• What does the 2020 Aries Ingress portend for the UK?

    The Ingress is set for Westminster, London at  03.50.

    A Cardinal sign rises, so we have to examine each Ingress chart. This chart holds until the Cancer Ingress on the 20th June at 22.44 BST.

    This is difficult chart to read in light of current events because it actually looks quite positive. 

    The first house and the Moon indicate the common people.  The 10th the Government or Ruler, the 11th, the Exchequer, the 4th, the land, the 7th our partners, or those we are in contention with.

    We are also told to consider the position of the Ruling Luminary.  As this is a nocturnal chart, (sun below the horizon), we must look at the
    condition of the Moon, her next application and any planets she is contact with.  She is disposed by a strong Saturn.  See below.

    Here we have Saturn dispositor of all except Venus, strong in his own sign, Angular, in the same hemisphere as the Sun, but in a feminine sign.  He is also just about to change signs into his diurnal sign of Aquarius, so adding strength to his nature. He is in aversion to the Moon, the people and their money.  He is accompanied by a weakened Jupiter and an exalted Mars. Mars and Jupiter are partile conjunct. 

    When a planet is exalted, it works to the very best of its ability. Even though Mars is a malefic, when he is exalted, he is a defender, a protector. He is courageous, valiant and honourable.  However, he is literally “in bed” with a damaged Jupiter. Jupiter is peregrine and in detriment. This indicates Jupiter’s energies will manifest in a corrupt, or corrupted fashion. As we all know, Jupiter enlarges, or increases everything he touches for good or ill. In this situation, Jupiter is reliant on his dispositor(s), both of whom are very strong. So I don’t see that we are in for a bad quarter, yet we know we are.

    Jupiter rules the 3rd of neighbours, communications, short journeys, as well as the 12th of secrets, institutions and hidden enemies.

    The affairs of the 1st, 11th, 12th, 3rd and 4th are pulled together through this conjunction. So we can say the people (1st), neighbours, short journeys and communications (3rd) will be connected, along with matters connected to homes (4th,) institutions, hospitals (12th) and the allies and the Governments money (11th).

    Well, that is the situation so far, but, Saturn is the dispositor of Mars and Jupiter and therefore has ultimate control over these areas of  life. Also both Mars and Jupiter are in the terms of Saturn.  Perhaps as Saturn is laws, boundaries, restrictions, he is imposing restrictions on the people?  Would I have made this comment if we were not in the situation we currently find ourselves? I doubt it.  

    As noted above, Saturn is about to change signs into the fixed sign of Aquarius. When a sign if fixed, it shows matters won’t change quickly. Could the movement of Saturn into the house of personal assets, indicate the Government imposing restrictions on people’s
    money, or, supporting the people who are the hardest hit. Time will tell. 

    Venus, the lesser benefic, is strong in her own sign and in the 5th sign, her place of joy. The 5th relates to children, diplomats, theatres, arts etc.  At the moment, the only good news is that children appear to be unaffected by this virus. Theatres, pubs, places of  entertainment are all no go areas. She also rules the 10th sign of the Government and those in authority.

    She is strong by being in her own sign, occidental of the Sun, in the house of her joy and in aspect with the Luminary of the chart. She is also trine by sign, the planets in the Rising sign of Capricorn. Furthermore, Venus is a triplicity ruler of the earth element, along with the Moon and Mars. This all looks quite positive.

    The Moon is in Aquarius in the 2nd of the people’s money and moveable resources.  Her only traditional aspect is applying to square Venus. The Moon is waning. She rules the 7th house and has her exaltation in Taurus where Venus is located.

    The Moon (the people) have very little power and are focused on retaining their assets and those of any partners. This is about mine and yours. However, surprisingly enough it looks quite positive. True, the Moon, luminary of the chart, is weak by having no dignity in the sign of Aquarius, but, she is applying immediately to the Lesser Benefic Venus, who is as already noted, very strong. Venus will be able to lend
    a helping hand as it were. There are just over two degrees separating their perfection.  Could this indicate two months or so before we move out of the immediate crisis?

    Mercury, as is often the case at this time of year, is in Pisces, sign of his detriment and fall.  He is peregrine. Mercury rules the 6th house of servitude and health matters, as well as the 9th house of foreign affairs, religion and law. His dispositor Jupiter is not only in aversion, but also not at his best.  This suggests matters relating to the 6th and 9th will be stressed and damaged in some way. Well we know this virus originated overseas and is affecting our health and our health service.

    No planet is conjunct a major fixed star. Mars to Mercury will all be visible in the pre-dawn sky and Venus in the early night sky to the
    West. It was believed to be a sign of ill omen if the majority of planets were visible in the sky.

    Other charts taken into consideration when assessing the Aries Ingress, was to consider the chart of the new and full Moon preceding the Aries Ingress.

    The nearest lunation was the Full Moon on the 9th March 2020.

