• The UK Aries Ingress 20th of March 2018 at 16.16 Westminster.



    When looking at the Aries Ingress chart, there are two important considerations. The first is the quality of the sign rising. If a fixed sign, you only look at the Aries Ingress chart for the entire year. If a Cardinal, or moveable sign rises, then you look at each ingress of the Sun into the Cardinal signs. If a mutable sign rises, then you look at both the Aries and Libra Ingress charts.

    The second consideration was to find the Lord or Lady of the Year.  This is the planet with the most strength according to rulership, exaltation, term, triplicity etc., and also accidental house/sign placement, in other words, any accidental dignity.

    Although at first appearance, many would probably take Saturn as Lord of the year as he is the ultimate dispositor of all the planets in the chart, yet the Moon and Mars have more points than does Saturn. Saturn only has rulership.   He is out of sect and in a feminine sign.

    The Moon is increasing in light, in her exaltation and is in her own triplicity, but is out of Sect. She is in the 9th house by both sign and division, and, although the 9th house is cadent, it does aspect the Ascendant.  This is a stronger house than the 5th and indeed, many ancient authors tell us to place a planet here over a planet in the 5th. Placed in the 9th, she falls opposite the 3rd house of her Joy, so this could be a slight drawback.  Using a points system. she is a strong contender for Lady of the year.

    However, Mars just pips her to the post.  He is angular by division, exalted, he is in Sect, (because he is below the horizon in daytime in a diurnal chart), he has triplicity rulership in Capricorn and he is with his dispositor. The placement by sect and divisional house gives Mars the edge. The ruler or dispositor of Aries, is Mars. Mars is located in the sign of Capricorn, his exaltation. He is in the fourth by division and the fifth by sign.

    Virgo rises and because Virgo is a mutable sign, we have to look at both the Aries and Libra Ingress charts for this year.  However for now we will just stick with the Aries ingress.

    Virgo is ruled by Mercury. So Mercury indicates the Common man. He also has rulership over the 10th sign of Government, Kings and Rulers.  Mercury is in both the eighth house by division and by sign.  He is stationary retrograde, conjunct an accidentally malefic benefic and about to disappear under the Sun’s beams.  However, he does have a minor dignity in that he is in his own terms (Egyptian terms) so he is not peregrine.. He is also ruler of the Hour.

    The common people are indicated by Mercury and the Moon. As already noted, Mercury is stationary retrograde.  He is conjunct the debilitated Venus, who is in the sign of her detriment and in the 8th house, the house of idleness. This house is the house of wealth and movable assets of the opponents. The ruler of this house will signify the strength of the opponents support and supporters.

    The Moon (also representative of the common people) is in Taurus, the sign of her exaltation. Taurus is both the 9th sign and house by division. As such it relates to overseas. Law, religion and foreign affairs. The Moon rules the 11th sign of Cancer and this relates to the Governments’ coffers, their aides and allies. The Moon is fixed, so here we can find a modicum of hope that the Treasury will retain its assets.

    In the Aries Ingress for Westminster, Venus rules the second house of assets, movable wealth and seconds in duals. Lilly says of the 2nd house: “ In the Sun, his entrance into Aries, it represents the ammunition, Allies, and support the Commonwealth shall have.”[1] Venus also rules the 9th house of Clergy, overseas, higher education and is the dispositor of the Moon.  Fortuna is also here in the 2nd house.  This indicates matters relating to the country and the people’s wealth, laws, overseas connections are in a poor state and are controlled by very strong opponents.

    If we look at the Almuten of the 2nd house, we arrive at Saturn. He has points of exaltation and triplicity (7) whereas Venus and Mercury only have 5 points. (Here I have taken Mercury to hold the degree of the cusp of the divisional second house using Alcabitius). This suggests we can hold some financial wealth through land, entertainment and ambassadors. But I feel I am really clutching at straws!

    If we consider Mars not only rules our 8th house of inheritances, dowries, (i.e., the sum of money made on a marriage or, in a divorce!) but it also indicates the 2nd house of our opponents wealth and assets.

    In the Radix, Mars rules our third house of neighbours, journeys, rumours and epistles. In the turned chart, this area becomes the 9th house of law, religion etc of our opponents.  We can see that Mars is very strong. Mars is in the turned 10th house by division and equates to our opponents status.

    If we take Mars to be in the 11th sign of our opponents, this is still very strong and denotes the wealth of the Government of our opponents. So, our money is taken or held by our opponents, but because our “wealth” (Venus) is damaged, they will not get all they hope for.  Truly they are looking to rape and pillage our country’s wealth!

    This does not bode well for the finances of the common man over the next six months and indeed, we know the difficult negotiations between ourselves and the EU rest on both financial implications and on immigration and freedom of movement. (Perhaps the immigration issue is a ninth house issue?)

    If we look at the condition of our opponents they too, are not so dignified as they are ruled by retrograde Jupiter who is out of sect. However, Jupiter does have dignity by term, so still has some power to act. He is in the ninth sign of our opponents, again indicating issues around legal matters.

    Once again it appears the common man has very little at his disposal to support himself. If we look at the moon, she offers a ray of hope. She does aspect the Radical Ascendant and Saturn. She is moving towards the opposition of Jupiter, who indicates our homeland, ancestry and of course, our Opponents. So let’s look at Saturn who is the ultimate dispositor, but not the Lord of the year.

    Saturn is located in the fifth house relating to ambassadors. He also rules the sixth house of servitude, slavery and small animals.  He is strong by being in his own sign.  According to Rob Zoller, a planet in a succedent house can operate with 50% of its power. In an angular house, it can operate with 100% of its power.

    I don’t feel Saturn really adds much testimony to this chart other than he has some power. Saturn represents time, patience, slowness, hard working and delay.  Could it be, he simply ensures the actions of Mars will be slow, painstaking and laborious ? Time will tell!

    I have had a quick peek at 2019 Aries Ingress.  That too is not promising for the people. It shows them firmly in the hands of their opponents.  But, a ray of sunshine! The 2020 Aries Ingress shows the country extremely strong and prospering!

    So for the forthcoming two years, we are in for a rocky ride with our finances and laws still being controlled by our Opponents, but 2020 we gain the whip hand!

    [1] Christian Astrology 1647. Page 52.