2022 – 05/03/2022    41 days.

    Mars Venus conjunction Capricorn 1755

    The next set of conjunctions between Venus and Mars in Capricorn happen in 2025 and 2029.

    25/12/2025 – 17/01/2026    24 days

    06/11/2029 – 12/12/2029    36 days

    In traditional astrology we are always instructed to consider the nature of any dispositor and its’ position with regard to any planets under its rulership. In 1755 Saturn, the dispositor of Venus and Mars was in Capricorn, a sign he rules. He has some dignity there and is able to “manage” the planets in this sign. In 1787 Saturn was in Aquarius, his diurnal sign where he is placed today in 2022. In Aquarius, he is said to be in aversion to any planets in Capricorn, so cannot see to manage them. However, as Mars is the exalted ruler, he steps to fulfill the Managers role. 

    I keep hearing “Mars” is going to bring war! Yes, Mars is the planet of strife and war, but he is also the planet of courage, valour and will seek to protect the underdog, especially when he is in an exalted position.  All the time Mars is in Capricorn he will do his best to ensure the land is held and the underdog is protected.  

    To declare war is on the horizon, one really needs to look at the Aries Ingress, lunations and Ingresses of all planets into each sign throughout the year before joining the media driven hullabaloo.

    I checked out events that occurred during early 1755 and 1787 and found these periods related to disputes between France and England over Canadian lands.

    In 1787 America had already fought and won its Independence from England, but 1787 saw America writing and ratifying its Constitution. In 1787 Russia was involved in war over the Crimea with the Ottoman empire. Russia eventually won that war with the help of Austria, leading to Russia controlling the entire northern coast of the Black Sea.

    Considering today’s current situations regarding Russia, the Ukraine, America and the tyranny in Canada, it is interesting to reflect on the potential outcomes of today’s maneuverings and events that may occur in 2029 when Venus and Mars again join forces in Capricorn, a sign synonymous with empire building and land control.

    In 2029 Saturn will be located in Taurus, the sign ruled by Venus. Here there will be a mutual reception by trine, so again, this does not suggest war.

    As Steven Birchfield pointed out, something that has not been mentioned anywhere in the posts so far appearing on social media, is that Venus is applying to Mars and Mars receives her with a strong reception since Mars is the Almuten of Capricorn, in his exaltation AND triplicity. As Steven said, Reception nullifies any idea of war.

    When people make comments about war, they need to state which, or what chart(s) they are basing their statements on or, are they just following the media and jumping on the bandwagon?