    Here we have Virgo rising and the Moon in the 1st, conjunct the Rising Degree. As the Moon (the People) rises, the Sun (Ruler) is setting. Mercury rules the Ascendant and is located in the 6th sign of Aquarius.  Again, Saturn is the ultimate dispositor of all except Venus.

    The Rising sign of the lunation emphasises the 9th and 3rd houses in the Ingress chart. So it does not really add to our information, other than to highlight the issues over law, religion, travel, neighbourhood, wider family and communications. As Mercury is the ruler of the lunation chart, he does emphasise matters connected to his houses in the Aries Ingress chart, namely the 6th and 9th houses. So here we have an added emphasis on the 9th house of law, foreign affairs, the Church and travel.  Could it be that we as a country will have to
    become more self reliant? Will we have to produce more of our own food and goods as trade with foreign countries may be restricted?

    This chart is difficult to call as to whether it is diurnal or nocturnal, as both lights are exactly on the Ascendant/Descendant axis.

    I note in this chart, that Mercury, the Ascendant ruler is Stationary Direct. As Lilly says, a planet stationary direct is like a sick man about to rise from his bed.

    He is weak and wobbly, but will soon gain strength and speed. However, for Mercury, he does immediately move into the sign of his fall and detriment ruled by a debilitated Jupiter.  This suggests further difficulties. Mercury also rules the 10th house of Government and this suggests, the Government may be facing difficulties connected with 9th house matters (Mercury is 9 signs from the 10th).

    The next aspect the Moon makes, is to this debilitated Jupiter, out of a sign where Jupiter is not happy. I note the Moon is in the terms of Jupiter. So this is a tricky application. 

    I then looked at the previous lunation, that of the New Moon to see if there is a repeat of themes.

    Here we have Leo rising and the Sun, luminary of the chart, is in the 8th and in sextile to exalted Mars in the 6th sign of disease, servants etc. The 8th is the house of death and here we also (naturally) have Moon and Mercury. Mars in the 6th suggests we have the soldiers (perhaps the NHS workers?) working to protect the health of people, but they are perhaps (as is the case) overwhelmed by the action of this peregrine Jupiter who is accidentally malefic.

    The 8th is also the house of other people’s assets/inheritances.    So there is an emphasis on death and others money.

    The houses here accentuated are the 6th, 8th and 9th.  This is quite a tricky chart. Venus is in Aries, hot and dry, peregrine and not in good condition. She is partile square a peregrine, debilitated Jupiter, who is ruler of the 5th and 8th. Again, indications of difficult matters connected with the 9th, 8th and 5th. A lot of people were on holiday and may have inadvertently brought back the disease and spread it.

    I note that Mercury reaches the position he holds in this chart, on the 27th March. Could there be news with regard to peoples finances and hopes.?

    To try and make sense of the Aries Ingress chart, I looked at various authors, Abu Ma’sar,[1] Kusyar Ibn Labban[2], Bonatti[3] and Ramesey[4]

    From Abu’ Ma’Sar:

    let us mention in this book the knowledge of the property of the quality of the indications of the planets by themselves, when they have
    predominance over the ascendants of any of the Beginnings, or when they have lordship of the year or lordship of the time distribution, and when they, the northern and southern crossing points, or the comets, are parallel with each of the signs by mixture.

    [5][5] We say that if Saturn has the indications we have described and has them as its property for the human kind, this is an indicator that there occur to them prolonged illnesses, phthisis, wasting diseases, harm caused by fluids, the descent of superfluities, quartan fevers, flight, confusion, riots , wars, death, and distress, especially occurring to those who are old, and the killing of kings, and harms occurring to them from beasts of prey;

    Kusyar Ibn Labban: Chapter Five: On Disease and Illnesses

    [1] The ascendant of the revolution and the ascendant of the conjunction and opposition which precede the revolution, the lords of the two ascendants[6], and the Moon these are the places by which one is informed of the condition of the year concerning disease and health.  The peaceful condition of the majority of them indicates health, while their bad condition indicates disease and illnesses. The ascendants of the quarters and the ascendants of the conjunctions and oppositions which precede the quarters do likewise. . .

    The varieties of diseases are in accordance with the nature of the injurious planet.

    [3] Saturn indicates chronic diseases, consumption, catarrhs, dissolution, shaking fever, pains of the spleen, illness of flesh, dropsy, and,
    in general, the diseases which are caused by coldness.

    [4] Jupiter indicates diphtheria, pneumonia, apoplexy, contraction of a muscle, headache, heart disease, and, in general, diseases which are caused by excessive wind.

    [5] Mars indicates lasting fevers which occur every other day, pains of the liver and stomach, discharge of the blood, miscarriage, and, in general, the diseases which are caused by excessive heat.

    Bonatti: Chapter 55: If some planet were the Lord of the Year: what it would signify in every sign, and in every triplicity, and first concerning Saturn

    Even though Saturn is naturally a malefic, still he can sometimes signify good and fortune accidentally, and so with every malefic . . .

    And if Saturn were of a good condition, and well disposed in the place in which he then is, he will signify patience and subtlety, and the inquiry into all matters, both noble and common, in that year. And he signifies that the rustics will obey their masters or kings, and will be humble to them; and the empire or kingdom will be raised up, or the rulership of the region in which you are revolving the year. And its fame and name will be increased. . .

    And if Mars were joined corporally to Saturn, it signifies war, and the shedding of blood, and a multitude of fevers; it even signifies quartan fevers, and pestilences in the eastern parts, and it signifies young men, and a battle and much killing by iron will fall between the wealthy and the magnates. 

    And Abu Ma’shar said the annona will be oppressed, and the wine; and butter will be multiplied. And he said that if Mars were near the Ascendant of the year, there will be many battles, and there will be pains of the eyes, and inseparable infirmities;  and thunders will be multiplied, and there will be detriment in the earth of every kind, unless Jupiter and Venus were to work to the contrary; which if they were to aspect (Saturn and Mars] , they will break their malice; and only Jupiter can break the malice of each and lead them back to good.

    And lastly excerpts from Ramesey:

    Chap V [Of Saturn when Lord of the Year and fortified][7]

    Now then to our business, if Saturn is Lord of the Year, and well dignified, the people shall that year, or during that Revolution build and
    erect houses, shall make many alterations in fabrics, shall abound in all things, the earth shall be fruitful, and the people shall be in esteem and honoured by all their neighbours, and the husbandmen shall exceedingly increase their store and wealth, and be successful in all their labours.

    Chap VI [Of Saturn in the Ascendant in any Annual Revolution and what he signifies, whether he is Lord of the Year of not.

    If in any Revolution of the Years of the World, Saturn is in the Ascendant, and diurnal, and beheld by his dispositor by a good aspect, as also by the Lord of the mid-heaven, or in reception therewith; it signifies the people under that revolution shall be quiet during that revolution, not making many journeys, shall be in a good condition, fortunate, successful, and shall be much honoured by their king and superiors, of whom they shall obtain much good. But if he is therein afflicted, unfortunate or anywise weak, he denotes mischief and trouble to the people in their proper persons, also infirmities and all vexations signified by Saturn; and this shall the more assuredly happen if he is in human signs and no wise beheld of the fortunes or adjuvant planets.[8]

     Saturn Lord of the Year and in Capricorn[9]

    Moreover if Saturn is Lord of the Year, in Capricorn and septentrional, the air shall be temperate and healthy, and there shall be moderate and seasonable rains. But if he is meridional or have meridional latitude, in winter there will be dark, cloudy, cold weather. And if he is oriental, the state of great and noble men shall be but sad and troublesome; neither shall they agree with the common people. And if he is occidental, the fruits of the earth shall be wasted and consumed by and through extremity of heat and creeping things, as caterpillars and the like. And if he is retrograde, the common people shall be angry and fall out with one another. If direct, it signifies the good condition of great and noble men, that they shall carry themselves well towards all men, and that they shall delight in and love the law, and put it in execution.

    Saturn is direct, angular and oriental, so the state of great and noble men is sad and troubled but they will execute the law!

    And finally:

    Section III:1[10]. Of Mars when in his exaltation

    Again, if at the Sun his ingress, you find Mars in the 28th degree of Capricorn, being his exaltation, he denotes many and great mutations, yet not altogether as notable and strange as the two preceding. The nature and quality thereof shall be according to his own proper signification, i.e. wars, fires, combustions, uproars, slaughters, thefts, rapines and robberies, and such like, unless he is beheld of Saturn by a sextile or trine and Saturn is then also well dignified and free from all manner of impediment and affliction, or behold other planets of whom he is received and well aspected and those planets also fortunate and free from all manner of impediment. But if otherwise, it shall be worse.

    Well let’s hope Mars doesn’t start a war, uprisings or fires.  The world has had enough of fires!

    As you can see from the above, the Aries Ingress for the UK looks fairly positive for the next three months in spite of the dreadful news surrounding us.

    Just a note regarding the Cancer Ingress: The Angles are exactly the same as is often the case with the Ingress charts but the planet
    have moved on! I will not comment yet on the Cancer Ingress for the UK.

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    Thank you very much indeed. I try so hard to understand my own chart and cannot say its been good but you have helped me understand a few more things. My Mars is in Pisces, fabulous I know! In 1984 in my one of a few personal hell years, yes there has been quite a few. Anyway, studying my chart in 2016 shows that my progressed Mars stopped on 8 or 9 August 1984. I was 6 months pregnant with a daughter. From nowhere came miscarriage. On 10th August 1984 my sons partner was born, less than half a mile away. Ps. No idea why but she really dislikes me. In 2016 saw somewhere that when Mars retrograde abortion/miscarriage could occur. Regards to you, Lynne.